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Baby Names Inspired by Holidays


If your baby’s due date is around a certain holiday, it makes sense that you would start to think about the two exciting occasions as one big event. And if the holiday is meaningful to you in a religious or spiritual way, the occasion can become even more significant. In fact, many soon-to-be parents use their favorite upcoming holidays as inspiration when they’re trying to come up with names for their expected son or daughter.

There are tons of holiday baby names for both boys and girls, and using one for your child is a great way to pay homage to a time of year that holds extra meaning for you. Not sure if holiday baby names are right for your family? Here are a few ways to think about these special days that can inspire your big decision:


Oftentimes, holidays themselves can act as interesting baby names for boys or girls, especially if you adjust the word slightly. For example, Christmas can easily transition into Christian or Christine, and Easter could become Esther for a little girl.

Important figures

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating around the time of your baby’s birth, the day is likely associated with at least one or two important figures whose names you can use. The Christmas season is full of an array of significant characters, including Mary, Joseph (or Josephine if you’re looking for girls’ baby names) and even Angel. If you want to go for a more festive Christmas name, opt for something like Nicholas or Kristopher, which celebrate the varied names of Santa Claus.

Those who celebrate Hanukkah can become inspired by the story of the holiday, with names like Judah or Mac (both for Judah Maccabee).

If Easter falls around the time of your baby boy’s birth, name him for one of Jesus’ apostles, including Andrew, John or Matthew.

Symbols and themes

Holidays are full of symbolism, many of which can be used to stir baby name ideas. For girls, Laila is a lovely name that symbolizes night in Hebrew. Noel, Noelle, Natalie and Natalia can all connote “Christmas Day” or “born on Christmas Day.”

Likewise, these special times of year also contain a number of positive themes, including Joy, Felicity and Faith. For those who celebrate Kwanzaa, Imani is a beautiful name for a girl that means faith, and Nia represents purpose.


Holiday baby names can also come from the popular decorations and visuals of the season! For example, while Belle and Bella both mean “beautiful,” they could also evoke memories of pretty jingle bells that chime during the winter holiday season. Holly and Ivy are two more names that bring to mind the pretty decorations around Christmastime, and while Norah symbolizes honor, it could also be a cute version of menorah. Is your baby girl due around Easter? Lily, Violet and other flower names are a perfect holiday choice.

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