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Girls Names Starting with G


Gather around, folks, because we’re about to dive into the glamorous, glorious, and somewhat groovy garden of girl names starting with G! This is where grace meets gusto, and every name is a gem gleaming with potential. So, let’s go on a little galavant through the Gs, where the names are as golden as the morning sun and as graceful as a swan gliding across a lake.

First off, meet Grace, a name that carries itself with a quiet dignity and simplicity, yet holds a power that’s undeniable. It’s for the girl who moves through life with ease and elegance. Then there’s Gabriella, a name that dances off the tongue, full of passion and life, perfect for a girl with a song in her heart and rhythm in her steps.

Don’t overlook Gemma, a jewel of a name that shines bright, embodying both beauty and strength. It’s as precious as the person who will proudly bear it. And then, there’s Genevieve, with its air of mystique and romance, a name for a girl who’s destined for stories of great adventure and love.

Georgia brings a touch of the southern charm, warm and welcoming, a name that’s as sweet as peach pie on a summer day. For those drawn to the wonders of the world, Giselle offers a name as graceful as the ballet, evoking elegance and beauty.

In the galaxy of G names, each one is a gift, promising a blend of gentleness, grit, and grandeur. From the delightful Gwen to the engaging Gianna, these names are ready to inspire and enchant. So here’s to the girls of G, may their journeys be as grand and glorious as the names they carry!

GabbyGirlItalianMeaning of Gabby55
GabeBoyHebrewMeaning of Gabe48
GabelaGirlZuluMeaning of Gabela
GaboneGirlBasqueMeaning of Gabone
GabrianBoyHebrewMeaning of Gabrian5
GabrielaGirlLatinMeaning of Gabriela957
GabriellaGirlSpanishMeaning of Gabriella3197
GabrielleGirlHebrewMeaning of Gabrielle866
GadarGirlSlavicMeaning of Gadar
GadarineGirlSlavicMeaning of Gadarine
GadinaGirlAfricanMeaning of Gadina
GaetanaGirlItalianMeaning of Gaetana
GaetaneGirlItalianMeaning of Gaetane
GaganadipikaGirlIndianMeaning of Gaganadipika
GailaGirlEnglishMeaning of Gaila
GainkoGirlBasqueMeaning of Gainko
GakavigGirlSlavicMeaning of Gakavig
GalateaGirlGreekMeaning of Galatea0
GalateeGirlFrenchMeaning of Galatee
GaletéeGirlFrenchMeaning of Galetée
GaliceGirlHebrewMeaning of Galice
GalienaGirlGermanMeaning of Galiena
GalilahGirlHebrewMeaning of Galilah
GalileaGirlHebrewMeaning of Galilea394
GalitGirlHebrewMeaning of Galit6
GallaGirlFrenchMeaning of Galla
GalliaGirlFrenchMeaning of Gallia
GalochkaGirlHebrewMeaning of Galochka
GaminiGirlIndianMeaning of Gamini
GamlielBoyHebrewMeaning of Gamliel
GamtaGirlLithuanianMeaning of Gamta
GandhaliGirlHindiMeaning of Gandhali
GandharikaGirlIndianMeaning of Gandharika
GanesaGirlHindiMeaning of Ganesa
GanetGirlHebrewMeaning of Ganet
GangaGirlHindiMeaning of Ganga
GangikaGirlHindiMeaning of Gangika
GangotriGirlIndianMeaning of Gangotri
GaniceGirlHebrewMeaning of Ganice
GanikaGirlSanskritMeaning of Ganika
GanitGirlHebrewMeaning of Ganit
GanjanGirlHindiMeaning of Ganjan
GarabiGirlLatinMeaning of Garabi
GaraineGirlBasqueMeaning of Garaine
GaraitzGirlBasqueMeaning of Garaitz
GaratiGirlHindiMeaning of Garati
GaraziGirlBasqueMeaning of Garazi
GarbiGirlLatinMeaning of Garbi
GarbineGirlBasqueMeaning of Garbine
GardenGirlBasqueMeaning of Garden
GargiGirlIndianMeaning of Gargi12
GarineGirlSlavicMeaning of Garine
GartzeneGirlBasqueMeaning of Gartzene
GashaGirlRussianMeaning of Gasha
GasparaGirlSpanishMeaning of Gaspara
GasparinaGirlPersianMeaning of Gasparina
GathaGirlIndianMeaning of Gatha
GathikaGirlIndianMeaning of Gathika
GatsharanGirlSanskritMeaning of Gatsharan
GauraGirlHindiMeaning of Gaura
GavraGirlHebrewMeaning of Gavra
GavrilaGirlHebrewMeaning of Gavrila
GavrillaGirlHebrewMeaning of Gavrilla
GaxuxaGirlBasqueMeaning of Gaxuxa
GayGirlFrenchMeaning of Gay
GayanaGirlIndianMeaning of Gayana
GayatriGirlHindiMeaning of Gayatri6
GayeGirlFrenchMeaning of Gaye
GayleneGirlEnglishMeaning of Gaylene
GazalaGirlArabicMeaning of Gazala
GazbiyyaGirlArabicMeaning of Gazbiyya
GazitGirlHebrewMeaning of Gazit
GaztainGirlBasqueMeaning of Gaztain
GbemisolaGirlYorubaMeaning of Gbemisola
GbohunmiGirlYorubaMeaning of Gbohunmi
GbolahunGirlYorubaMeaning of Gbolahun
GboyegaGirlYorubaMeaning of Gboyega
GeannaGirlItalianMeaning of Geanna16
GechinaGirlBasqueMeaning of Gechina
GedaliahBoyHebrewMeaning of Gedaliah
GedalyahuBoyHebrewMeaning of Gedalyahu
GeelaGirlHebrewMeaning of Geela
GeetanjaliGirlIndianMeaning of Geetanjali
GeetiGirlHindiMeaning of Geeti
GehnaGirlIndianMeaning of Gehna
GelaGirlAfricanMeaning of Gela
GelasiaGirlGreekMeaning of Gelasia
GelsominaGirlItalianMeaning of Gelsomina
GelyaGirlRussianMeaning of Gelya
GemmaGirlLatinMeaning of Gemma1376
GemmalynGirlLatinMeaning of Gemmalyn
GemmalynnGirlLatinMeaning of Gemmalynn
GenatGirlAfricanMeaning of Genat
GeneraGirlEnglishMeaning of Genera
GeneriaGirlEnglishMeaning of Generia
GenevaGirlFrenchMeaning of Geneva151
GeneveGirlGermanMeaning of Geneve0
GenevieGirlGermanMeaning of Genevie26
GenevieveGirlCelticMeaning of Genevieve1685
GenevraGirlItalianMeaning of Genevra0
GenevreGirlFrenchMeaning of Genevre
GenisisGirlLatinMeaning of Genisis29
GenitaGirlAmericanMeaning of Genita
GeniveeGirlGermanMeaning of Genivee
GenjiGirlChineseMeaning of Genji
GenowefaGirlGermanMeaning of Genowefa
GentijanaGirlAlbanianMeaning of Gentijana
GentzaneGirlBasqueMeaning of Gentzane
GeorgeanneGirlLatinMeaning of Georgeanne
GeorgeneGirlEnglishMeaning of Georgene
GeorgiaGirlGreekMeaning of Georgia1594
GeorgianaGirlLatinMeaning of Georgiana99
GeorginaGirlLatinMeaning of Georgina164
GeorgitteGirlFrenchMeaning of Georgitte
GeraldinaGirlGermanMeaning of Geraldina
GeraldineGirlGermanMeaning of Geraldine97
GeraniumGirlGreekMeaning of Geranium
GerdGirlNorseMeaning of Gerd
GerdeGirlGermanMeaning of Gerde
GerdieGirlGermanMeaning of Gerdie
GerganaGirlBulgarianMeaning of Gergana
GerhardinaGirlGermanMeaning of Gerhardina
GerhardineGirlGermanMeaning of Gerhardine
GerickaGirlEnglishMeaning of Gericka
GerikaGirlEnglishMeaning of Gerika
GermanaGirlFrenchMeaning of Germana
GerrilynGirlEnglishMeaning of Gerrilyn
GershomBoyHebrewMeaning of Gershom0
GertrudGirlGermanMeaning of Gertrud
GertrudaGirlGermanMeaning of Gertruda
GertrudesGirlSpanishMeaning of Gertrudes
GertrudisGirlSpanishMeaning of Gertrudis
GertrutGirlGermanMeaning of Gertrut
GerwaltGirlGermanMeaning of Gerwalt
GerwaltaGirlGermanMeaning of Gerwalta
GevaGirlHebrewMeaning of Geva
GezanaGirlSpanishMeaning of Gezana
GezimGirlAlbanianMeaning of Gezim
GhaadaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaada
GhaaliyaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaaliya
GhadahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghadah
GhadirGirlArabicMeaning of Ghadir
GhalibaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaliba
GhalibahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghalibah
GhaliyaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaliya
GhaliyahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaliyah
GhaneemahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaneemah
GhaniaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghania
GhanikaGirlIndianMeaning of Ghanika
GhaniyahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaniyah
GhaniyyaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaniyya
GharamGirlArabicMeaning of Gharam
GharchetGirlSanskritMeaning of Gharchet
GhareebahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghareebah
GhassanaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghassana
GhayaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaya
GhaydaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghayda
GhaydaaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaydaa
GhaziyahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghaziyah
GhilaGirlHebrewMeaning of Ghila
GhitbahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghitbah
GhizlanGirlArabicMeaning of Ghizlan
GhleannaGirlGaelicMeaning of Ghleanna
GhonchehGirlPersianMeaning of Ghoncheh
GhufayrahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghufayrah
GhumaysaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghumaysa
GhumraGirlArabicMeaning of Ghumra
GhunwaGirlArabicMeaning of Ghunwa
GhunwahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghunwah
GhusoonGirlArabicMeaning of Ghusoon
GhuzayyahGirlArabicMeaning of Ghuzayyah
GiaBoyVietnameseMeaning of Gia933
GiacintaGirlItalianMeaning of Giacinta
GiacobbaGirlHebrewMeaning of Giacobba
GiadaGirlItalianMeaning of Giada156
GianaGirlItalianMeaning of Giana307
GiancintaGirlGreekMeaning of Giancinta
GiancinteGirlGreekMeaning of Giancinte
GiannaGirlHebrewMeaning of Gianna7833
GiavannaGirlItalianMeaning of Giavanna272
GidgetGirlEnglishMeaning of Gidget
GijimaGirlZuluMeaning of Gijima
GilahGirlHebrewMeaning of Gilah
GilalGirlHebrewMeaning of Gilal
GilalaGirlHebrewMeaning of Gilala
GilatGirlHebrewMeaning of Gilat
GilbertaGirlGermanMeaning of Gilberta
GildanGirlEnglishMeaning of Gildan
GildasGirlCelticMeaning of Gildas
GiliaGirlHebrewMeaning of Gilia
GilitGirlHebrewMeaning of Gilit
GilliBoyHebrewMeaning of Gilli
GillianGirlLatinMeaning of Gillian52
GillienGirlLatinMeaning of Gillien
GillotGirlEnglishMeaning of Gillot
GinebraGirlCelticMeaning of Ginebra
GinervaGirlCelticMeaning of Ginerva
GinikachukwuGirlAfricanMeaning of Ginikachukwu
GinnetteGirlEnglishMeaning of Ginnette
GinniGirlHindiMeaning of Ginni
GioffredaGirlItalianMeaning of Gioffreda
GiorsalGirlGaelicMeaning of Giorsal
GiosettaGirlItalianMeaning of Giosetta
GiovannaGirlHebrewMeaning of Giovanna367
GiraGirlHindiMeaning of Gira
GiribalaGirlHindiMeaning of Giribala
GirijaGirlIndianMeaning of Girija
GirijabalaGirlIndianMeaning of Girijabala
GirishaGirlHindiMeaning of Girisha
GirlGirlEnglishMeaning of Girl23
GisaGirlHebrewMeaning of Gisa
GiseleGirlGermanMeaning of Gisele78
GiselleGirlGermanMeaning of Giselle930
GisilberhtaGirlGermanMeaning of Gisilberhta
GisselleGirlGermanMeaning of Gisselle163
GitaliGirlHindiMeaning of Gitali
GitanaGirlSpanishMeaning of Gitana
GitashriGirlHindiMeaning of Gitashri
GitelGirlHebrewMeaning of Gitel9
GithaGirlEnglishMeaning of Githa
GitikaGirlHindiMeaning of Gitika
GittaGirlGermanMeaning of Gitta
GiudittaGirlItalianMeaning of Giuditta
GiulianaGirlLatinMeaning of Giuliana399
GiuseppaGirlItalianMeaning of Giuseppa
GiynnaGirlIrishMeaning of Giynna
GizaGirlHebrewMeaning of Giza
GizaneGirlBasqueMeaning of Gizane
GizelleGirlGermanMeaning of Gizelle57
GiziGirlHungarianMeaning of Gizi
GjertaGirlDanishMeaning of Gjerta
GladGirlWelshMeaning of Glad
GlanGirlWelshMeaning of Glan
GlauceGirlLatinMeaning of Glauce
GlauciaGirlPortugueseMeaning of Glaucia
GledaGirlEnglishMeaning of Gleda
GlenisGirlWelshMeaning of Glenis5
GlenneGirlGaelicMeaning of Glenne
GlindaGirlWelshMeaning of Glinda
GlinysGirlWelshMeaning of Glinys
GlionaGirlIrishMeaning of Gliona
GloriaGirlLatinMeaning of Gloria502
GlorianeGirlEnglishMeaning of Gloriane
GloribelGirlLatinMeaning of Gloribel
GloriosaGirlLatinMeaning of Gloriosa
GloryGirlEnglishMeaning of Glory112
GlyndaGirlWelshMeaning of Glynda
GlynisGirlWelshMeaning of Glynis0
GlynnesGirlGaelicMeaning of Glynnes
GnanaMagalGirlIndianMeaning of GnanaMagal
GnishildaGirlDutchMeaning of Gnishilda
GobinetGirlIrishMeaning of Gobinet
GobnatGirlIrishMeaning of Gobnat
GodafridGirlGermanMeaning of Godafrid
GodalupeGirlSpanishMeaning of Godalupe
GodavariGirlIndianMeaning of Godavari
GodgifuGirlEnglishMeaning of Godgifu
GoewinGirlWelshMeaning of Goewin
GoizaneGirlBasqueMeaning of Goizane
GoizargiGirlBasqueMeaning of Goizargi
GoizederGirlBasqueMeaning of Goizeder
GolapiGirlIndianMeaning of Golapi
GoldieGirlEnglishMeaning of Goldie241
GoldineGirlEnglishMeaning of Goldine
GoldsGirlEnglishMeaning of Golds
GoldyGirlEnglishMeaning of Goldy60
GoleuddyddGirlWelshMeaning of Goleuddydd
GoliatBoyHebrewMeaning of Goliat
GolnarGirlPersianMeaning of Golnar
GoncaGirlTurkishMeaning of Gonca
GoolGirlIndianMeaning of Gool
GopiGirlHindiMeaning of Gopi
GopikaGirlIndianMeaning of Gopika
GoraneGirlSpanishMeaning of Gorane
GorasgwrnGirlWelshMeaning of Gorasgwrn
GoratzeGirlBasqueMeaning of Goratze
GorawenGirlWelshMeaning of Gorawen
GordanaGirlSerbianMeaning of Gordana
GormaGirlHindiMeaning of Gorma
GormghlaithGirlIrishMeaning of Gormghlaith
GormleyGirlIrishMeaning of Gormley
GormlyGirlIrishMeaning of Gormly
GorriaGirlBasqueMeaning of Gorria
GosdantiaGirlSlavicMeaning of Gosdantia
GosdantinaGirlSlavicMeaning of Gosdantina
GotzoneGirlBasqueMeaning of Gotzone
GourangiGirlHindiMeaning of Gourangi
GovindiGirlIndianMeaning of Govindi
GozdeGirlTurkishMeaning of Gozde
GozoGirlBasqueMeaning of Gozo
GozolBoyHebrewMeaning of Gozol
GracaGirlLatinMeaning of Graca
GraceGirlLatinMeaning of Grace5575
GracelynGirlLatinMeaning of Gracelyn958
GraceLynnGirlLatinMeaning of GraceLynn1011
GracelynneGirlLatinMeaning of Gracelynne26
GraceyGirlLatinMeaning of Gracey38
GracieGirlLatinMeaning of Gracie1368
GracielaGirlLatinMeaning of Graciela103
GracieneGirlLatinMeaning of Graciene
GracinhaGirlLatinMeaning of Gracinha
GracynGirlEnglishMeaning of Gracyn108
GradanaGirlLatinMeaning of Gradana
GraeaeGirlGreekMeaning of Graeae
GranaGirlSerbianMeaning of Grana
GraniaGirlGaelicMeaning of Grania
GrataGirlLatinMeaning of Grata
GratianaGirlLatinMeaning of Gratiana
GrearGirlScottishMeaning of Grear
GredelGirlGreekMeaning of Gredel
GreeshmaGirlIndianMeaning of Greeshma
GregorianaGirlGreekMeaning of Gregoriana
GretaGirlGreekMeaning of Greta365
GretchenGirlGermanMeaning of Gretchen65
GreteGirlGreekMeaning of Grete
GretelGirlGermanMeaning of Gretel43
GretheGirlNorseMeaning of Grethe
GretteGirlDanishMeaning of Grette
GricieGirlEnglishMeaning of Gricie
GrihalakshmiGirlIndianMeaning of Grihalakshmi
GriseldeGirlGermanMeaning of Griselde
GriseldisGirlDutchMeaning of Griseldis
GrisellaGirlLatinMeaning of Grisella
GrishildeGirlDutchMeaning of Grishilde
GrisjahildeGirlGermanMeaning of Grisjahilde
GriswaldaGirlGermanMeaning of Griswalda
GriswaldeGirlGermanMeaning of Griswalde
GrizelGirlScottishMeaning of Grizel
GrizeldaGirlLatinMeaning of Grizelda
GrizzelGirlGermanMeaning of Grizzel
GroGirlNorseMeaning of Gro
Grubana*GirlSerbianMeaning of Grubana*
GryGirlNorseMeaning of Gry
GryneGirlLatinMeaning of Gryne
GryseldaGirlLatinMeaning of Gryselda
GrytaGirlGreekMeaning of Gryta
GuülistanGirlTurkishMeaning of Guülistan
GuadalupeGirlSpanishMeaning of Guadalupe302
GualteriaGirlGermanMeaning of Gualteria
GubnatGirlIrishMeaning of Gubnat
GudiyaGirlIndianMeaning of Gudiya
GudrunGirlDanishMeaning of Gudrun
GudrunaGirlGermanMeaning of Gudruna
GuendolenGirlEnglishMeaning of Guendolen
GuenevereGirlWelshMeaning of Guenevere0
GuennolaGirlCelticMeaning of Guennola
GuguGirlAfricanMeaning of Gugu
GuiaGirlSpanishMeaning of Guia
GuidaGirlGermanMeaning of Guida
GuidinhaGirlPortugueseMeaning of Guidinha
GuidittaGirlItalianMeaning of Guiditta
GuilaineGirlGermanMeaning of Guilaine
GuilieGirlLatinMeaning of Guilie
GuillelminaGirlItalianMeaning of Guillelmina
GuillermaGirlSpanishMeaning of Guillerma
GuinevereGirlWelshMeaning of Guinevere247
GuityGirlPersianMeaning of Guity
Gul-e-RanaGirlArabicMeaning of Gul-e-Rana
GulbanoGirlArabicMeaning of Gulbano
GuleRanaGirlArabicMeaning of GuleRana
GulielmaGirlItalianMeaning of Gulielma
GulikaGirlHindiMeaning of Gulika
GulistanGirlPersianMeaning of Gulistan
GulzarGirlPersianMeaning of Gulzar
GunaGirlIndianMeaning of Guna
GunaMalarGirlIndianMeaning of GunaMalar
GundaGirlNorseMeaning of Gunda
GuneetGirlIndianMeaning of Guneet
GunillaGirlSwedishMeaning of Gunilla
GunitaGirlHindiMeaning of Gunita
GunjanGirlHindiMeaning of Gunjan
GunjitaGirlHindiMeaning of Gunjita
GunnelGirlGermanMeaning of Gunnel
GunnhildGirlNorseMeaning of Gunnhild
GunnikaGirlHindiMeaning of Gunnika
GurBoyHebrewMeaning of Gur
GurgianGirlSanskritMeaning of Gurgian
GuriGirlNorseMeaning of Guri
GuriceGirlHebrewMeaning of Gurice
GuritGirlHebrewMeaning of Gurit
GurpraveenGirlIndianMeaning of Gurpraveen
GurutzeGirlBasqueMeaning of Gurutze
GuruzneGirlBasqueMeaning of Guruzne
GustelGirlLatinMeaning of Gustel
GustellaGirlLatinMeaning of Gustella
GutkaGirlPolishMeaning of Gutka
GwaeddanGirlWelshMeaning of Gwaeddan
GwanwynGirlWelshMeaning of Gwanwyn
GwenGirlCelticMeaning of Gwen330
GwenabwyGirlWelshMeaning of Gwenabwy
GwenaelleGirlFrenchMeaning of Gwenaelle
GwendiGirlWelshMeaning of Gwendi
GwendolynGirlCelticMeaning of Gwendolyn811
GwenerGirlWelshMeaning of Gwener
GwenhwyvarGirlWelshMeaning of Gwenhwyvar
GwenhyvarGirlWelshMeaning of Gwenhyvar
GwenledyrGirlWelshMeaning of Gwenledyr
Gwenn AlarchGirlWelshMeaning of Gwenn Alarch
GwenythGirlWelshMeaning of Gwenyth85
GwenyverGirlCelticMeaning of Gwenyver
GwladysGirlWelshMeaning of Gwladys
GwnyGirlWelshMeaning of Gwny
GwyndolenGirlWelshMeaning of Gwyndolen
GwyndolynGirlWelshMeaning of Gwyndolyn8
GwyneddGirlWelshMeaning of Gwynedd
GwynethGirlWelshMeaning of Gwyneth151
GwynithGirlCelticMeaning of Gwynith
GwynneGirlWelshMeaning of Gwynne6
GwynnethGirlWelshMeaning of Gwynneth0
GyöngyiGirlHungarianMeaning of Gyöngyi
GyörgyikeGirlHungarianMeaning of Györgyike
GyanadaGirlHindiMeaning of Gyanada
GyldanGirlEnglishMeaning of Gyldan
GymnasiaGirlLatinMeaning of Gymnasia
GythaGirlEnglishMeaning of Gytha

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