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20 Popular Names for Babies Born in November

If the baby is expected to be born in November, we remain in the full mood of fall after October. The month of gold, brown, and red leaves lying on the ground, with brisk and chilly air, creates the coziest environment.

The vibes are relaxing, surrounding us with cheerfulness. It also inspires the gear of the holiday season concerning the Thanksgiving holiday, Topaz, November birthstone, Chrysanthemum-related names, and the November flowers. These all traits are to weigh the feelings of festivity, generosity, and cheerfulness. The same qualities November babies cover totally. So names should also be accordingly.

If you are looking for such feelings and vibes in the baby’s name, you’re sure to love the below November baby names with deep meanings signifying the 11th month. Scroll through the names and select the best one for you or let us know if you’d like to add up something.

Popular Baby Boy names for November

1. Blaine

The name “Blaine” has a strong feeling for the November season. As the leaves turn into a yellow shade of gold in this month so the name signifies. It is the Scottish surname that stands for the “son of the discipline of Blaan”. Blaan means yellow.

2. Hunter

We found this name interesting as it evokes the sense of strength and bravery to be outside in the woods in the cool breezing of November.

3. Lugh

This is an uncommon Irish name to take for the baby to stand out. It encapsulates the history of the Irish God of the harvest- perfect choice!

4. Asher

As November is the holiday month, we feel blessed so why not make the name with this same meaning, “blessed”. Feel grateful for your November baby calling him “Asher”.

5. Woodrow

Parents may choose this name for their baby boy, who would love to run around in the woods in the backyard. The name also reminds of the sense of strength and sophistication.

6. Radley

If you are a lover of the autumn season and want to evoke its sense, choose the “Radley” name, which means “Redfield”.

7. Jayden

Jayden means thankful, which signifies the Thanksgiving holiday in November. We consider it the perfect choice for a baby boy born in November.

8. Godfrey

Godfrey derived from the German name “Godafrid” which means peace of God. Want your baby to have a personality like Godfrey Oboabona, one of the toppers of the Nigerian football team? We also consider that a baby with this name reflects noble traits like calmness, honesty, and positivity in November.

9. Theodore

Theodore means “gift of God”; Get your gift as your baby boy and remember him with this name ever. The name elements are from the Greek words theos and dōron. You may also alternate it with Theodora, Dorothea, and Dorothy.

10. Aurora

November can suggest to you the best name “Aurora” backed by a history of the tears of the Roman goddess of sunrise, which rolled into the morning dew. You may also relate the meaning with the scientific term called Aurora Borealis- The Northern Lights.

Popular Baby Girl names for November

1. Zarina

Give your scorpion baby this elegant name perfectly with the meaning “golden vessel.”

2. Nova

Nova is a pretty name for a girl baby with the feel of exceptional energy. It is also an astronomical term for a star that sometimes fades and sometimes increases its brightness intensity greatly.

3. Hazel

Simple but autumnal name for reminding the month of yummy hazelnuts and warm browns.

4. Zendaya

Want to have your baby name like the amazing activist/actress Zendaya? It also has significance with the meaning “to give thanks” in the month of Thanksgiving.

5. Gwyneth

Looking for an elegant and poised name for the blessed child?

6. Marigold

Marigold is the stunning and lovely floral name for your beautiful girl born in November to capture the essence of fall. Also, call your baby by nicknames as “Goldie” or “Mari”.

7. Aurelia

It is the Latin name meaning golden- best suited for a lucky girl with a unique personality.

8. Scarlett

Adventurous and bold, Scarlett is the perfect name for a baby girl of November. I think it’s good to remember the fall leaves throughout the year.

9. Jora

Short and sweet autumn rain means Jora. Liked it?

10. Maple

Get this creative and sweet name on the maple syrup driven from the maple trees of November! Also, it is the name defining frequent color changes of fall!

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