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Our Favorite Halloween Inspired Baby Names

Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkins are being plucked from their patches. Halloween is soon, and all around the world, people are getting ready for the holiday by finding costumes, smoothing on face paint, and keeping bowls of candy ready beside the door.

Some families are even preparing to welcome a very special Halloween treat: a new baby! If you have a Halloween child on the way, consider naming your new arrival one of these spooky seasonal baby names:

Boys names for Halloween

  1. Bob(bing for apples)
  2. Frank(enstein)
  3. Hal(loween)
  4. Jack (o’ Lantern)
  5. (Fright) Night

Girls names for Halloween

  1. Candy
  2. (Black) Cat
  3. (All Hallows’) Eve
  4. October (31)
  5. Trixie (or treat…ie!)

Of course, the parenthetical puns are optional. You could always steer in a more subtle direction by picking something like Salem or Luna–or, if you’re lucky enough to have a bewitching last name, go for over-the-top fun! M. T. Tomb, perhaps? I. M. Wormfood?

What are your favorite Halloween-inspired names?

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