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Our Top Biblical Names for Boys and Girls


The Bible has long been a source of baby naming inspiration for parents around the world. The list below contains 20 of the best names from the Bible. They’ve stood the test of time and make great biblical names for babies today.

If you’re not much acquainted with the Christian holy tome, you might be surprised by some of the names on this list; I know I was (and that’s despite a religious upbringing that included 12 years of Catholic school!). The fact is that biblical names reach far beyond Adam, Mary, and Joseph. It’s true that there are far fewer females named in the Bible than males. But despite the slimmer pickings, it is possible to find some lovely biblical names for girls that aren’t Eve, Rachel, or Rebecca. And of course there are plenty of biblical name options for boys. Read on to see the best names from the Bible.

Biblical Names for Boys

  1. Jeremiah: Jeremiah was a prophet who authored the Book of Jeremiah. It means exalted or appointed by God.
  2. Darius: A baby Darius could be said to be named after a king of Babylon. It means protector or possessor of good.
  3. Judah: The fourth son of Leah and Jacob, Judah was a natural leader. The name comes from the biblical Hebrew name Yehuda meaning he who is praised.
  4. Zachariah: This one is also from Hebrew and means God has remembered. Zachary is the English version and sounds a little more modern.
  5. Baruch: Baruch was Jeremiah’s scribe and a prophet in his own right. It means blessed.
  6. Cyrus: A strong name that’s popular but not overused, Cyrus did experience a slight surge in popularity at the start of the 2000s. The name of the first ruler of Persia, Cyrus is a good choice if you’re hoping to raise a leader.
  7. Samuel: Thousands of tiny Samuels are born every year, and have been since at least 1900. You can’t go wrong!
  8. Micah: It’s been commonly used since the late 1950s, but the name Micah has really taken off recently, with 3,700 parents choosing it in 2015. Of Hebrew origin, it means he who is like God.
  9. Felix: Consider this one if you’re a convert or newly faithful. With Latin origins meaning happy and lucky, the name Felix expresses joy in finding God.
  10. Ezra: Hope your little will be a giver? Consider naming him Ezra, which is derived from the biblical word ezer meaning to help.

Biblical Names for Girls

  1. Bethany: Although it was a holy place and not a woman’s name in the Bible, this one has become a popular choice for girls.
  2. Salome: Salome hasn’t been among the top 1000 most popular names since 1908, so it’s ripe for a comeback! The name does carry some biblical baggage: the daughter-in-law of King Herod, Salome became infamous for requesting the execution of John the Baptist.
  3. Priscilla: A consistent name choice of U.S. parents throughout the years, Priscilla means ancient or living a long time.
  4. Diana: References to the mythological Roman goddess appear in the Bible.
  5. Moriah: Here’s another holy-place-name-turned-girl’s-moniker; it stands for I learn from God.
  6. Chloe: She wasn’t a big player in the Bible, but the name Chloe is making up for it now by being super popular. It hit number 17 on the charts in 2015.
  7. Michal: The female version of Michael, Michal hasn’t been used much in the United States since 1942 all the more reason to like this one?
  8. Hannah: This gentle palindrome refers to grace. In the Bible Hannah was the name of Samuel’s mother.
  9. Delilah: Although Delilah of Biblical fame is less than adored (she betrayed her husband Samson for money), the name is definitely favored by American parents. Last year, more than 2,700 baby Delilahs were born.
  10. Leah: Short but sweet, Leah is derived from the Hebrew word for weary. And no wonder: the wife of Jacob, Leah had six sons and one daughter.

Are you interested in a name with biblical roots for your baby? Which of these are you considering? Also check out our current top 100 baby names in the US.

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