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Top 100 Boys Names for 2022

Get inspired by the 100 most popular baby boy names trending this year so far.

Congratulations, you’re having a boy! Now comes the tricky part: What will you name him? If you’re in need of some inspiration, not to worry. We have the list of the top 100 boys’ names right here. (Not sure about the sex of your baby? You’re going to want to peek at our list of the top 100 girls names too!).

This list is based on accumulated data from the current year and is updated every day from our network of hospitals across the U.S. – so it is always showing the latest trends! Whether you are looking for an uber trendy name, a classic favorite, or something in between, there are plenty of great options on this list of the top 100 boys’ names.

If you think the most popular names on this list look familiar, you’re right. Once a name becomes popular, it usually sticks around for awhile. You’ll find that’s true throughout history. Some names come into fashion, become super popular, and rule the charts for years. From there, they either become classics, or fall completely out of fashion and disappear for a few decades (or more).

Take a peek at this list even if you’ve already chosen your baby boy’s name. It’s always smart to check on the popularity of a name before you ink it on the birth certificate. The name you pick could be one of the most popular boys’ names being used right now. If that’s the case, you should expect that when your son begins school, he’ll likely have a classmate or two with the same name. Would that bother you? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider other options.

Then again, there’s the chance that the name you love isn’t even on this list of the top 100 boys’ names. There might be a few reasons for that, including if you’re using a unique spelling, or if your name is very unusual. A name that isn’t in the top 100 list isn’t necessarily an unpopular name. It might be on the cusp of coming into favor, and you happen to be ahead of the trend.

Good luck on your search for a baby name!

47AaronBoyHebrewLearn More
83AdamBoyHebrewLearn More
52AdrianGirlLatinLearn More
7AidenBoyCelticLearn More
14AlexanderBoyGreekLearn More
34AndrewBoyGreekLearn More
69AngelGirlLatinLearn More
26AnthonyBoyLatinLearn More
75AsherBoyHebrewLearn More
77AustinBoyLatinLearn More
76AydenBoyCelticLearn More
13BenjaminBoyHebrewLearn More
100BentleyBoyEnglishLearn More
99BrandonBoyEnglishLearn More
60BraydenBoyCelticLearn More
62BrysonBoyWelshLearn More
48CalebBoyHebrewLearn More
61CameronBoyCelticLearn More
70CarsonBoyCelticLearn More
19CarterBoyEnglishLearn More
67CharlesBoyGermanLearn More
78ChaseBoyEnglishLearn More
33ChristianGirlLatinLearn More
31ChristopherBoySpanishLearn More
72ColtonBoyEnglishLearn More
59ConnorBoyCelticLearn More
16DanielBoyHebrewLearn More
22DavidBoyHebrewLearn More
65DominicBoyLatinLearn More
27DylanBoyWelshLearn More
71EastonBoyEnglishLearn More
54EliBoyHebrewLearn More
79EliasBoyHebrewLearn More
3ElijahBoyHebrewLearn More
8EthanBoyHebrewLearn More
80EvanBoyHebrewLearn More
74EzekielBoyHebrewLearn More
85EzraBoyHebrewLearn More
23GabrielBoyHebrewLearn More
98GavinBoyWelshLearn More
29GraysonBoyEnglishLearn More
86GreysonBoyEnglishLearn More
45HenryBoyGermanLearn More
88HudsonBoyEnglishLearn More
53HunterBoyEnglishLearn More
87IanBoyHebrewLearn More
43IsaacBoyHebrewLearn More
30IsaiahBoyHebrewLearn More
82JaceBoyGreekLearn More
57JackBoyEnglishLearn More
25JacksonBoyEnglishLearn More
10JacobBoyHebrewLearn More
6JamesBoyHebrewLearn More
93JasonBoyGreekLearn More
37JaxonBoyGreekLearn More
73JaxsonBoyEnglishLearn More
17JaydenBoyHebrewLearn More
49JeremiahBoyHebrewLearn More
39JohnBoyHebrewLearn More
55JonathanBoyHebrewLearn More
58JordanBoyHebrewLearn More
63JoseBoySpanishLearn More
21JosephBoyHebrewLearn More
32JoshuaBoyHebrewLearn More
38JosiahBoyHebrewLearn More
24JulianBoyLatinLearn More
90KaydenBoyCelticLearn More
50LandonBoyEnglishLearn More
81LeoBoyLatinLearn More
94LeonardoBoyGermanLearn More
46LeviBoyHebrewLearn More
1LiamBoyGermanLearn More
51LincolnBoyRomanLearn More
4LoganBoyCelticLearn More
9LucasBoyLatinLearn More
40LukeBoyLatinLearn More
5MasonBoyFrenchLearn More
36MateoBoyHebrewLearn More
12MatthewBoyHebrewLearn More
92MaverickBoyEnglishLearn More
11MichaelBoyHebrewLearn More
42NathanBoyHebrewLearn More
66NicholasBoyGreekLearn More
2NoahBoyHebrewLearn More
89NolanBoyCelticLearn More
18OliverBoyCelticLearn More
44OwenBoyCelticLearn More
68RobertBoyGermanLearn More
84RomanBoyPolishLearn More
41RyanBoyCelticLearn More
35SamuelBoyHebrewLearn More
91SantiagoBoySpanishLearn More
20SebastianBoyLatinLearn More
56ThomasBoyAramaicLearn More
97TylerBoyEnglishLearn More
96VincentBoyLatinLearn More
15WilliamBoyGermanLearn More
28WyattBoyEnglishLearn More
64XavierBoySpanishLearn More
95ZacharyBoyHebrewLearn More

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