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Girls Names Starting with U


Unlock the unique universe of U, where names are unlike any others, each one an undiscovered gem. This journey under U is all about uncovering the unusual, the uncommon, and the utterly unique. So, let’s undertake this adventure into U, where every name is an invitation to imagine and inspire.

Leading the lineup is Uma, a name that shines with simplicity and light, just right for a girl with a bright spirit and an open heart. Close behind, Ursula makes a bold entrance, carrying a legacy of strength and leadership, perfect for a girl destined to stand out.

Then there’s Unity, symbolizing togetherness and harmony, a beautiful choice for a girl who brings people together and spreads love wherever she goes. Una follows, a beacon of oneness and simplicity, suited for a girl with a singular vision and a pure soul.

Don’t overlook Ula, swirling with the mysteries of the sea, a name as rhythmic as the ocean waves, ready for a girl with a deep connection to nature and a love for adventure. Ulyana steps in with elegance, echoing grace and beauty, perfect for a girl with a heart full of kindness and grace.

In this uncharted territory of U, from the unique Ursa to the unforgettable Umi, each name is a universe of possibilities. Here’s to the unique, the unmatched, and the uncharted names starting with U, where every name is a whisper of potential and a promise of something new. Let’s celebrate the unheard, the unspoken, and the unparalleled world of U, where every name is an unfolding story waiting to be told.

UbabGirlArabicMeaning of Ubab
UbikaGirlHindiMeaning of Ubika
UcchalGirlHindiMeaning of Ucchal
UcheomaGirlAfricanMeaning of Ucheoma
UdaberriGirlBasqueMeaning of Udaberri
UdachaGirlRussianMeaning of Udacha
UdaneGirlBasqueMeaning of Udane
UdantikaGirlIndianMeaning of Udantika
UdaraGirlBasqueMeaning of Udara
UdaysahGirlArabicMeaning of Udaysah
UdazkenGirlBasqueMeaning of Udazken
UdgitaGirlHindiMeaning of Udgita
UdiaGirlHebrewMeaning of Udia
UdichiGirlIndianMeaning of Udichi
UdiptaGirlSanskritMeaning of Udipta
UdiptiGirlHindiMeaning of Udipti
UditaGirlIndianMeaning of Udita
UdumelueGirlAfricanMeaning of Udumelue
UdyatiGirlHindiMeaning of Udyati
UehudahBoyHebrewMeaning of Uehudah
UfanjeGirlSerbianMeaning of Ufanje
UgbaadGirlArabicMeaning of Ugbaad
UhudGirlArabicMeaning of Uhud
UjalaGirlArabicMeaning of Ujala
UjjayiniGirlIndianMeaning of Ujjayini
UjjwalGirlIndianMeaning of Ujjwal
UjjwalaGirlIndianMeaning of Ujjwala
UjvalaGirlHindiMeaning of Ujvala
UjwalaGirlIndianMeaning of Ujwala
UlapGirlFilipinoMeaning of Ulap
UldwynaGirlEnglishMeaning of Uldwyna
UlfahGirlArabicMeaning of Ulfah
UliGirlGermanMeaning of Uli
UlimaGirlArabicMeaning of Ulima
UlkaGirlGermanMeaning of Ulka
UllupiGirlHindiMeaning of Ullupi
UloakuGirlAfricanMeaning of Uloaku
UlricaGirlGermanMeaning of Ulrica
UlrikeGirlGermanMeaning of Ulrike
UltimaGirlLatinMeaning of Ultima
UluGirlAfricanMeaning of Ulu
UlupiGirlIndianMeaning of Ulupi
UlupyaGirlHindiMeaning of Ulupya
UmayGirlTurkishMeaning of Umay
UmaymaGirlArabicMeaning of Umayma
UmaynahGirlArabicMeaning of Umaynah
UmbelinaGirlSpanishMeaning of Umbelina
UmealaGirlAfricanMeaning of Umeala
UmetiGirlSerbianMeaning of Umeti
UmilanGirlSerbianMeaning of Umilan
UmitaGirlTurkishMeaning of Umita
Umm KalthumGirlArabicMeaning of Umm Kalthum
Umm KulthumGirlArabicMeaning of Umm Kulthum
Umm-e-kulsumGirlArabicMeaning of Umm-e-kulsum
UmniyahGirlArabicMeaning of Umniyah
UmraoGirlIndianMeaning of Umrao
UnazaGirlArabicMeaning of Unaza
UndinaGirlLatinMeaning of Undina
UndineGirlLatinMeaning of Undine
UndiniaGirlLatinMeaning of Undinia
UnelinaGirlLatinMeaning of Unelina
UniqueGirlLatinMeaning of Unique127
UnjoGirlTurkishMeaning of Unjo
UnmaGirlHindiMeaning of Unma
UnnGirlNorseMeaning of Unn
UnnatiGirlSanskritMeaning of Unnati
UnsaGirlArabicMeaning of Unsa
UnyGirlIrishMeaning of Uny
UpadhritiGirlSanskritMeaning of Upadhriti
UpasanaGirlIndianMeaning of Upasana
UpkaarGirlSanskritMeaning of Upkaar
UpmaGirlIndianMeaning of Upma
UraniaGirlGreekMeaning of Urania
UranoGirlJapaneseMeaning of Urano
UrbaniaGirlLatinMeaning of Urbania
UrdienGirlBasqueMeaning of Urdien
UrdinaGirlBasqueMeaning of Urdina
UriceGirlHebrewMeaning of Urice
UrishitaGirlIndianMeaning of Urishita
UritGirlHebrewMeaning of Urit
UrithGirlGermanMeaning of Urith
UrkiaGirlBasqueMeaning of Urkia
UrmiGirlHindiMeaning of Urmi0
UrmikaGirlHindiMeaning of Urmika
UrmimalaGirlIndianMeaning of Urmimala
UroosaGirlArabicMeaning of Uroosa
UrreaGirlBasqueMeaning of Urrea
UrretxaGirlBasqueMeaning of Urretxa
UrselineGirlLatinMeaning of Urseline
UrshiaGirlArabicMeaning of Urshia
UrsolaGirlLatinMeaning of Ursola
UrsuleGirlLatinMeaning of Ursule
UrtzaGirlBasqueMeaning of Urtza
UrvasiGirlHindiMeaning of Urvasi
UrzulaGirlLatinMeaning of Urzula
UsagiGirlJapaneseMeaning of Usagi
UsaimahGirlArabicMeaning of Usaimah
UsaymahGirlArabicMeaning of Usaymah
UshanaGirlHindiMeaning of Ushana
UshashiGirlIndianMeaning of Ushashi
UshmaGirlHindiMeaning of Ushma
UshmilGirlIndianMeaning of Ushmil
UshnaGirlArabicMeaning of Ushna
UskoGirlFinnishMeaning of Usko
UsoaGirlBasqueMeaning of Usoa
UstinyaGirlRussianMeaning of Ustinya
UswaGirlArabicMeaning of Uswa
UtGirlVietnameseMeaning of Ut
UtabaGirlAfricanMeaning of Utaba
UtalikaGirlSanskritMeaning of Utalika
UtaybahGirlArabicMeaning of Utaybah
UtpalaGirlHindiMeaning of Utpala
UtpalakshiGirlHindiMeaning of Utpalakshi
UtpaliniGirlIndianMeaning of Utpalini
UtsaGirlIndianMeaning of Utsa
UttalikaGirlIndianMeaning of Uttalika
UttaraGirlHindiMeaning of Uttara
UwailomwanGirlAfricanMeaning of Uwailomwan
UwaisahGirlArabicMeaning of Uwaisah
UwaysahGirlArabicMeaning of Uwaysah
UwimanaGirlAfricanMeaning of Uwimana
UzaGirlHebrewMeaning of Uza
UzochiGirlAfricanMeaning of Uzochi
UzoranGirlSerbianMeaning of Uzoran
UzzaGirlArabicMeaning of Uzza

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