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Girls Names Starting with O


Oh wow, we’re onto the outstanding letter O, where names orbit around originality and ooze charm. This is an oasis of options for those opting for something a bit off the beaten path. So, let’s open our eyes to the ocean of opportunities that names starting with O offer, each one an open invitation to originality and charm.

First off, Olivia takes center stage, a name that’s oh-so-popular for its beautiful sound and classic appeal, perfect for a girl who’s destined to shine in any crowd. Close on its heels, Ophelia floats in with a flair of drama and literature, ideal for a little one with a storybook spirit.

Then there’s Octavia, an opulent name that echoes with elegance and a rich history, suggesting a strong and noble character. Odette, on the other hand, pirouettes into the spotlight, offering a soft, balletic grace that’s as delicate as it is strong.

Olive branches out with a peace and purity all its own, while Opal sparkles with the unique allure of a gemstone, a name for a girl as precious and colorful as the stone she’s named after.

And let’s not overlook Orla, a name that radiates with a golden hue and Celtic charm, suggesting warmth and brightness.

In the orbit of O, from the optimistic Oakley to the outgoing Oona, each name offers its own unique flavor. Here’s to the original, the outstanding, and the oh-so-special names beginning with O. Let’s dive into this ocean of options, where each name is an opportunity to stand out.

OakleeGirlEnglishMeaning of Oaklee541
OakleighGirlEnglishMeaning of Oakleigh311
OaronaGirlAfricanMeaning of Oarona
ObalisGirlSpanishMeaning of Obalis
ObanaGirlFilipinoMeaning of Obana
ObaxGirlAfricanMeaning of Obax
ObediahBoyHebrewMeaning of Obediah6
ObeliaGirlGreekMeaning of Obelia
ObelieGirlGreekMeaning of Obelie
ObharnaitGirlIrishMeaning of Obharnait
ObianaujuGirlAfricanMeaning of Obianauju
ObiomaGirlAfricanMeaning of Obioma
OceanGirlEnglishMeaning of Ocean494
OctaviaGirlLatinMeaning of Octavia917
OctavianaGirlLatinMeaning of Octaviana
OctavieGirlLatinMeaning of Octavie
OcyaleGirlLatinMeaning of Ocyale
OcypeteGirlGreekMeaning of Ocypete
OddnyGirlNorseMeaning of Oddny
OddveigGirlNorseMeaning of Oddveig
OdedBoyHebrewMeaning of Oded
OdedaGirlHebrewMeaning of Odeda
OdedeGirlHebrewMeaning of Odede
OdeleGirlGreekMeaning of Odele
OdeletGirlGreekMeaning of Odelet
OdelettaGirlFrenchMeaning of Odeletta
OdelinaGirlGermanMeaning of Odelina
OdessaGirlLatinMeaning of Odessa130
OdettaGirlFrenchMeaning of Odetta
OdianaGirlGermanMeaning of Odiana
OdianeGirlGermanMeaning of Odiane
OdilaGirlGermanMeaning of Odila
OdileGirlGermanMeaning of Odile
OditiGirlHindiMeaning of Oditi
OdotiGirlIndianMeaning of Odoti
OdysseiaGirlGreekMeaning of Odysseia
OenoneGirlLatinMeaning of Oenone
OféliaGirlPortugueseMeaning of Ofélia
OfeliaGirlSpanishMeaning of Ofelia83
OfiraGirlHebrewMeaning of Ofira
OfraGirlHebrewMeaning of Ofra
OgechukwukanaGirlAfricanMeaning of Ogechukwukana
OgonnayaGirlAfricanMeaning of Ogonnaya
OgrifinaGirlRussianMeaning of Ogrifina
OgrofenaGirlRussianMeaning of Ogrofena
OgrofenkaGirlRussianMeaning of Ogrofenka
OhannaGirlSlavicMeaning of Ohanna11
OhnicioGirlIrishMeaning of Ohnicio
OifaGirlCelticMeaning of Oifa
OifeGirlCelticMeaning of Oife
OighrigGirlGaelicMeaning of Oighrig
OihanaGirlBasqueMeaning of Oihana
OihaneGirlSpanishMeaning of Oihane
OilbheGirlIrishMeaning of Oilbhe
OilellGirlCelticMeaning of Oilell
OinazeGirlBasqueMeaning of Oinaze
OjaGirlHindiMeaning of Oja
OjalGirlHindiMeaning of Ojal
OjalaGirlArabicMeaning of Ojala
OjeetaGirlIndianMeaning of Ojeeta
OjuolapeGirlYorubaMeaning of Ojuolape
OkeanGirlSerbianMeaning of Okean
OkeanaGirlSerbianMeaning of Okeana
OkelaniGirlHawaiianMeaning of Okelani
OksanochkaGirlRussianMeaning of Oksanochka
OlíviaGirlPortugueseMeaning of Olívia
OladeleGirlYorubaMeaning of Oladele
OlajuwanGirlYorubaMeaning of Olajuwan
OlatundunGirlYorubaMeaning of Olatundun
OlaugGirlNorseMeaning of Olaug
OlayemiGirlYorubaMeaning of Olayemi
OldwinGirlEnglishMeaning of Oldwin
OldwinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Oldwina
OldwynGirlEnglishMeaning of Oldwyn
OlechkaGirlRussianMeaning of Olechka
OledaGirlSpanishMeaning of Oleda
OleisiaGirlGreekMeaning of Oleisia
OlethaGirlEnglishMeaning of Oletha
OletheGirlLatinMeaning of Olethe
OletheaGirlLatinMeaning of Olethea
OlethiaGirlLatinMeaning of Olethia
OlexaGirlCzechMeaning of Olexa
OlikodiGirlIndianMeaning of Olikodi
OlitaGirlEnglishMeaning of Olita
OlithiaGirlLatinMeaning of Olithia
OliveGirlLatinMeaning of Olive1480
OliviaGirlLatinMeaning of Olivia17547
OlivinhaGirlPortugueseMeaning of Olivinha
OlorunyomiGirlYorubaMeaning of Olorunyomi
OlubayoGirlAfricanMeaning of Olubayo
OlufunmilayoGirlAfricanMeaning of Olufunmilayo
OlufunmilolaGirlAfricanMeaning of Olufunmilola
OlumorotiGirlYorubaMeaning of Olumoroti
OlusolaGirlYorubaMeaning of Olusola
OluwafeyisayoGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwafeyisayo
OluwagbengaGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwagbenga
OluwalanniGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwalanni
OluwasoromiyoGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwasoromiyo
OluwatokeGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwatoke
OluwatoseGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwatose
OluwayomiboGirlYorubaMeaning of Oluwayomibo
OlwinaGirlWelshMeaning of Olwina
OlwynaGirlWelshMeaning of Olwyna
OlyaGirlRussianMeaning of Olya
OlympeGirlFrenchMeaning of Olympe
OlyviaGirlEnglishMeaning of Olyvia64
OmajaGirlHindiMeaning of Omaja
OmanaGirlHindiMeaning of Omana
OmatGirlIrishMeaning of Omat
OmeetBoyHebrewMeaning of Omeet
OmenukorGirlAfricanMeaning of Omenukor
OmetBoyHebrewMeaning of Omet
OmetteGirlHebrewMeaning of Omette
OmictinGirlFilipinoMeaning of Omictin
OmkareshwariGirlIndianMeaning of Omkareshwari
OmniraGirlYorubaMeaning of Omnira
OmodeleGirlYorubaMeaning of Omodele
OmoladeGirlYorubaMeaning of Omolade
OmoriaGirlLatinMeaning of Omoria
OmotanwaGirlYorubaMeaning of Omotanwa
OmowaleGirlYorubaMeaning of Omowale
OmoyemwenGirlAfricanMeaning of Omoyemwen
OmphaleGirlGreekMeaning of Omphale
OmusupeGirlAfricanMeaning of Omusupe
OneliaGirlHungarianMeaning of Onelia
OnellaGirlGreekMeaning of Onella
OnidaGirlNative AmericanMeaning of Onida
OnitGirlHebrewMeaning of Onit
OnwuazoGirlAfricanMeaning of Onwuazo
OnziaGirlAfricanMeaning of Onzia
OpalGirlSanskritMeaning of Opal433
OpelineGirlEnglishMeaning of Opeline
OpheliaGirlGreekMeaning of Ophelia790
OphelieGirlFrenchMeaning of Ophelie
OphraGirlHebrewMeaning of Ophra
OphrahGirlHebrewMeaning of Ophrah
OppilaaChelviGirlIndianMeaning of OppilaaChelvi
OpsGirlLatinMeaning of Ops
OrabelGirlEnglishMeaning of Orabel
OraculaGirlLatinMeaning of Oracula
OrahGirlHebrewMeaning of Orah7
OraidaGirlArabicMeaning of Oraida
OraliGirlHebrewMeaning of Orali
OralieGirlEnglishMeaning of Oralie
OrbonaGirlLatinMeaning of Orbona
OrdalfGirlGermanMeaning of Ordalf
OrdellaGirlGermanMeaning of Ordella
OrellaGirlLatinMeaning of Orella
OrfalindaGirlSpanishMeaning of Orfalinda
OrghlaithGirlIrishMeaning of Orghlaith
OrialGirlLatinMeaning of Orial
OrianaGirlLatinMeaning of Oriana81
OribelGirlLatinMeaning of Oribel
OribellaGirlLatinMeaning of Oribella
OribelleGirlLatinMeaning of Oribelle
OrindaGirlSwedishMeaning of Orinda
OrioleGirlLatinMeaning of Oriole
OrisGirlLatinMeaning of Oris
OrlaitheGirlIrishMeaning of Orlaithe
OrleeGirlHebrewMeaning of Orlee
OrleneGirlLatinMeaning of Orlene
OrlinaGirlFrenchMeaning of Orlina
OrlindaGirlAmericanMeaning of Orlinda
OrmaGirlAfricanMeaning of Orma
OrnelleGirlEnglishMeaning of Ornelle
OrnettaGirlHebrewMeaning of Ornetta
OrniceGirlHebrewMeaning of Ornice
OrpahGirlHebrewMeaning of Orpah
OrpheGirlLatinMeaning of Orphe
OrreagaGirlBasqueMeaning of Orreaga
OrtensiaGirlLatinMeaning of Ortensia
OrtensianaGirlLatinMeaning of Ortensiana
OrtensieGirlLatinMeaning of Ortensie
OrtygiaGirlGreekMeaning of Ortygia
OrvaGirlFrenchMeaning of Orva
OrvokkiGirlFinnishMeaning of Orvokki
OrwinaGirlHebrewMeaning of Orwina
OrzsebetGirlHebrewMeaning of Orzsebet
OsaGirlYorubaMeaning of Osa
OsabideGirlBasqueMeaning of Osabide
OsaneGirlBasqueMeaning of Osane
OsannaGirlSpanishMeaning of Osanna
OsarogieGirlAfricanMeaning of Osarogie
OsasuneGirlBasqueMeaning of Osasune
OskieGirlSlavicMeaning of Oskie
OtaviaGirlItalianMeaning of Otavia
OtilieGirlGermanMeaning of Otilie
OtkaGirlCzechMeaning of Otka
OtreraGirlLatinMeaning of Otrera
OtsanaGirlBasqueMeaning of Otsana
OtsandaGirlBasqueMeaning of Otsanda
OttaviaGirlItalianMeaning of Ottavia
OtthildGirlGermanMeaning of Otthild
OtthildaGirlGermanMeaning of Otthilda
OtthildeGirlGermanMeaning of Otthilde
OttilaGirlGermanMeaning of Ottila
OtuekongabasiGirlAfricanMeaning of Otuekongabasi
OvadiahBoyHebrewMeaning of Ovadiah
OvadyaBoyHebrewMeaning of Ovadya
OvdotiaGirlRussianMeaning of Ovdotia
OvedBoyHebrewMeaning of Oved0
OviaGirlLatinMeaning of Ovia
OvsannaGirlSlavicMeaning of Ovsanna
OwenaGirlWelshMeaning of Owena
OxanaGirlRussianMeaning of Oxana
OyinlolaGirlYorubaMeaning of Oyinlola
OzaraGirlHebrewMeaning of Ozara
OzcicekGirlTurkishMeaning of Ozcicek
OzeraGirlHebrewMeaning of Ozera
OzgeGirlTurkishMeaning of Ozge
OzgurGirlTurkishMeaning of Ozgur
OziBoyHebrewMeaning of Ozi
OzigbodiGirlAfricanMeaning of Ozigbodi

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