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20 Names Perfect for Babies Born in September


Are you due this month and still in need of a name? Moms of September babies can find plenty of baby name inspiration in the month’s seasonal associations, holidays, and meaningful events. Here we’re taking a look at 20 names for babies born in September.

The obvious baby names for a September child reference the fall season: the very pretty Autumn for a girl, the gentle Leif for a boy. A little exploration into the month provides many more names perfect for babies born in September. From the Latin word septem meaning seven, September offers potential baby names in more than just its falling leaves and crisp air.

September is a month of transitions. Traditionally associated with back to school, September is also host to the autumn equinox, which falls on or around September 23. The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah is often in September, providing plenty of reason to choose a name about new beginnings.

September has also come to represent the importance and value of freedom, thanks to two significant events. The tragedy of September 11 inspired intense bravery, patriotism, and renewed faith in and gratitude for the promises of American freedom. More than 100 years prior, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862 and granted enslaved people their first taste of the long-overdue freedom that was owed them.

So you can see there’s no shortage of baby-name inspiration to be found in the month of September! Using these seasonal triggers and historic events, we can up with the 20 names perfect for babies born in September.

Girls’ Names Inspired by September

  1. Bey: How did we fail to mention that it’s Beyoncé’s birthday on September 4? Although naming a baby girl after one of the most famous women in the world is not recommended, Bey is definitely acceptable (and totally cute!).
  2. Coco: Perfect for the kickoff of hot chocolate season, Coco is cozy and fun.
  3. Apple: ‘Tis the season (of the fruit) after all!
  4. Carly: This sweet girls’ name ironically means free man.
  5. Henriette: Meaning keeper of the hearth, Henriette evokes images of snuggling in for the autumn.
  6. Chava: Chava is Hebrew for Eve, the first woman God created, and appropriate for the month of the Jewish New Year.
  7. Aster: The name of a daisy-like flower that blooms in early fall, Aster means star.
  8. Autumn: We don’t have to tell you why this name’s on the list!
  9. Livie: It means blue, which could refer to September’s birthstone the sapphire.
  10. Sloane: Sloane means little raider, which is how you could view September’s takeover of summer, right?

Boy Names Inspired by September

  1. Fort: It’s the French word for strong.
  2. Aspen: One of the fall’s most noticeable trees, aspen trees change dramatically to a brilliant and beautiful yellow.
  3. Kazi: In the month honoring laborers, this African name meaning work is a perfect fit.
  4. Jack: Love evergreen trees? Honor that with a baby name referencing jack pines.
  5. Asher: Asher comes from the Hebrew name meaning fortunate, blessed, happy one.
  6. Crispin: Although it means curly-haired, Crispin brings the sound of fall’s crisp air to the party.
  7. Leif: Scandinavians pronounce it ‘layf” and love it for its ‘heir’ meaning, Americans generally go with the pronunication “leef” in order that it conjure up an image of the natural world. Either way you say it, Leif is a perfect September name.
  8. Coro: This unisex name comes from the Native American culture and means wind.
  9. Aki: A Japanese name, Aki means born in the autumn.
  10. Birch: The white-barked birch trees turn a beautiful orange in the autumn, and the name Birch is an up-and-comer in the boy baby naming space.

What names are you loving for your September baby?

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