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Girls Names Starting with J


Jump into the joyful jamboree of J, where jubilation and jest fuse together, bringing forth a jubilant journey of names just for your joy. This jaunt through the letter J is like a jigsaw puzzle of jewels, each name a piece that fits perfectly into the mosaic of potential and personality. So, let’s jive with the jazz of J, where each name is a gem just waiting to glisten in the spotlight of life.

Leading the parade is Jasmine, a name that blossoms with fragrance and beauty, evoking images of delicate flowers under the moonlight, perfect for a girl with both grace and resilience. Hot on its heels, Julia carries the torch of youthful and eternal charm, a name that’s as classic as it is captivating.

Jade then makes a striking entrance, bold and beautiful, a name that’s as precious as the gemstone itself, symbolizing purity and wisdom, suited for a girl destined to leave her mark on the world. Not far behind, Juliet whispers tales of romance and bravery, a timeless name for a heroine in her own life’s story.

Jocelyn dances in next, offering a blend of strength and softness, a versatile choice for a girl who will navigate the waves of life with grace and determination. Josephine, regal and radiant, promises a blend of tradition and rebellion, perfect for a girl with a strong spirit and a kind heart.

Juniper, fresh and lively, brings a hint of nature’s joy, ideal for the adventurous soul, while Jenna offers a modern twist on a classic sound, bright and bubbly for the light of your life.

In this jubilee of J names, every choice is a journey, from the joyful Joy to the judicious Juliana. It’s a joyride through the vibrant and varied landscape of names, each one a chance to bestow a unique blend of joy, jest, and jewel-like beauty on the special girl who will carry it forward. Let’s celebrate the jazzy, the judicious, and the joyful names that jumpstart the adventure of life with J!

JaakkinaGirlFinnishMeaning of Jaakkina
JabinBoyHebrewMeaning of Jabin0
JacanBoyHebrewMeaning of Jacan
JacarandaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jacaranda
JacelynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jacelyn56
JacelynnGirlAmericanMeaning of Jacelynn34
JaceniaGirlGreekMeaning of Jacenia
JaceyGirlGreekMeaning of Jacey94
JaciGirlGreekMeaning of Jaci70
JacieGirlGreekMeaning of Jacie61
JacinthGirlGreekMeaning of Jacinth
JacintheGirlSpanishMeaning of Jacinthe
JackieGirl, BoyEnglishMeaning of Jackie129
JackleenGirlEnglishMeaning of Jackleen
JacklynGirlHebrewMeaning of Jacklyn92
JaclynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaclyn116
JacobaGirlLatinMeaning of Jacoba0
JacolbyBoyHebrewMeaning of Jacolby17
JacoobBoyHebrewMeaning of Jacoob
JacotBoyHebrewMeaning of Jacot
JacqualineGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacqualine0
JacquelineGirlEnglishMeaning of Jacqueline690
JacquelynGirlHebrewMeaning of Jacquelyn116
JacquelyneGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacquelyne0
JacquelynneGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacquelynne
JacquenettaGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacquenetta
JacquenetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacquenette
Jacquetta / JacquetGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacquetta / Jacquet
JacquewynGirlAmericanMeaning of Jacquewyn
JacylineGirlFrenchMeaning of Jacyline
JacyntheGirlSpanishMeaning of Jacynthe
JadaGirlFrenchMeaning of Jada551
JadaraGirlArabicMeaning of Jadara
JadeGirlSpanishMeaning of Jade2770
JadesolaoluwaGirlYorubaMeaning of Jadesolaoluwa
JadrankaGirlSerbianMeaning of Jadranka
JadvygaGirlLithuanianMeaning of Jadvyga
JadwaGirlArabicMeaning of Jadwa
JadyGirlEnglishMeaning of Jady5
JadynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jadyn99
JadziaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jadzia18
JaedaGirlArabicMeaning of Jaeda30
JaelGirl, BoyHebrewMeaning of Jael286
JaelynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaelyn289
JaeLynnGirlAmericanMeaning of JaeLynn267
JaenetteGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaenette
JafitGirlHebrewMeaning of Jafit
JafitaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jafita
JagadambikaGirlIndianMeaning of Jagadambika
JaganmataGirlIndianMeaning of Jaganmata
JagathiGirlIndianMeaning of Jagathi
JagraviGirlIndianMeaning of Jagravi
JagrutiGirlHindiMeaning of Jagruti
JagviGirlHindiMeaning of Jagvi
JahaanGirlArabicMeaning of Jahaan12
Jahan AaraGirlArabicMeaning of Jahan Aara
Jahan KhatoonGirlArabicMeaning of Jahan Khatoon
JahdamahGirlArabicMeaning of Jahdamah
JahmyyllahGirlArabicMeaning of Jahmyyllah
JahnathenBoyHebrewMeaning of Jahnathen
JahnauiGirlAmericanMeaning of Jahnaui
JahzaraGirlAfricanMeaning of Jahzara80
JaidaGirlFrenchMeaning of Jaida176
JaidynGirl, BoyAmericanMeaning of Jaidyn104
JailekhaGirlIndianMeaning of Jailekha
JailynGirlAmericanMeaning of Jailyn146
JailynnGirlEnglishMeaning of Jailynn49
JaimeGirlSpanishMeaning of Jaime546
JaimeeGirlHebrewMeaning of Jaimee17
JaimicaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jaimica
JainaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jaina74
JaioneGirlBasqueMeaning of Jaione
JaisnaviGirlIndianMeaning of Jaisnavi
JaiwantiGirlIndianMeaning of Jaiwanti
JaiyeolaGirlYorubaMeaning of Jaiyeola
JaiyesimiGirlYorubaMeaning of Jaiyesimi
JaKaylaGirlAmericanMeaning of JaKayla97
JakeobBoyHebrewMeaning of Jakeob
JakindaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jakinda
JakobaGirlGermanMeaning of Jakoba
JakobahGirlHebrewMeaning of Jakobah
JakquelineGirlFrenchMeaning of Jakqueline
JaladhiGirlIndianMeaning of Jaladhi
JaladhijaGirlHindiMeaning of Jaladhija
JalajaGirlHindiMeaning of Jalaja
JalapaGirlIndianMeaning of Jalapa
JalayaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jalaya85
JaLayahGirlAmericanMeaning of JaLayah137
JaLeahGirlAmericanMeaning of JaLeah120
JaleelaGirlArabicMeaning of Jaleela
JalehGirlPersianMeaning of Jaleh0
JalesaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jalesa0
JaliaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jalia33
JaliliGirlFilipinoMeaning of Jalili
JalissaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jalissa49
JaliyahGirlArabicMeaning of Jaliyah564
JalpaGirlIndianMeaning of Jalpa
JalsaGirlHindiMeaning of Jalsa
JalynGirlHebrewMeaning of Jalyn36
JalynnGirlAmericanMeaning of Jalynn51
JameciaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jamecia5
JamenBoyHebrewMeaning of Jamen0
JamesettaGirlScottishMeaning of Jamesetta
JamesinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jamesina
JamiaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jamia58
JamilaGirlArabicMeaning of Jamila114
JaminBoyHebrewMeaning of Jamin27
JaminieGirlIndianMeaning of Jaminie
JaMiyaGirlHebrewMeaning of JaMiya49
JaMiyahGirlHebrewMeaning of JaMiyah113
JammanaGirlArabicMeaning of Jammana
JamunaGirlHindiMeaning of Jamuna
JanaGirlLatinMeaning of Jana232
JanaanGirlArabicMeaning of Janaan
JanaeGirlHebrewMeaning of Janae180
JanayaGirlHebrewMeaning of Janaya40
JanceenaGirlCzechMeaning of Janceena
JancisGirlEnglishMeaning of Jancis
JandariGirlPersianMeaning of Jandari
JaneGirlHebrewMeaning of Jane1154
JaneciaGirlHebrewMeaning of Janecia0
JanelleGirlHebrewMeaning of Janelle422
JanellyGirlFrenchMeaning of Janelly67
JanessaGirlHebrewMeaning of Janessa206
JanetGirlEnglishMeaning of Janet90
JaniahGirlHebrewMeaning of Janiah82
JaniceGirlFrenchMeaning of Janice97
JanieGirlGreekMeaning of Janie111
JaniyahGirlAmericanMeaning of Janiyah384
JannaeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jannae
JannahGirlArabicMeaning of Jannah85
JannaleeGirlCzechMeaning of Jannalee
JannatGirlArabicMeaning of Jannat86
JanneyGirlHebrewMeaning of Janney82
JanninaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jannina
JanujaGirlHindiMeaning of Januja
JaNylaGirlArabicMeaning of JaNyla124
JúliaGirlCzechMeaning of Júlia
JaperaGirlAfricanMeaning of Japera
JapnethBoyHebrewMeaning of Japneth
JaquelineGirlFrenchMeaning of Jaqueline69
JaquindaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jaquinda
JardenaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jardena
JarebBoyHebrewMeaning of Jareb
JareeaGirlArabicMeaning of Jareea
JarinaGirlGreekMeaning of Jarina
JarineGirlGreekMeaning of Jarine
JaritaGirlArabicMeaning of Jarita
JarkaGirlCzechMeaning of Jarka
JarmilaGirlCzechMeaning of Jarmila
JaroslawaGirlPolishMeaning of Jaroslawa
JarrenBoyHebrewMeaning of Jarren18
JarulGirlHindiMeaning of Jarul
JaruntaGirlAfricanMeaning of Jarunta
JarviniaGirlGermanMeaning of Jarvinia
JasaraGirlArabicMeaning of Jasara
JasimaGirlIndianMeaning of Jasima
JasiraGirlArabicMeaning of Jasira5
JasleneGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaslene44
JaslynGirlPersianMeaning of Jaslyn92
JaslynnGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaslynn63
JasmainGirlPersianMeaning of Jasmain
JasmanGirlPersianMeaning of Jasman0
JasminGirlPersianMeaning of Jasmin199
JasmineGirlPersianMeaning of Jasmine1915
JasmitGirlHindiMeaning of Jasmit
JasmithaGirlIndianMeaning of Jasmitha
JasmynGirlPersianMeaning of Jasmyn41
JasumGirlSanskritMeaning of Jasum
JasuraGirlArabicMeaning of Jasura
JasweerGirlHindiMeaning of Jasweer
JauregiGirlBasqueMeaning of Jauregi
JavaireaGirlArabicMeaning of Javairea
JawaGirlArabicMeaning of Jawa
JawahirGirlArabicMeaning of Jawahir
JawharaGirlArabicMeaning of Jawhara
JawharahGirlArabicMeaning of Jawharah
JawlGirlArabicMeaning of Jawl
JawnaGirlArabicMeaning of Jawna
JaxineGirlAmericanMeaning of Jaxine
JayaGirlSanskritMeaning of Jaya97
JayalalitaGirlIndianMeaning of Jayalalita
JayantiGirlHindiMeaning of Jayanti
JayapradaGirlHindiMeaning of Jayaprada
JayashreeGirlHindiMeaning of Jayashree
JayashriGirlHindiMeaning of Jayashri
JayatiGirlIndianMeaning of Jayati
JayceeGirl, BoyAmericanMeaning of Jaycee328
JaycieGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaycie73
JaydaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jayda455
JaydeGirlAfricanMeaning of Jayde249
JayitaGirlIndianMeaning of Jayita
JaylaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jayla1061
JaylahGirlAmericanMeaning of Jaylah370
JayleeGirlAmericanMeaning of Jaylee285
JayleenGirlAmericanMeaning of Jayleen540
JayleneGirlEnglishMeaning of Jaylene239
JaylinGirl, BoyAmericanMeaning of Jaylin434
JaylynGirlAmericanMeaning of Jaylyn99
JaylynnGirlAmericanMeaning of Jaylynn173
JayneGirlHindiMeaning of Jayne67
JazaGirlArabicMeaning of Jaza
JazelleGirlGermanMeaning of Jazelle132
JazleenGirlAmericanMeaning of Jazleen41
JazlynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jazlyn543
JazlynnGirlAmericanMeaning of Jazlynn238
JazmanGirlPersianMeaning of Jazman0
JazminGirlPersianMeaning of Jazmin451
JazminaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jazmina
JazmineGirlPersianMeaning of Jazmine346
JazmynGirlPersianMeaning of Jazmyn129
JazmyneGirlPersianMeaning of Jazmyne31
JazzlynGirlAmericanMeaning of Jazzlyn141
JazzlynnGirlFrenchMeaning of Jazzlynn39
JbdouhiGirlSlavicMeaning of Jbdouhi
JeanaeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jeanae0
JeanayGirlEnglishMeaning of Jeanay
JeaneeGirlFrenchMeaning of Jeanee
JeaneiraGirlAmericanMeaning of Jeaneira
JeanettaGirlFrenchMeaning of Jeanetta0
JeanetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Jeanette65
JeannettGirlFrenchMeaning of Jeannett
JebedianBoyHebrewMeaning of Jebedian
JedaiahBoyHebrewMeaning of Jedaiah7
JeeteshiGirlIndianMeaning of Jeeteshi
JeevanlataGirlIndianMeaning of Jeevanlata
JeevikaGirlHindiMeaning of Jeevika
JehaanGirlArabicMeaning of Jehaan
JehaneGirlFrenchMeaning of Jehane
JehanneGirlFrenchMeaning of Jehanne
JehonaGirlAlbanianMeaning of Jehona
JekaterinaGirlRussianMeaning of Jekaterina
JelkaGirlSerbianMeaning of Jelka
JemilaGirlArabicMeaning of Jemila
JemmaGirlLatinMeaning of Jemma497
JenaraeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenarae
JenavieveGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenavieve37
JenciaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jencia
JendyoseGirlAfricanMeaning of Jendyose
JeneenGirlEnglishMeaning of Jeneen0
JenelleGirlAmericanMeaning of Jenelle54
JeneneGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenene0
JenesisGirlHebrewMeaning of Jenesis307
JenessaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jenessa27
JenettaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenetta
JenetteGirlFrenchMeaning of Jenette0
JenevieveGirlCelticMeaning of Jenevieve69
JenilynnGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenilynn
JenitaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenita
JennaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenna542
JennabelGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennabel
JennaeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennae0
JennahGirlArabicMeaning of Jennah46
JennaraeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennarae
JennaseeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennasee
JennessaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennessa0
JennevaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenneva
JenniferGirlWelshMeaning of Jennifer699
JennilynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennilyn0
JennineGirlFrenchMeaning of Jennine
JennyGirlCelticMeaning of Jenny152
Jenny-leeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenny-lee
JennyannGirlEnglishMeaning of Jennyann
JennyverGirlCelticMeaning of Jennyver
JenralynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jenralyn
JeorjiaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jeorjia
JeovanaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jeovana
JeovannaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jeovanna
JephtahBoyHebrewMeaning of Jephtah
JerahmyBoyHebrewMeaning of Jerahmy
JerameyBoyHebrewMeaning of Jeramey
JeremielBoyHebrewMeaning of Jeremiel
JerradBoyHebrewMeaning of Jerrad0
JerrahBoyHebrewMeaning of Jerrah
JerredBoyHebrewMeaning of Jerred0
JerretBoyHebrewMeaning of Jerret
JerrilynGirlEnglishMeaning of Jerrilyn0
JerrodBoyHebrewMeaning of Jerrod16
JerseyGirlGreekMeaning of Jersey223
JesikaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jesika0
JeslynGirlFrenchMeaning of Jeslyn29
JessaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jessa164
JessalynGirlHebrewMeaning of Jessalyn53
JessaminaGirlFrenchMeaning of Jessamina
JessecaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jesseca0
JessiGirlHebrewMeaning of Jessi55
JessicaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jessica775
JessieGirlHebrewMeaning of Jessie536
JessLynGirlHebrewMeaning of JessLyn86
JesulayotimoniGirlYorubaMeaning of Jesulayotimoni
JesutiseGirlYorubaMeaning of Jesutise
JewelGirlLatinMeaning of Jewel258
JhalakGirlHindiMeaning of Jhalak
JharnaGirlHindiMeaning of Jharna
JhazalaGirlArabicMeaning of Jhazala
JhilmilGirlIndianMeaning of Jhilmil
JiannaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jianna317
JibolaGirlYorubaMeaning of Jibola
JibonGirlSanskritMeaning of Jibon
JigishaGirlHindiMeaning of Jigisha
JignaGirlHindiMeaning of Jigna
JignasaGirlHindiMeaning of Jignasa
JigyasaGirlIndianMeaning of Jigyasa
JilanGirlArabicMeaning of Jilan
JillanneGirlEnglishMeaning of Jillanne
JillayneGirlEnglishMeaning of Jillayne
JilleneGirlEnglishMeaning of Jillene
JillesaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jillesa
JilletGirlEnglishMeaning of Jillet
JillianGirlLatinMeaning of Jillian263
JilpaGirlHindiMeaning of Jilpa
JimenaGirlSpanishMeaning of Jimena589
JindoiskaGirlCzechMeaning of Jindoiska
JineenGirlFrenchMeaning of Jineen
JinniGirlEnglishMeaning of Jinni
JioinaGirlCzechMeaning of Jioina
JirinaGirlCzechMeaning of Jirina
JiselleGirlEnglishMeaning of Jiselle64
JitalGirlIndianMeaning of Jital
JitkaGirlCzechMeaning of Jitka
JivanaGirlHindiMeaning of Jivana
JivantikaGirlIndianMeaning of Jivantika
JivitaGirlIndianMeaning of Jivita
JivunaGirlYorubaMeaning of Jivuna
JiyaGirlSanskritMeaning of Jiya104
JoakimaGirlHebrewMeaning of Joakima
JoankaGirlPolishMeaning of Joanka
JoannGirlEnglishMeaning of Joann67
JoannaGirlLatinMeaning of Joanna1162
JoanneGirlLatinMeaning of Joanne71
JobaGirlHebrewMeaning of Joba
JobethGirlEnglishMeaning of Jobeth
JocelynGirlLatinMeaning of Jocelyn1138
JocelynnGirlLatinMeaning of Jocelynn112
JochevedBoyHebrewMeaning of Jocheved
JocosaGirlLatinMeaning of Jocosa
JodanBoyHebrewMeaning of Jodan
JodeeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jodee0
JodeenGirlAmericanMeaning of Jodeen
JodhGirlSanskritMeaning of Jodh
JoeanneGirlEnglishMeaning of Joeanne
JoedBoyHebrewMeaning of Joed
JoeliynGirlFrenchMeaning of Joeliyn
JoelleGirlFrenchMeaning of Joelle373
JoellianaGirlHebrewMeaning of Joelliana
JogindarGirlIndianMeaning of Jogindar
JohanieGirlHebrewMeaning of Johanie
JohannaGirlHebrewMeaning of Johanna446
JohannahGirlGermanMeaning of Johannah18
JohannieGirlHebrewMeaning of Johannie
JoharaGirlArabicMeaning of Johara
JohnettaGirlAmericanMeaning of Johnetta
JohnetteGirlEnglishMeaning of Johnette
JoiGirlLatinMeaning of Joi75
JoieGirlFrenchMeaning of Joie59
JolánkaGirlHungarianMeaning of Jolánka
JolankaGirlGermanMeaning of Jolanka
JolasunGirlYorubaMeaning of Jolasun
JoleeGirlFrenchMeaning of Jolee129
JoleighGirlFrenchMeaning of Joleigh39
JoleneGirlHebrewMeaning of Jolene643
JolentaGirlGermanMeaning of Jolenta
JolieGirlFrenchMeaning of Jolie384
JonatiGirlHebrewMeaning of Jonati
JonellGirlEnglishMeaning of Jonell5
JonettaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jonetta
JoniGirlHebrewMeaning of Joni89
JonikaGirlAmericanMeaning of Jonika
JonitaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jonita
JontelGirlAmericanMeaning of Jontel
JoraGirlHebrewMeaning of Jora9
JorcinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jorcina
JordanaGirlHebrewMeaning of Jordana35
JordynnGirlHebrewMeaning of Jordynn162
JorgelinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jorgelina
JorimBoyHebrewMeaning of Jorim
JorunGirlNorseMeaning of Jorun
JorunnGirlNorseMeaning of Jorunn
JosafataGirlHebrewMeaning of Josafata
JosalindGirlEnglishMeaning of Josalind
JosalynGirlLatinMeaning of Josalyn10
JoscelinGirlLatinMeaning of Joscelin0
JosebeGirlBasqueMeaning of Josebe
JosefinaGirlSpanishMeaning of Josefina71
JoselinGirlGermanMeaning of Joselin31
JoselineGirlHebrewMeaning of Joseline24
JoselynGirlLatinMeaning of Joselyn214
JosephinaGirlHebrewMeaning of Josephina93
JosephineGirlHebrewMeaning of Josephine3027
JosephusBoyHebrewMeaning of Josephus0
JosieGirlHebrewMeaning of Josie1994
JosinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Josina
JoslynGirlGermanMeaning of Joslyn171
JoslynnGirlEnglishMeaning of Joslynn52
JosselynGirlGermanMeaning of Josselyn58
JosslynGirlGermanMeaning of Josslyn46
JosuneGirlBasqueMeaning of Josune
JourneeGirlEnglishMeaning of Journee1430
JourneiGirlEnglishMeaning of Journei160
JourniGirlEnglishMeaning of Journi405
JournieGirlAmericanMeaning of Journie156
JovankaGirlSerbianMeaning of Jovanka0
JovianaGirlAmericanMeaning of Joviana
JovieGirlAmericanMeaning of Jovie277
JoxepaGirlBasqueMeaning of Joxepa
JoyGirlLatinMeaning of Joy796
JoyanneGirlFrenchMeaning of Joyanne
JoyceGirlLatinMeaning of Joyce262
JoyceanneGirlEnglishMeaning of Joyceanne
JoycenaGirlAmericanMeaning of Joycena
JoystnaGirlIndianMeaning of Joystna
JozózefaGirlPolishMeaning of Jozózefa
JozsaGirlHungarianMeaning of Jozsa
JuanaGirlHebrewMeaning of Juana140
JuanetaGirlSpanishMeaning of Juaneta
JuanitaGirlSpanishMeaning of Juanita75
JubileeGirlHebrewMeaning of Jubilee158
JuciGirlHungarianMeaning of Juci
JudamahGirlArabicMeaning of Judamah
JudeBoyHebrewMeaning of Jude2525
JudeenaGirlHebrewMeaning of Judeena
JudineGirlHebrewMeaning of Judine
JuditaGirlCzechMeaning of Judita
JuditeGirlPortugueseMeaning of Judite
JudithGirlLatinMeaning of Judith287
JudithaGirlHebrewMeaning of Juditha
JudyGirlHebrewMeaning of Judy131
JugaGirlLatinMeaning of Juga
JugalisGirlLatinMeaning of Jugalis
JuhanahGirlArabicMeaning of Juhanah
JuhaynahGirlArabicMeaning of Juhaynah
JulesaGirlLatinMeaning of Julesa
JuliaGirlLatinMeaning of Julia2491
JulianaGirlLatinMeaning of Juliana1515
JuliannaGirlLatinMeaning of Julianna1136
JulianneGirlLatinMeaning of Julianne151
JulieGirlLatinMeaning of Julie471
Julie AnnGirlAmericanMeaning of Julie Ann
JulietGirlLatinMeaning of Juliet1031
JulietaGirlEnglishMeaning of Julieta471
JuliettaGirlLatinMeaning of Julietta120
JulietteGirlLatinMeaning of Juliette1575
JulinkaGirlLatinMeaning of Julinka
JuliskaGirlLatinMeaning of Juliska
JulissaGirlLatinMeaning of Julissa344
JulittaGirlPolishMeaning of Julitta
JumanGirlArabicMeaning of Juman
JumaymahGirlArabicMeaning of Jumaymah
JumaynahGirlArabicMeaning of Jumaynah
JunaeGirlLatinMeaning of Junae
JuneGirlLatinMeaning of June1610
JunelleGirlLatinMeaning of Junelle
JunetteGirlLatinMeaning of Junette
JuniperGirlLatinMeaning of Juniper1666
JunkoGirlJapaneseMeaning of Junko
JunnutGirlArabicMeaning of Junnut
JurneeGirlEnglishMeaning of Jurnee197
JusteeneGirlEnglishMeaning of Justeene
JusteneGirlEnglishMeaning of Justene
JustinaGirlLatinMeaning of Justina55
JustineGirlLatinMeaning of Justine54
JustinianaGirlSpanishMeaning of Justiniana
JustyceGirlEnglishMeaning of Justyce91
JuttaGirlGermanMeaning of Jutta
JuturnaGirlLatinMeaning of Juturna
JuventasGirlLatinMeaning of Juventas
JuvernaGirlLatinMeaning of Juverna
Juwairiyah,GirlArabicMeaning of Juwairiyah,
JylGirlEnglishMeaning of Jyl
JyllinaGirlEnglishMeaning of Jyllina
JynxGirlLatinMeaning of Jynx
JyothiGirlIndianMeaning of Jyothi
JyotikaGirlHindiMeaning of Jyotika
JyotirmoyeeGirlIndianMeaning of Jyotirmoyee
JyotsnaGirlHindiMeaning of Jyotsna

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