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Game of Thrones Inspired Baby Names

If you’re an avid watcher of the critically acclaimed book series turned HBO show “Game of Thrones,” then you know how enormous the cast is. A common joke among viewers is that they have to constantly pause the show to ask, “What’s that person’s name?” Some fans even make a family tree to ensure they have all the characters down pat.

Between the popularity of the show and the names of the characters, it’s probably no surprise Britain’s Office for National Statistics reported that names inspired by GOT characters have increased on baby name lists. Fan or not, if you’re looking for something different for your newborn, be sure to check out these “Game of Thrones” inspired names:

The Lannisters

Like most viewers, you might not love or even like the Lannister family. They’re deceitful and will do anything to remain on the Iron Throne. They do, however, have fresh names that parents have taken a liking to. Tyrion, a favorite character, is a great name for a little boy. On the other hand, the name Cersei, the moniker of a vindictive yet entertaining character, is a gorgeous name for your baby girl.

Other Lannister family members’ names you could choose from include Tywin, Jaime and Joffrey. Although Jaime is a modern name, Tywin and Joffrey can tweaked to adapt to contemporary culture like Tyler or Jeffrey.

The Mother of Dragons

According to the research, the name Daenerys greatly increased in popularity. However, that isn’t the only one. On the show, this character has several titles including “Mother of Dragons” and Khaleesi. The name Khaleesi, which means wife of the “khal” or “warlord,” won with 53 babies adopting this name in 2014. Either of these names could be a great option for your little girl since the character represents such a strong and independent female role model.

The Stark house

This family is seen as one of the more morally inclined houses compared to their enemies, the Lannisters. And the family has plenty of members with great names from which to choose. For instance, two sisters Arya and Sansa increased in 2014. On the other hand, the men of the family include Eddard, Robb, Jon or Bran. Though (spoiler alert) not all of those characters are still alive, this family is beloved by viewers everywhere. Most of these names are traditional, but their spellings are a little more innovative.

Winter-inspired names

You’ve probably seen the meme or heard the phrase “Brace yourselves, winter is coming” floating somewhere around the Internet. In the GOT world, the fictional continent is called Westeros or the Seven Kingdoms. In this make believe place, winter is incredibly long and brutal, and this is a common theme throughout the show. If you want a less obvious GOT name, opt for names that are inspired by this cold season. You can choose from several weather-based names like Crystal or Snow (this doubles as a character’s name, too). If you want something a little bit more eccentric, look to other names that mean white as snow such as Eirwen or Eira.

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