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Baby Names Inspired by Geography

Your expected son or daughter (or both!) is going to change your life in almost every way possible – that’s why the months before a new child is born are so magical. Choosing first and middle names for babies is an important part of the pregnancy for both parents, but it can also be a little overwhelming. How can you be sure you’re choosing a name that suits your son or daughter when you haven’t even met him or her yet? Don’t worry: When you become inspired by things you love, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

For parents who enjoy traveling and exploring new places, geographical baby names are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s how to use geography to spark some fun name ideas:

Consider your favorite places

Where have you traveled? Whether you’ve been fortunate enough to take trips to places across the globe or you’ve simply explored all of the beautiful places in your own country, you likely have some favorite geographical memories. Use these to think about baby names. Perhaps your first trip to Europe was Paris or you took a family road trip to Phoenix that you’ll never forget. Consider places that hold some significance for you, and write them down. From topographical terms, like River and Glen, to actual cities or countries, you’ll find some inspiration.

Think about your heritage

Where is your family from? If your heritage means a lot to you, using a geographical name from your home region is an amazing way to pass that heritage on to your son or daughter. For instance, people whose family members grew up in South America may consider names like Rio, Santiago or even Sierra. If you’re a first- or second-generation American, you could also choose names to reflect the country your family now calls home.

Make it your own

Remember that if you let geography inspire you when considering baby names, you can still make your choices unique and personal. A baby girl name inspired by Brooklyn could change to Brooklynne, for example, or simply Brooke. Get creative. Geography is the perfect inspiration for naming a son or daughter, but making the name more personal could add extra special meaning.

Geography-inspired boy names

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few top boy baby names inspired by geography:

  • Camden, a city in New Jersey.
  • Dakota, two states in the U.S.
  • Austin, a city in Texas.
  • Forrest, an alternate spelling of “forest.”
  • Logan, the highest mountain in Canada.
  • Jordan, a country in Western Asia.

Geography-inspired girl names

These geography-related girls’ baby names are some of the most popular:

  • Brooklyn, a borough of New York City.
  • Paris, the capital city of France.
  • Alexandria, a city in both Virginia and Egypt.
  • Chelsea, neighborhoods in both London and New York City.
  • Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia.
  • Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy.
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