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Girls Names Starting with N


Navigate the nuanced nook of N, a niche filled with names that nimbly nestle into the narratives of newborns. This is not just a nomenclature; it’s a nod to the novel and noteworthy, a nursery of names that nurture and nudge towards novelty. So, let’s nudge our way through the nuances of N, unearthing names that are nestled like nuggets of gold.

Nora gently nudges its way to the forefront, a name that’s as noble as it is nurturing, perfect for a girl who will naturally navigate her way through life’s twists and turns with grace. Natalie follows, a name that gleams with the joy and brightness of Christmas, a beacon of warmth and celebration.

Naomi offers a touch of the exotic, its roots rich with beauty and pleasantness, ideal for a girl who’s destined to leave a lasting impression with her kindness and compassion. Nina, swift and sleek, brings a simplicity that’s both elegant and enduring.

For those enchanted by the allure of uniqueness, Nova bursts forth with celestial energy, a name that speaks of new beginnings and infinite possibilities. Nadia, meaning ‘hope,’ offers a beacon of light and optimism, a perfect choice for a girl with a hopeful spirit and a heart full of dreams.

Niamh, pronounced ‘Neev,’ whispers tales from the Emerald Isle, a gem for those seeking a connection to Celtic lore and legend. And Noelle, evoking the spirit of Christmas, wraps up our exploration with a ribbon of cheer and goodwill.

As we navigate through the novel names starting with N, from the nurturing Natalia to the noble Nellie, each name is a narrative waiting to be written. Here’s to the new beginnings and the name-worthy narratives that the letter N nurtures. Let’s celebrate the nuances of N, where every name is a note in the symphony of life.

Na'eemahGirlArabicMeaning of Na'eemah
Na'ilahGirlArabicMeaning of Na'ilah
Na'imaGirlArabicMeaning of Na'ima
Na'imahGirlArabicMeaning of Na'imah
Ná¹±ungufhadzeniGirlAfricanMeaning of Ná¹±ungufhadzeni
Naa'irahGirlArabicMeaning of Naa'irah
NaailahGirlArabicMeaning of Naailah
NaajidahGirlArabicMeaning of Naajidah
NaamahGirlHebrewMeaning of Naamah5
NaamitGirlHebrewMeaning of Naamit
NaayantaraGirlIndianMeaning of Naayantara
NabaasaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nabaasa
NabeehaGirlArabicMeaning of Nabeeha5
NabeelaGirlArabicMeaning of Nabeela
NabeelahGirlArabicMeaning of Nabeelah
NabelungGirlAfricanMeaning of Nabelung
NabhaGirlIndianMeaning of Nabha
NabhithaGirlIndianMeaning of Nabhitha
NabihahGirlArabicMeaning of Nabihah
NabijahGirlArabicMeaning of Nabijah
NabilahGirlArabicMeaning of Nabilah6
NabossaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nabossa
NabukenyaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nabukenya
NabukwasiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nabukwasi
NabulungiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nabulungi
NachmankeBoyHebrewMeaning of Nachmanke
NachumBoyHebrewMeaning of Nachum7
NadìždaGirlCzechMeaning of Nadìžda
NadanaMangaiGirlIndianMeaning of NadanaMangai
NadanjeGirlSerbianMeaning of Nadanje
NadeahGirlArabicMeaning of Nadeah
NadeedaGirlArabicMeaning of Nadeeda
NadeemaGirlArabicMeaning of Nadeema
NadejdaGirlBulgarianMeaning of Nadejda
NadeshGirlArabicMeaning of Nadesh
NadettaGirlGermanMeaning of Nadetta
NadetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Nadette
NadiaGirlRussianMeaning of Nadia649
NadidahGirlArabicMeaning of Nadidah
NadifaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nadifa
NadimaGirlArabicMeaning of Nadima
NadimahGirlArabicMeaning of Nadimah
NadineGirlArabicMeaning of Nadine146
NadiyyaGirlArabicMeaning of Nadiyya
NadwaGirlArabicMeaning of Nadwa
NadwahGirlArabicMeaning of Nadwah
NadyaGirlRussianMeaning of Nadya38
NadyenkaGirlRussianMeaning of Nadyenka
NadyneGirlArabicMeaning of Nadyne
NadziaGirlPolishMeaning of Nadzia
NadziejaGirlPolishMeaning of Nadzieja
NaenieGirlLatinMeaning of Naenie
NafeezaGirlArabicMeaning of Nafeeza
NafesaGirlArabicMeaning of Nafesa
NafisahGirlArabicMeaning of Nafisah
NaflahGirlArabicMeaning of Naflah
NaftalieBoyHebrewMeaning of Naftalie
NafulaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nafula
NafunaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nafuna
NaganandiniGirlIndianMeaning of Naganandini
NageenGirlArabicMeaning of Nageen
NageenahGirlArabicMeaning of Nageenah
NagesaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nagesa
NageswariGirlIndianMeaning of Nageswari
NagheenGirlArabicMeaning of Nagheen
NagiaGirlArabicMeaning of Nagia
NagidBoyHebrewMeaning of Nagid
NagidaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nagida
NaginaGirlArabicMeaning of Nagina
NaglaGirlArabicMeaning of Nagla
NagodeallahGirlAfricanMeaning of Nagodeallah
NahamaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nahama
NaheedaGirlArabicMeaning of Naheeda
NahidaGirlArabicMeaning of Nahida6
NahidahGirlArabicMeaning of Nahidah
NahlaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nahla153
NahleejahGirlArabicMeaning of Nahleejah
NahokoGirlJapaneseMeaning of Nahoko
NahomiGirlHebrewMeaning of Nahomi80
NaiadiaGirlLatinMeaning of Naiadia
NaiariaGirlBasqueMeaning of Naiaria
NaidhruaGirlIndianMeaning of Naidhrua
NaifaGirlArabicMeaning of Naifa
NaifahGirlArabicMeaning of Naifah
NailaGirlArabicMeaning of Naila157
NailahGirlArabicMeaning of Nailah183
NaimaGirlArabicMeaning of Naima115
NaimahGirlArabicMeaning of Naimah26
NainiGirlIndianMeaning of Naini
NairaGirlArabicMeaning of Naira52
NaishadhaGirlSanskritMeaning of Naishadha
NajaahGirlArabicMeaning of Najaah
NajafGirlArabicMeaning of Najaf
NajdahGirlArabicMeaning of Najdah
NajibahGirlArabicMeaning of Najibah
NajidahGirlArabicMeaning of Najidah
NajihahGirlArabicMeaning of Najihah
NajilaGirlArabicMeaning of Najila
NajiyahGirlArabicMeaning of Najiyah0
NakagwaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nakagwa
NakakandeGirlAfricanMeaning of Nakakande
NakamyaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nakamya
NakatoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nakato
NakeaGirlArabicMeaning of Nakea
NakhatGirlArabicMeaning of Nakhat
NakshaGirlIndianMeaning of Naksha
NalaGirlLatinMeaning of Nala402
NalahGirlAfricanMeaning of Nalah77
NalaniGirlHawaiianMeaning of Nalani486
NaldaGirlSpanishMeaning of Nalda
NalikaGirlHindiMeaning of Nalika
NalinadalaGirlSanskritMeaning of Nalinadala
NallarasiGirlIndianMeaning of Nallarasi
NalongoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nalongo
NalungaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nalunga
NalwangaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nalwanga
NamakulaGirlAfricanMeaning of Namakula
NamataGirlAfricanMeaning of Namata
NamatakaGirlAfricanMeaning of Namataka
NamazziGirlAfricanMeaning of Namazzi
NambiniGirlIndianMeaning of Nambini
NambogoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nambogo
NamenaGirlSerbianMeaning of Namena
NamikoGirlJapaneseMeaning of Namiko28
NamirembeGirlAfricanMeaning of Namirembe
NamitaGirlHindiMeaning of Namita0
NamocGirlFilipinoMeaning of Namoc
NamonoGirlAfricanMeaning of Namono
NamrahGirlIndianMeaning of Namrah
NamukasaGirlAfricanMeaning of Namukasa
NamusisiGirlAfricanMeaning of Namusisi
NamusobiyaGirlAfricanMeaning of Namusobiya
NanakGirlSanskritMeaning of Nanak
NancsiGirlHungarianMeaning of Nancsi
NancyGirlFrenchMeaning of Nancy294
NandagGirlScottishMeaning of Nandag
NangomaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nangoma
NanineGirlFrenchMeaning of Nanine
NanjalaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nanjala
NankundaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nankunda
NanmaniGirlIndianMeaning of Nanmani
NannetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Nannette
NanonGirlFrenchMeaning of Nanon
NantaleGirlAfricanMeaning of Nantale
NanyamkaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nanyamka
NanziriGirlAfricanMeaning of Nanziri
NaomiGirlHebrewMeaning of Naomi4066
NapeaGirlLatinMeaning of Napea
NapiaGirlLatinMeaning of Napia
NaqeebahGirlArabicMeaning of Naqeebah
NaraimanGirlArabicMeaning of Naraiman
NarcisaGirlGreekMeaning of Narcisa
NardaGirlLatinMeaning of Narda0
NareenaGirlCelticMeaning of Nareena
NareeneGirlCelticMeaning of Nareene
NargizGirlSlavicMeaning of Nargiz
NariahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nariah80
NariyahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nariyah98
NarkeashaGirlAfricanMeaning of Narkeasha
NarkissaGirlGreekMeaning of Narkissa
NarmadaGirlHindiMeaning of Narmada
NarsaGirlLithuanianMeaning of Narsa
NascioGirlLatinMeaning of Nascio
NaseemahGirlArabicMeaning of Naseemah
NaseenGirlIndianMeaning of Naseen
NasheedGirlArabicMeaning of Nasheed
NasheelahGirlArabicMeaning of Nasheelah
NashemaGirlArabicMeaning of Nashema
NashidaGirlArabicMeaning of Nashida
NashirahGirlArabicMeaning of Nashirah
NashitahGirlArabicMeaning of Nashitah
NasicheGirlAfricanMeaning of Nasiche
NasifahGirlArabicMeaning of Nasifah
NasihahGirlArabicMeaning of Nasihah
NasikyeGirlAfricanMeaning of Nasikye
NasimahGirlArabicMeaning of Nasimah
NasmahGirlArabicMeaning of Nasmah
NasrinGirlPersianMeaning of Nasrin0
NasrullahGirlArabicMeaning of Nasrullah
NassunaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nassuna
NastassyaGirlRussianMeaning of Nastassya
NastasyaGirlRussianMeaning of Nastasya
NastenkaGirlCzechMeaning of Nastenka
NastuscheGirlLithuanianMeaning of Nastusche
NatáliaGirlHungarianMeaning of Natália
NataÅ aGirlSerbianMeaning of NataÅ a
NataleeGirlLatinMeaning of Natalee153
NataliaGirlLatinMeaning of Natalia3059
NatalieGirlLatinMeaning of Natalie4258
NataliyaGirlRussianMeaning of Nataliya27
NatalyGirlLatinMeaning of Nataly270
NatalyaGirlLatinMeaning of Natalya145
NataniellaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nataniella
NataraGirlArabicMeaning of Natara0
NatashaGirlLatinMeaning of Natasha266
NatesaGirlHindiMeaning of Natesa
NathachaGirlGreekMeaning of Nathacha
NathaliaGirlLatinMeaning of Nathalia258
NathalieGirlLatinMeaning of Nathalie284
NathalyGirlNative AmericanMeaning of Nathaly229
NathanieBoyHebrewMeaning of Nathanie
NathifaGirlArabicMeaning of Nathifa
NatoriGirlArabicMeaning of Natori5
NatthamaraiGirlIndianMeaning of Natthamarai
NatucheGirlFrenchMeaning of Natuche
NatukundaGirlAfricanMeaning of Natukunda
NaurusGirlArabicMeaning of Naurus
NaushabaGirlArabicMeaning of Naushaba
NaushinGirlArabicMeaning of Naushin
NausicaaGirlGreekMeaning of Nausicaa
NautiaGirlLatinMeaning of Nautia0
NavaehGirlAmericanMeaning of Navaeh64
NavamiGirlIndianMeaning of Navami
NavaniGirlHindiMeaning of Navani
NaveahGirlAmericanMeaning of Naveah102
NavedaGirlArabicMeaning of Naveda
NavisthaGirlIndianMeaning of Navistha
NavitGirlHebrewMeaning of Navit
NavjeevGirlSanskritMeaning of Navjeev
NavneetaGirlIndianMeaning of Navneeta
NavyaGirlSanskritMeaning of Navya71
NawarGirlArabicMeaning of Nawar
NawfGirlArabicMeaning of Nawf
NawfaGirlArabicMeaning of Nawfa
NawlahGirlArabicMeaning of Nawlah
NawrahGirlArabicMeaning of Nawrah
NawsheenGirlArabicMeaning of Nawsheen
NawwalGirlArabicMeaning of Nawwal
NawwarGirlArabicMeaning of Nawwar
NayaGirlCelticMeaning of Naya356
NayeliGirlNative AmericanMeaning of Nayeli721
NayfeenGirlArabicMeaning of Nayfeen
NayikaGirlHindiMeaning of Nayika
NaylaGirlArabicMeaning of Nayla170
NaylilaGirlArabicMeaning of Naylila
NayyaraGirlArabicMeaning of Nayyara
NayyirahGirlArabicMeaning of Nayyirah
NazaniGirlSlavicMeaning of Nazani
NazaninGirlPersianMeaning of Nazanin18
NazarenaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nazarena0
NazarenoBoyHebrewMeaning of Nazareno
NazeefahGirlArabicMeaning of Nazeefah
NazeeraGirlArabicMeaning of Nazeera
NazeerahGirlArabicMeaning of Nazeerah
NazihahGirlArabicMeaning of Nazihah
NazimahGirlArabicMeaning of Nazimah
NazindahGirlArabicMeaning of Nazindah
NaziraGirlArabicMeaning of Nazira5
NazleeGirlArabicMeaning of Nazlee
NazmaGirlArabicMeaning of Nazma
NazraanaGirlArabicMeaning of Nazraana
NazukGirlArabicMeaning of Nazuk
NdidiGirlAfricanMeaning of Ndidi
NdiyafhiGirlAfricanMeaning of Ndiyafhi
NduvhoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nduvho
NearraGirlEnglishMeaning of Nearra
NebesaGirlSerbianMeaning of Nebesa
NebiaGirlArabicMeaning of Nebia
NebulaGirlLatinMeaning of Nebula14
NebuliaGirlLatinMeaning of Nebulia
NechaGirlSpanishMeaning of Necha
NechamaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nechama119
NechemyaBoyHebrewMeaning of Nechemya
NeciGirlLatinMeaning of Neci
NecoleGirlFrenchMeaning of Necole0
NedaviahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nedaviah
NeddaGirlEnglishMeaning of Nedda
NediraGirlArabicMeaning of Nedira
NedivahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nedivah
NeeharikaGirlHindiMeaning of Neeharika0
NeelajaGirlIndianMeaning of Neelaja
NeelambariGirlIndianMeaning of Neelambari
NeelkamalGirlIndianMeaning of Neelkamal
NeeloferGirlArabicMeaning of Neelofer
NeemeshaGirlYorubaMeaning of Neemesha
NeepaGirlHindiMeaning of Neepa
NeerajaGirlHindiMeaning of Neeraja0
NeerjaGirlHindiMeaning of Neerja
NeeshadGirlArabicMeaning of Neeshad
NeftaliGirlHebrewMeaning of Neftali23
NegdarGirlSlavicMeaning of Negdar
NeguGirlBasqueMeaning of Negu
NehamaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nehama
NehandaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nehanda
NeharikaGirlHindiMeaning of Neharika
NejatGirlArabicMeaning of Nejat
NekiaGirlArabicMeaning of Nekia
NelamGirlArabicMeaning of Nelam
NelidaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nelida5
NellekeGirlDutchMeaning of Nelleke
NellieGirlLatinMeaning of Nellie324
NellisGirlGreekMeaning of Nellis
NellwynGirlEnglishMeaning of Nellwyn
NellyGirlLatinMeaning of Nelly92
NelmaGirlGreekMeaning of Nelma
NelofarGirlArabicMeaning of Nelofar
NelwinGirlEnglishMeaning of Nelwin
NelwinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Nelwina
NelwynaGirlEnglishMeaning of Nelwyna
NenetGirlAfricanMeaning of Nenet
NeomeaGirlGreekMeaning of Neomea
NeomeniaGirlGreekMeaning of Neomenia
NeomiaGirlGreekMeaning of Neomia
NeptunineGirlLatinMeaning of Neptunine
NerezzaGirlItalianMeaning of Nerezza
NeriahGirlHebrewMeaning of Neriah136
NericeGirlGreekMeaning of Nerice
NeriedGirlGreekMeaning of Neried
NerinGirlGreekMeaning of Nerin
NerineGirlLatinMeaning of Nerine
NerisGirlLatinMeaning of Neris
NeritaGirlGreekMeaning of Nerita
NesheGirlTurkishMeaning of Neshe
NesheleGirlTurkishMeaning of Neshele
NessiaGirlGreekMeaning of Nessia
NessieGirlGreekMeaning of Nessie
Nest NestaGirlGreekMeaning of Nest Nesta
NettyGirlEnglishMeaning of Netty
NeuedGirlWelshMeaning of Neued
NeuvartGirlSlavicMeaning of Neuvart
NevaGirlSpanishMeaning of Neva67
NevaehGirlEnglishMeaning of Nevaeh3081
NevartGirlSlavicMeaning of Nevart
NeveahGirlEnglishMeaning of Neveah239
NevenaGirlBulgarianMeaning of Nevena6
NevesGirlPortugueseMeaning of Neves
NgabileGirlAfricanMeaning of Ngabile
Ngoc BichGirlVietnameseMeaning of Ngoc Bich
NgonGirlVietnameseMeaning of Ngon
NgozichukwukaGirlAfricanMeaning of Ngozichukwuka
Ni'jaGirlArabicMeaning of Ni'ja
Ni'mahGirlArabicMeaning of Ni'mah
NiaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nia615
NiahGirlAfricanMeaning of Niah57
NiaraGirlHindiMeaning of Niara30
NibaalGirlArabicMeaning of Nibaal
NibalGirlArabicMeaning of Nibal
NicanoraGirlSpanishMeaning of Nicanora
NicetaGirlSpanishMeaning of Niceta
NicholeGirlFrenchMeaning of Nichole52
NickieGirlEnglishMeaning of Nickie0
NicolasaGirlSpanishMeaning of Nicolasa
NicoleGirlGreekMeaning of Nicole1149
NicoletteGirlFrenchMeaning of Nicolette121
Nida'GirlArabicMeaning of Nida'
NidaaGirlArabicMeaning of Nidaa
NiddaGirlArabicMeaning of Nidda
NidhyathiGirlIndianMeaning of Nidhyathi
NielsineGirlDanishMeaning of Nielsine
NigaGirlPersianMeaning of Niga
NigarGirlArabicMeaning of Nigar
NighatGirlArabicMeaning of Nighat
NihadGirlArabicMeaning of Nihad
NiinaGirlFinnishMeaning of Niina
NijuGirlIndianMeaning of Niju
NikithaGirlSanskritMeaning of Nikitha6
NikiyaGirlGreekMeaning of Nikiya0
NikkiGirlGreekMeaning of Nikki67
NikolaevnaGirlRussianMeaning of Nikolaevna
NikoleGirlGreekMeaning of Nikole25
NilaGirlLatinMeaning of Nila110
NilahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nilah61
NilakshiGirlHindiMeaning of Nilakshi
NilambariGirlHindiMeaning of Nilambari
NildaGirlSpanishMeaning of Nilda0
NildagGirlTurkishMeaning of Nildag
NileaGirlLatinMeaning of Nilea
NiliGirlHebrewMeaning of Nili8
NilimaGirlHindiMeaning of Nilima
NiliniGirlHindiMeaning of Nilini
NilofarGirlArabicMeaning of Nilofar
NiloferGirlPersianMeaning of Nilofer
NiloofarGirlPersianMeaning of Niloofar
NilsineGirlSwedishMeaning of Nilsine
NilufarGirlArabicMeaning of Nilufar
NiluthaGirlIndianMeaning of Nilutha
NimaatGirlArabicMeaning of Nimaat
NimerahGirlArabicMeaning of Nimerah
NimishaGirlHindiMeaning of Nimisha0
NimitaGirlIndianMeaning of Nimita
NimmGirlSanskritMeaning of Nimm
NinaGirlRussianMeaning of Nina933
NinarikaGirlSanskritMeaning of Ninarika
NinetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Ninette0
NinochkaGirlRussianMeaning of Ninochka
NinonGirlFrenchMeaning of Ninon
NinoskaGirlRussianMeaning of Ninoska
NiomiGirlHebrewMeaning of Niomi67
NipaGirlIndianMeaning of Nipa
NiralGirlHindiMeaning of Niral
NiraliGirlHebrewMeaning of Nirali0
NiretaGirlGreekMeaning of Nireta
NiriaGirlHebrewMeaning of Niria
NiritGirlHebrewMeaning of Nirit
NirmalaGirlHindiMeaning of Nirmala
NirupaGirlHindiMeaning of Nirupa
NirupamaGirlHindiMeaning of Nirupama
NirvanaGirlHindiMeaning of Nirvana81
NirveliGirlHindiMeaning of Nirveli
NisarGirlArabicMeaning of Nisar
NishayGirlHindiMeaning of Nishay
NishikantaGirlIndianMeaning of Nishikanta
NisiBoyHebrewMeaning of Nisi
NisrinGirlArabicMeaning of Nisrin
NitsaGirlGreekMeaning of Nitsa
NityaGirlSanskritMeaning of Nitya25
NityasreeGirlIndianMeaning of Nityasree
NitzaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nitza0
NitzanaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nitzana
NitzanahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nitzanah
NiveditaGirlHindiMeaning of Nivedita0
NivertaGirlIndianMeaning of Niverta
NivieraGirlAmericanMeaning of Niviera
NivritiGirlHindiMeaning of Nivriti
NixiGirlLatinMeaning of Nixi
NiyaGirlCelticMeaning of Niya127
NiyafGirlArabicMeaning of Niyaf
NiyahGirlAfricanMeaning of Niyah98
NiyilolawaGirlYorubaMeaning of Niyilolawa
NizanaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nizana
NjemileGirlAfricanMeaning of Njemile
NjereGirlAfricanMeaning of Njere
NkekaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkeka
NkeomaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkeoma
NkhethelengGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkhetheleng
NkhumbudzeniGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkhumbudzeni
NkhumbuleniGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkhumbuleni
NkirukaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkiruka
NkosazanaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkosazana
NkosiphenduleGirlAfricanMeaning of Nkosiphendule
NmasinachiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nmasinachi
NnedimmaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nnedimma
NnyadzeniGirlAfricanMeaning of Nnyadzeni
NnyawedzeniGirlAfricanMeaning of Nnyawedzeni
NnyaweleniGirlAfricanMeaning of Nnyaweleni
NobantuGirlAfricanMeaning of Nobantu
NoeBoyHebrewMeaning of Noe388
NoelaniGirlHawaiianMeaning of Noelani110
NoeleenGirlFrenchMeaning of Noeleen
NoeliaGirlLatinMeaning of Noelia131
NoelineGirlFrenchMeaning of Noeline
NoellaGirlFrenchMeaning of Noella100
NoelleGirlFrenchMeaning of Noelle1368
NoemiGirlSpanishMeaning of Noemi345
NofotoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nofoto
NogahGirlHebrewMeaning of Nogah
NokresimesiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nokresimesi
NokwayiyoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nokwayiyo
NolaGirlCelticMeaning of Nola533
NolanaGirlGaelicMeaning of Nolana
NolascoBoyHebrewMeaning of Nolasco
NoleneGirlEnglishMeaning of Nolene
NoletaGirlLatinMeaning of Noleta
NomalangaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomalanga
NomathyhifililiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomathyhifilili
NombekoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nombeko
NombleGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomble
NombuleloGirlAfricanMeaning of Nombulelo
NomfazweGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomfazwe
NomsaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomsa
NomthandazoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomthandazo
NomusaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nomusa
NonkululekoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nonkululeko
NonnaGirlLatinMeaning of Nonna
NontasasaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nontasasa
NontshabaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nontshaba
NonyamekoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nonyameko
NoopurGirlIndianMeaning of Noopur
NoorGirlArabicMeaning of Noor336
Noor al-SabahGirlArabicMeaning of Noor al-Sabah
Noor JehanGirlArabicMeaning of Noor Jehan
Noor-Al-HayaGirlArabicMeaning of Noor-Al-Haya
Noor-ul-annGirlArabicMeaning of Noor-ul-ann
NooriyaGirlArabicMeaning of Nooriya
NooriyyaGirlArabicMeaning of Nooriyya
NoorjahanGirlArabicMeaning of Noorjahan
NoraGirlLatinMeaning of Nora5555
NorahGirlLatinMeaning of Norah1797
NorberahtGirlGermanMeaning of Norberaht
NorbertaGirlGermanMeaning of Norberta
NorberteGirlGermanMeaning of Norberte
NordicaGirlGermanMeaning of Nordica
NordikaGirlGermanMeaning of Nordika
NoreenaGirlIrishMeaning of Noreena
NorikoGirlJapaneseMeaning of Noriko
NorineGirlLatinMeaning of Norine
NorizaGirlArabicMeaning of Noriza
NormaGirlLatinMeaning of Norma75
NorminaGirlScottishMeaning of Normina
NortiaGirlLatinMeaning of Nortia
NorvellaGirlEnglishMeaning of Norvella
NoshabaGirlArabicMeaning of Noshaba
NosheenGirlArabicMeaning of Nosheen
NosizweGirlAfricanMeaning of Nosizwe
NosopholoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nosopholo
NothembiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nothembi
NotumatoGirlAfricanMeaning of Notumato
NoureenGirlArabicMeaning of Noureen
NoushaGirlPersianMeaning of Nousha
NoushigGirlSlavicMeaning of Noushig
NouvartGirlSlavicMeaning of Nouvart
NouverGirlSlavicMeaning of Nouver
NovaleeGirlAmericanMeaning of Novalee331
NoveaGirlLatinMeaning of Novea
NoxochicoztliGirlAztecMeaning of Noxochicoztli
NoyGirlHebrewMeaning of Noy
NrityGirlIndianMeaning of Nrity
NseduGirlAfricanMeaning of Nsedu
NsungwaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nsungwa
NthatiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nthati
NthatisiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nthatisi
NtombentshaGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntombentsha
NtombifikileGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntombifikile
NtombifuthiGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntombifuthi
NtsakoGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntsako
NtseboGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntsebo
NtshengedzeniGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntshengedzeni
NtsumiGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntsumi
NtswakiGirlAfricanMeaning of Ntswaki
Nu'aymahGirlArabicMeaning of Nu'aymah
NudarGirlArabicMeaning of Nudar
NudbahGirlArabicMeaning of Nudbah
NudharGirlArabicMeaning of Nudhar
NudratGirlArabicMeaning of Nudrat
NuelaGirlSpanishMeaning of Nuela
NuhaaGirlArabicMeaning of Nuhaa
NujudGirlArabicMeaning of Nujud
NumeriaGirlLatinMeaning of Numeria
NunahGirlArabicMeaning of Nunah
NunciataGirlLatinMeaning of Nunciata
NunziaGirlLatinMeaning of Nunzia
NupoorGirlSanskritMeaning of Nupoor
NupuraGirlHindiMeaning of Nupura
Nur al HudaGirlArabicMeaning of Nur al Huda
NuraydaGirlArabicMeaning of Nurayda
NureetGirlHebrewMeaning of Nureet
NuritGirlHebrewMeaning of Nurit
NuritaGirlHebrewMeaning of Nurita
NurjennaGirlArabicMeaning of Nurjenna
NurynGirlArabicMeaning of Nuryn
NusaymaGirlArabicMeaning of Nusayma
NutanGirlHindiMeaning of Nutan
NuwairahGirlArabicMeaning of Nuwairah
NuwaylaGirlArabicMeaning of Nuwayla
NuwaylahGirlArabicMeaning of Nuwaylah
NuwwarGirlArabicMeaning of Nuwwar
NuwwarrahGirlArabicMeaning of Nuwwarrah
NuzhahGirlArabicMeaning of Nuzhah
NwakaegoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nwakaego
NwamakaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nwamaka
NwaomaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nwaoma
NyaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nya99
NyahGirlAfricanMeaning of Nyah105
NyangomaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nyangoma
NyankomagoGirlAfricanMeaning of Nyankomago
NyanzaGirlAfricanMeaning of Nyanza0
NyeletiGirlAfricanMeaning of Nyeleti
NylaGirlSanskritMeaning of Nyla1202
NylahGirlArabicMeaning of Nylah770
NymphaGirlGreekMeaning of Nympha
NynetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Nynette
NyomiGirlHebrewMeaning of Nyomi260
NyseGirlGreekMeaning of Nyse

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