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Beautiful Names for Fall Babies


There’s a lot to love about fall: the changing colors, the crisp morning air, the return of football, the sight of yellow school buses and fresh faced schoolkids, the feeling of slowing down and nesting. It’s a season ripe with inspiration for a wide variety of things, including beautiful baby names.

You certainly don’t have to match your baby’s name to the season. Moms due at any time of year might find a name they love on this list. If you’re a fan of rich, strong, and dreamy names, you’re going to want to take a look at these beautiful choices inspired by autumn.

This list of 25 beautiful names for autumn babies features 12 girls names and 13 boys names. Some are dramatic, some are hearty, others crackle like a spark to a dry leaf. Many have their meaning in quintessential, old-timey  autumn events and practices, such as harvesting and milling. Others evoke the season in more ethereal ways.

Whether you’re due in the fall, or you just love the season, you’re sure to find a name you love on this list of beautiful names for autumn babies.

Beautiful Fall Names for Girls

  1. Adriana: Lilting and romantic, it means dark one.
  2. Autumn: The English name is graceful, gorgeous, and perfect for fans of fall, no matter when your baby girl is born.
  3. Darcie: A classic old French name derived from the word for fortress, Darcie is a strong name with an easy sound.
  4. Georgina: Like its masculine brother George, Georgina means farmer. It’s as suitable for a baby as for an adult as for an elder, don’t you think?
  5. Haley: A cute name for a girl, Haley means meadow.
  6. Helen: Gardeners adore the easygoing helenium plant, which blooms pretty, daisy-like red, yellow, and orange flowers every fall. The Greek-origin Helen means bright one and shining one.
  7. Ilana: Baby name books report the exotic Ilana is a Hebrew name meaning from the tree. A perfect choice for fall, yes?
  8. Juniper: Each fall, evergreen juniper trees produce beautiful, cornflower-blue berries, which lend their unique flavor to gin as well as meat  and many Scandinavian recipes. With its jaunty, confident style, Juniper is an increasingly popular choice for baby girls.
  9. Ivy: Doesn’t this one instantly conjure the image of a college campus in October? The name of the climbing plant also stands for fidelity and eternity.
  10. Luna: This stellar pick means of the moon. With so many hours of moonlight in the fall, Luna is a great choice for an autumn baby.
  11. Orla: Like the glow from freshly harvested wheat, Orla comes from the Gaelic for golden princess.
  12. Theresa: A Greek name, Theresa originally comes from references to popular fall sport hunting.

Beautiful Fall Names for Boys

  1. Ash: As they are among the first to change color in the fall, ash trees are iconic of the season. Choose this short-but-sweet name, or keep in in your back pocket as the nickname for Ashton, Ashby, or Ashley.
  2. Calder: This Scottish origin choice has a very cool but cozy ring to it.
  3. Cedrick: A Gaelic name and form of Cedric, it means of the spectacular bounty.
  4. Cole: This English-origin pick means having dark features.
  5. Hadley: An English name, Hadley refers to meadows of heather, a plant that blooms at the end of summer and into autumn.
  6. Keller: The German and Celtic name means from the cellar and a beloved friend.
  7. Leif: What better choice for a fall baby than this Scandinavian name, which is pronounced “leaf”?
  8. Lennox: This Scottish name comes from one who owns many elm trees.
  9. Miller: Another English last name turned first name, Miller comes from someone who worked grinding grain in the fall (Mills is cute too).
  10. Nash: A cool variation on Ash for parents who want to buck the vowel trend, Nash means of the ash tree.
  11. Rafferty: A common Irish last name, Rafferty also makes a lovely first name for an autumn (or not) baby. It means prosperous.
  12. Sawyer: You won’t be surprised by the meaning of this friendly English-origin name: it means one who works with wood.
  13. Zaire: If you want a name beginning with a Z, Zaire is a great choice. Perfect for a lover of fall, it means deep and intense.

Which of these beautiful names for autumn babies do you love? What do you think about giving your baby a seasonal name?

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