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20 Names Perfect for Babies Born in October

If you’re having a baby in October and still in need of a name, take a look at this list of names perfect for babies born in October.

As the first full month of fall, October is for most Americans a month of autumn leaves, crisp mornings, football and soccer games, and pumpkin spice everything. It also inspires feelings of coziness and nesting, as we gear up for chilly winter days. It’s the astrological month of Libra, the zodiac sign who weighs decisions carefully and seeks justice in all things, and also hosts about a week of serious, intense Scorpios. And then there’s Halloween, which has come to be a significant holiday and is celebrated for many more days of the month than just All Hallows’ Eve on October 31st.

So if you’re a fan of autumn, and you like baby names that evoke a sense of time in space, you’re sure to love these names that reference the events, feelings, and vibes of October. Take a look and let us know what names you love, or if there are any you would add to this list!

Names Perfect for Boy Babies Born in October

  1. Dex: We love the very cool ‘x’ factor here, and that fact that it means 10, like the tenth month of the year.
  2. Justice: Perfect for an honorable Libra, Justice means fair.
  3. Jack: We’re sneaking in a Halloween reference early on this list and including Jack, for Jack O’Lantern, of course.
  4. Malus: Here’s an unusual choice, but one that fits right in with the month’s pickings, since Malus means the apples
  5. Kieran: No denying that the days are getting shorter in October, and that means more darkness. The Irish name Kieran fits that bill with its meaning of little dark one.
  6. Rune: There’s something about autumn that seems more hushed and private than other seasons, right? For that reason we love Rune for an October baby name – it means secret.
  7. Talon: Crows and ravens, those black birds of prey associated with Halloween, have sharp claws called talons. It conveniently also makes a great name for a boy.
  8. Sullivan: Staying with the darkness theme, Sullivan means dark eyes. We think the name has a sunny vibe though, right?
  9. Cole: More darkness: Cole means dark.
  10. Ash: Like a reference to the remnants of a fall bonfire, Ash is a natural pick for an October baby name.

Names Perfect for Girl Babies Born in October

  1. Opal: This pretty name is also the birthstone of October. Opals are well regarded for their ever-shifting rainbow of colors.
  2. Dixie: Although it’s often associated with the American South, Dixie likely stems from the French word for 10, dix, pronounce dee.
  3. Evalie: Lilting and underused, Evalie means trying to equalize, as babies born under the sign of Libra are said to do.
  4. Luna: There’s something about the autumn moon, and the Halloween night sky, that makes this pretty name referencing the moon perfect for October babies.
  5. Candy: This name is all treat, no tricks. You might also like Candi, Kandi, or Candace.
  6. Maize or Maisie: Maize is the Indian word for corn, a big October crop. We think it’s supercute for a girl.
  7. Ella: You know the fairy tale of Cinderella, whose coach turns into a pumpkin at midnight. There’s now even a pumpkin named for Cinderella (they’re the big, bright reddish-orange, extremely photogenic ones). Ella is a modern way to pay tribute to the classic tale.
  8. Hazel: Popular Hazel is the perfect way to succinctly describe the many colors of autumn.
  9. Katherina: Go with this one and call her cat.
  10. Marigold: An English name, Marigold is sweet and the flower of October.

Which of these names do you love for an October baby?

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