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Popular Disney Names for Your Baby


Pop culture can be a huge source of inspiration when looking for a baby name and there’s a certain famous media company with a vault of beloved children’s movies and famous characters who might just give you an idea for the perfect name. We’re talking about The Walt Disney Company, of course, which has been making movies and starting naming trends for almost 90 years. Look into the Disney catalog a bit and you’re sure to find a name perfect for your newborn. Here are 25 picks from some of the studio’s most beloved films for your consideration.

1. Winnie

He’s known for being a kind, loyal, thoughtful friend, so we think the sweet bear Winnie the Pooh, most recently the star of 2011’s eponymous film, couldn’t be more aptly named: the German-origin Winifred means gentle friend. The forever-hungry bear, who was based on Pooh creator A.A. Milne’s son’s beloved stuffed animal, was actually named after Winnipeg, Manitoba by the young Christopher. Winnie makes a great first name for a baby girl (Jimmy Fallon chose it for his daughter!), or as a cute nickname for the more formal Gwendolyn or Winston.

2. Micky

He’s the most famous cartoon character in the world, and the one who put The Walt Disney Company on the map with his iconic performance in the 1928 sound animation short Steamboat Willie. We’re talking about Mickey Mouse, obviously! Originally called Mortimer Mouse, the squeaky-voiced Mickey has served as naming inspiration for generations of new parents from the 1930sonward, placing it squarely on the Social Security Administration’s top 1000 male names charts.

3. Marie

The graceful name of one of the sweet French kittens in the 1970 animated adventure The Aristocats, Marie is a classic that’s always been moderately popular in the United States. If you’re on the fence, consider it for your baby girl’s middle name as it pairs well with both longer and shorter first names.

4. Ariel

No surprise here: Ariel’s popularity as a baby girl name took off in the early 1990s, soon after the release of Disney’s hit movie The Little Mermaid, starring that bold red-haired ingenue with big dreams. And on the charts it remains for parents seeking to impart beautiful voices and strong convictions upon their baby girls.

5. Aurora

Princess Aurora is just lovely in Sleeping Beauty: she has a beautiful voice, kind demeanor, and love of animals, all of which pair perfectly with her uplifting name meaning dawn or daybreak. With such positive connotations, parents are selecting the bright and refreshing Aurora for their tiny princesses more and more each year.

6. Belle

One of Disney’s beautiful-inside-and-out female heroines, Belle lives up to the meaning (beautiful) of her French name. Only a truly good-hearted and gorgeous soul could look beyond appearances and learn to love the monster in Beauty and the Beast, right? Grab this one if you’re looking for a twist on the more popular Elle.

7. Celia

This gorgeous, old-fashioned choice is the name of monster Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend in the runaway hit Monsters, Inc. A Scandinavian name by origin, Celia is an overlooked, underused up-and-comer for you to keep your eye on.

8. Robin

Do you hope to raise your little to be strong, determined, and committed to helping the less fortunate? What better way to set him or her on that path than with this classic unisex name made famous by the heroic star of Robin Hood!

9. Christopher

This classic male name has been exceedingly popular since the 1960s, which was also when Disney first began releasing a variety of Winnie the Pooh animated movies and stories featuring the kind-hearted, lover-of-animals Christopher Robin; more recently Pooh and friends went on an adventure with their beloved friend in the recent 2011 film Winnie the Pooh.

10. Sebastian

Remember that flustered, pragmatic, utterly lovable crab charged with keeping the head-strong Ariel safe in The Little Mermaid? Recall his name: Sebastian. It means revered or venerable, and you’re not the only who finds it charming: since the release of The Little Mermaid and Sebastian the crab’s subsequent appearances in TV shows and video games, the name has rapidly moved up the popularity charts!

11. Timothy

Poor Dumbo, ridiculed from birth for his enormous ears. His one friend? That tiny mouse who shares his cage, Timothy. It’s a trusted name that’s been popular for decades. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by the open-minded mouse who loved the heartbroken baby elephant!

12. Minnie

The name Minnie was at the height of popularity in 1900 and in the decades that followed. And Minnie Mouse, who first appeared onscreen with Mickey in the late 1920s, is still a favorite character of every new generation. With the popularity that Minnie Mouse has generation after generation, this is one name that will always feel timeless. Of course, it also makes a great nickname.

13. Bruce

Ok, ok, so Bruce is the name of the shark who falls off the vegetarian path he’s allegedly on and tries to eat Nemo and his friends in Finding Nemo. Does that make it any less of a strong name for a smart little boy? We didn’t think so. And the good news is that while everyone can spell and pronounce it, Bruce isn’t so popular (yet) that there will be more than one in your kids kindergarten class.

14. Kiara

The daughter of Simba and Nala from The Lion King, Kiara has been a mainstay on the Social Security Administration’s top 1000 names for girls since that film’s release in 1994. This Irish name meaning dark, was #353 on that list in 2014 and makes a nice alternative to the more-trendy Keira.

15. Sulley

Be right on the last name as first name trend, but with a less-than-common-name, by choosing Sullivan for your little one. Irish in origin, it means dark-eyed one, and comes complete with a cute nickname, Sulley, who just happens to be a loveable monster who wins at scaring in Monsters, Inc.

16. Jasmine

The name of an exotic flower and a strong-willed and beautiful princess from the hit movie Aladdin? Seems like you would be setting that baby girl up for a life less ordinary by choosing this gorgeous name. It’s moderately popular in the U.S. and even more so in England and Australia. You could also spell it Jasmin, Jazmin, or even Yazmin.

17. Donald

This classic Scottish name was widely popular in the early 1900s, and is still used today: parents inked it on 730 baby boy’s birth certificates in 2014. Were they thinking of Disney’s loveable hot-headed duck when they chose the name? After all, Donald Duck has appeared in more Disney films than any of their other characters.

18. Oliver

Wildly popular in England, Oliver is also increasingly a hit with American parents, who’ve pushed it into the top 100 names. It’s also the name of a good-hearted, orphaned kitten and star of Disney’s Oliver & Company, which was released in 1988. Friendly and energetic, with Latin roots symbolizing peace and friendship, Oliver is a great choice for a good-natured baby boy.

19. Daisy

Can you think of a sweeter, friendlier name for a baby girl than Daisy? Daisy Duck, girlfriend of Donald and another iconic Disney character, has always worn her name with sophisticated, flirty flair. It’s a name that everyone can spell and pronounce, and no one can resist smiling when they say it.

20. Peter

Disney released the animated film Peter Pan when this name was at the height of its popularity. Today, the renowned name, which means rock, continues to be selected by parents seeking a classic, and just maybe hoping to bestow a little bit of endless childhood on their littles in the vein of the adventurous little boy Peter Pan who can fly but won’t ever grow up? It’s definitely a young-at-heart name!

21. Chip

It’s always better to be the smart one in a duo, right? From the classic movie and short films starring two scheming chipmunks, Chip is definitely the brains of the Chip ‘n Dale friendship. Consider the cute Chip for your little guy or as a fun nickname for the serious Charles.

22. Willow

A graceful sage, Grandma Willow in Disney’s Academy-Award® winning Pocahontas was the wise elder we should all be so lucky to have in our lives. If you love it for your little girl, you’re not the only one: this lovely name has been steadily climbing the charts in the U.S., and is super popular in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

23. Alice

An old-fashioned name returning to popularity in full force, it broke into the top 100 baby girl names in 2014 – Alice comes from German and means noble. Of course you can’t help but think of the inquisitive, curious Alice from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland musical animated movie when you hear the name.

24. Wendy

You know this one as a girl’s name, but until playwright Sir James Barrie chose it for his female protagonist in 1904’s Peter Pan, Wendy was more commonly given to baby boys. These days, it’s impossible not to think of the gentle, care-giving, storytelling older sister in Disney’s Peter Pan, and also the fun-loving, passionate girl who heads out on an adventure with the rambunctious Peter. Seems like you get the best of all worlds with this one!

25. Marlin

Remember the cautious, slightly grouchy, ultimately big-hearted daddy clownfish from Finding Nemo? He’s Marlin, a name you could give to either gender.

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