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20 Cute Baby Names for December


Wondering what to name your upcoming winter baby? We have got you covered,  we will be talking about ten boy names and ten girl names for your upcoming December baby. Since the year is ending with December, it is a fun idea to incorporate that feeling into the name of your baby too. Usually, girls that are born in December are cheerful and generous while boys happen to be calm and mature.

Usually, when upcoming parents are deciding on December baby names for their future baby, they try to keep the holiday spirits in mind whether that be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more! So let us have a look at the ten best girl names for babies that are born in December.

10 Baby Girl Names for December


The essence of the name charity lies in the hidden meaning instead of the meaning of the word. Usually, girls with the name of Charity happen to have that name in hopes of being valued. The name is derived from the Latin word which also happens to have the same meaning.


Quite an unusual girl baby name but very much allows people to recognize the Christmas and winter vibes off the name.


Derived from the French word meaning gift, it is the perfect name for babies who are going to be the firstborns in families.


What’s a better name for your upcoming baby girl than eve? The name in Hebrew means life and your baby is surely going to bring more life to your existing life.


Gingerbreads, ginger beers, and ginger biscuits in winter especially when it is snowing out there are always the comfort foods that happen to keep us warm and happy. For your December baby, we are recommending you the name Ginger and it will even suit her more if you happen to be a red-headed family.


Meaning Christmas In French, the name Noelle is perfect for Christmas lovers who are waiting to hold their baby girls in their arms.


December baby names happen to hold a lot of meaning and depth behind and names and Abigail is no exception to it. the name means the father is rejoicing and in reality, also the situation is no different.


Meaning grace, Anya is a perfect name for the upcoming baby in the cold and snowy days of December.

Carol and Holly are the last two girl names in the lists who also have a direct connection to the Christmas spirits. Holly happens to be the evergreen tree while Carol is nothing but the music to the ears.

10 Baby Boy Names for December

December baby names for boys are nothing less special compared to their female counterparts. Even though the classic joseph tops the list, jasper, Jesus and Nicholas are not far behind. In case you are expecting a baby boy in December then giving these names and their meanings a read might do you good.


Derived from the Latin word, Felix defines happiness. It is a great name for a baby boy who is going to take birth in the cold and nights of snowy December.


Derived from the Persian word, jasper means the bringer of treasurer. In English mythology, jasper happened to be one of the three men who bought Jesus gifts. So if you like to remain connected to god, then jasper doesn’t sound that bad a name.


One of the classic names and common in religious households, if you believe in god and your baby is going to take birth in December then take the sign and name your baby Jesus. What can go wrong ever when your son is named after the god himself?


Inspired by Greek mythology, Nico means people of victory. We all know how names have an impact on a person’s legacy so make sure your December baby boy has a name that pushes him for his legacy.


Archer means bowman or someone with a cross and bow. You can either name your son Archer or modify it to the contemporary Archie to add a more modern twist to the classic name.


Also named after a common professional called woodcutter, sawyer has a significant influence on English literature. In case you happen to be an ardent follower of literature than do not forget to give sawyer a chance.


This boy’s name has different influences right from Persia to the dutch, the name also happens to mean the same as jasper. Quite a popular name in the Netherlands, the name isn’t doing badly in the United States either.


This godly name in Hebrew means God is my strength. Another great name for parents who are very religious and strict believers in god. Name your boy Gabriel if you want him to remain connected to the almighty at all times.

Nicholas and Kane are the last two popular boy names on the list. While Nicholas means people of victory in Greek, Kane on the other hand has a Celtic origin and means warrior. Both these names have religious influence so it is yet again a great name for baby boys who are going to take birth in religious families.

While selecting December baby names for your baby or babies, do not disregard the considerations and thoughts of your significant other and yourself. Regardless of whether you are becoming a first-time parent or a second time, naming your baby is key since the name of your baby is going to carry the right to the tombstone. Do not rush and make a meaningful and informed decision. always remember that the names of your babies is going to have a huge influence.

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