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20 Boy Names That Are Trendy for Girls


Celebrities have been giving their baby girls traditionally boy names lately. Most recently, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James, and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed baby girl Wyatt.

And don’t forget Jessica Simpson’s little girl Maxwell Drew, Kristen Bell’s daughter Lincoln, and Kim and Kanye’s cutie North.

It’s not a brand new baby name trend, mind you … among celebs or the rest of us in the masses. But it’s having a resurgence, and what happens in Hollywood tends to catch on in the real world soon afterwards. Here are 20 boy baby names set to become trendy girl names.

  1. James. Now that one of the most beautiful power couples on Earth in the form of Lively and Reynolds have named their baby girl James, mark our words — plenty of girls called James will start popping up.
  2. Wyatt. Mila and Ashton are cute, aren’t they? We have no doubt their daughter is too (from the looks of that one mysterious photo they released). So expect a lot of people to copy their baby name Wyatt for their little girls.
  3. Maxwell. Maxwell has already gotten more popular as a girl’s name after Jess dared to “go there” with her first baby. We predict it will only become trendier.
  4. Aidan. This has been at the top of baby boy names lists for years, so it’s only natural that it will turn into a girl’s name next.
  5. August. Garth Brooks gave his daughter this stylish boy’s name. Other parents have followed suit, and we think it will only become hotter for baby girls.
  6. Claude. Bye-bye, Claudia. The new girl version of the boy’s name Claude is … Claude. Trés chic.
  7. Jude. Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis gave her daughter this traditionally male name, and it’s been picking up steam as a girl’s name ever since.
  8. Elliot. George Stephanopoulos and wife Ali Wentworth named their older daughter Elliot years ago, and others have been taking a page out of their book. It’s on track to become a lot trendier for girls than boys.
  9. Noah. Yes, this is still usually a boy’s name for now, but if Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus can name his daughter Noah, who’s to say the rest of us can’t too?
  10. Curtis. Another one that’s been quietly catching on over the years as a baby girl name that will just continue to get more fashionable.
  11. Barry. This one is dropping fast in popularity as a boy’s name and gaining ground just as quickly as one for girls instead.
  12. Sawyer. Already trendy as a boy’s name, Sawyer is now a popular one for little girls too. Stars like Sara Gilbert from Roseanne are at the forefront of the trend.
  13. Mason. Kelsey Grammer has a daughter named Mason, and plenty of people have copied him. Definitely one to watch in the “crossing over from boy’s to girl’s names” category.
  14. Owen. Singer Michelle Branch named her daughter this some years ago, and though it’s still an ultra popular boy’s name, it could be one of the next to hit the top of the girls’ lists.
  15. Ira. This boy’s name is now equally popular for girls and boys. Expect baby girl Iras to become more and more common.
  16. Harley. This baby boy name is really taking off as a girl’s name instead, with twice as many girl Harleys now as boy ones, according to Nameberry.
  17. Murray. An old-fashioned boy’s name that’s now “in” for baby girls these days. Cute, right?
  18. Spencer. Another Kelsey Grammer daughter name that we could see taking off even more now than when he and his then-wife settled on it in the ’80s.
  19. Quincy. Quinn already made the switch from blue to pink, so why not Quincy too?
  20. Austin. Already an uber-popular boy’s name, it’s slowly being used for baby girls now too. Watch for it to become one of the hot girl’s names next.

What other baby boy names do you think will become trendy for girls? 

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