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Baby Names Inspired by Spring

Spring is one of the loveliest times of year. As the harsh winter weather is replaced with sunshine and warmer temperatures, flowers everywhere begin to bloom and animals start to come out of hibernation. In these ways, the season is known for being one of new beginnings – the perfect symbolism if your baby boy or girl is due during springtime.

Because spring is the time of year for babies to be born in the animal world, having your own little one during this season just feels right. One thing you have to consider before your son or daughter arrives? Spring-inspired baby names are some of the most bright, cheerful and positive – and there are a lot more than you may think. Here are all the ways to become inspired by spring when naming your child.

Look to your garden

Of course, when you’re letting spring inspire you, you don’t have to look any further than the new blossoms and plants cropping up in your garden. From flowers and herbs to greenery and vibrant colors, your garden provides a great deal of baby-name inspiration. For girls, opt for floral or plant names like Jade, Dahlia, Azalea, Primrose and Rosemary. For boys, consider floral and plant words like Bud, Leaf (or Leif) and Ash (or Asher).

Another option? Let the colors in your garden spark your imagination. Perhaps your tulips are wonderful shades of Ruby or Marigold.

Embrace the season’s weather

Spring isn’t just known for blossoms and lush plant life – the weather is another important aspect of the season. As the saying goes, “April showers” are to be expected, but sunshine is just as prevalent. Go for names inspired by these conditions, like Rain (for a boy or girl) or Sunny and Sonny.

Consider the months

Spring includes March, April, May and June, all of which can inspire bright and cheerful baby names. April, May and June are all popular names for girls, while March could become Marc and May could turn into Mayson (or Mason) for boys.

Find symbolism

The baby names you consider don’t have to be so directly related to springtime and nature, though. There are a number of options for both boys and girls that aren’t immediately associated with the season, but that carry some sort of spring symbolism. Bradwell and Dayton, for example, are two boy names that symbolize “from the broad spring” and “bright and sunny town” respectively. For girls, Laverna means “born in the spring” while Claire means “bright and clear,” bringing to mind a crisp spring day.

Use the holidays

Many people celebrate Easter and Passover during the spring, and these holidays can provide tons of inspiration for baby names. Esther and Paysach are taken from the holiday names themselves, or you can let the historic stories behind the holidays inspire you. For Easter, Peter, Simon, Mary and Matthias are all timeless options. If you celebrate Passover, Moses, Aaron, Elijah and Miriam all hold special significance.

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