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Baby Names Inspired by Nature


When you’re expecting a child, there’s no moment quite as exciting as deciding on a name. While some parents opt to wait until after the birth to name their sons and daughters, it’s impossible not to think about the possibilities during the pregnancy. That doesn’t mean the process is easy, though: In fact, with endless names to choose from, it can be difficult to even know where to start. That’s why many people look to the world around them for inspiration.

Nature-inspired baby names are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of both your surroundings and your child. Find your perfect baby name using these natural inspirations:

Flower power

If you’re having a daughter, flower names are a charming way to go. Blossoms are lovely and symbolic, which means you can choose floral names for either reason. Name your daughter after a favorite flower, like Lily, Violet, Lilac (or Lila) or Daisy. Or choose a bloom-inspired name based on what the flower represents. Roses, for example, signify love, which is one reason Rose is such a popular name. Petunia is a pretty flower that represents friendship and well-being, making the name sweet and positive for a baby girl.

Other trees and plants

Flowers aren’t the only plants you can use for inspiration when choosing names, though. In fact, if you’re having a boy, you may want to look to trees and other types of greenery. Names like Ash, Linden and Reed, for example, are natural and interesting. For babies of either gender, you can think about herb names as well – try out variations of Sage, Rosemary, Clove and Ginger. Other tree and plant names include Jade, Aspen, Ivy and Alder.

Seasonal monikers

Some of the top baby names inspired by nature include those that bring to mind the changing seasons and the visuals that go along with them. Season names (like Summer and Autumn) are popular, as are weather-related names, including Snow, Sunny, Sky (or Skye) and Rain.

Geography-inspired baby names

Names inspired by geography are a whole category unto themselves, but they’re also a good direction to take when you’re trying to come up with natural baby names. Rather than considering specific places, think about general geographical and landscape names. Forrest, River, Cliff and Canyon are all interesting and relatively uncommon boys names, while Brook (or Brooke), Lake and Meadow are fun and unique names for girls.

Get inspired by your surroundings

If you’re interested in nature-inspired baby names, but you aren’t sure where to start, go on a walk through a local park or a hike on a nearby trail. Bring a notebook, and record what you see, including plants, weather, animals and other natural things. Then, bring your list home, and consider what you’ve written – you can always change the word or spelling slightly to make a name you love.

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