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Boys Names Starting with Y


Yay! It’s time to yank open the yard gate to the youthful and yes-worthy names starting with Y. This isn’t just any yarn; it’s a yacht trip through the yippee and yays of Y, where every name yields its own yarn of youthfulness and yonder. So, yield your doubts because we’re about to yodel through the yonderful world of Y, where each name yelps with its own yearning for adventure.

Yan starts us off, a name that’s as young at heart as it is yonder-seeking, perfect for a boy who’s yearning for adventures beyond the horizon. Yusuf yanks the chain next, bringing with it a depth of history and a heart of gold, ideal for a lad who’s all about wisdom woven with warmth.

Yale yachts into view, signifying prestige and a sharp mind, just right for a boy who’s set to sail through life with intellect and integrity. Yael steps in softly, a name that sings with a gentle strength and a spirit of resilience, suited for a boy who’s set to stand strong in the face of challenges.

Don’t yawn at Yorick, a name that yells with a blend of mystery and might, an excellent choice for a boy with a knack for storytelling and a soul full of depth. Yanni yields a note of musicality and creativity, ready for a boy whose life is set to be a symphony of splendid sights and sounds.

In this yard of Y names, from the youthful Yardley to the yearning Yates, each name yearns to tell its own tale. Here’s to the yachtsmen, the yodelers, and the yeomen who will carry these names, each one yoked to a destiny of greatness. Let’s give a big yahoo for the youthful, the yes-worthy, and the yonderful world of Y, where every name is a yellow brick road to tomorrow.

YaalvendanBoyIndianMeaning of Yaalvendan
YachinBoyHebrewMeaning of Yachin
Yadail-bayyinBoyArabicMeaning of Yadail-bayyin
Yadail-dhaliBoyArabicMeaning of Yadail-dhali
Yadail-dharah I.BoyArabicMeaning of Yadail-dharah I.
Yadail-watrBoyArabicMeaning of Yadail-watr
YadavBoyHindiMeaning of Yadav
Yadhar-malikBoyArabicMeaning of Yadhar-malik
YadidBoyHebrewMeaning of Yadid
YadielBoyHebrewMeaning of Yadiel
YadierBoyHebrewMeaning of Yadier
YadonBoyHebrewMeaning of Yadon
YaduBoyIndianMeaning of Yadu
YadunandanBoySanskritMeaning of Yadunandan
YadurajBoyHindiMeaning of Yaduraj
YaduvirBoyHindiMeaning of Yaduvir
YaelBoyHebrewMeaning of Yael
YafarBoyArabicMeaning of Yafar
YafeuBoyAfricanMeaning of Yafeu
YafiBoyArabicMeaning of Yafi
YaghnamBoyArabicMeaning of Yaghnam
YaghuthBoyArabicMeaning of Yaghuth
YagnakayaBoyIndianMeaning of Yagnakaya
YagyeshBoyIndianMeaning of Yagyesh
YahcayBoyAfricanMeaning of Yahcay
YahirBoySpanishMeaning of Yahir
YahtoBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Yahto
YahvehBoyHebrewMeaning of Yahveh
YahyaBoyHebrewMeaning of Yahya
YairBoyHebrewMeaning of Yair
YajnadharBoyIndianMeaning of Yajnadhar
YakivBoyRussianMeaning of Yakiv
Yakrab-malik-watrBoyArabicMeaning of Yakrab-malik-watr
YalmazBoyArabicMeaning of Yalmaz
YalonBoyHebrewMeaning of Yalon
YamajitBoyIndianMeaning of Yamajit
YamarajBoyHindiMeaning of Yamaraj
YanapayBoyAfricanMeaning of Yanapay
YanisinBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Yanisin
YanivBoyHebrewMeaning of Yaniv
YankoBoyBulgarianMeaning of Yanko
YaqootBoyArabicMeaning of Yaqoot
YardlyBoyEnglishMeaning of Yardly
YaremkaBoyRussianMeaning of Yaremka
YarielBoyHebrewMeaning of Yariel
YarinBoyHebrewMeaning of Yarin
YarokBoyIndianMeaning of Yarok
YarubBoyArabicMeaning of Yarub
YasaarBoyArabicMeaning of Yasaar
YasashikuBoyJapaneseMeaning of Yasashiku
YaseenBoyArabicMeaning of Yaseen
YashBoyHindiMeaning of Yash
YashaBoyRussianMeaning of Yasha
YashdjobBoyArabicMeaning of Yashdjob
YashmitBoyIndianMeaning of Yashmit
YashpalBoyIndianMeaning of Yashpal
YasinBoyArabicMeaning of Yasin
YasirBoyArabicMeaning of Yasir
YasoobBoyArabicMeaning of Yasoob
YassinBoyArabicMeaning of Yassin
Yata-amirBoyArabicMeaning of Yata-amir
Yatal-bayyinBoyArabicMeaning of Yatal-bayyin
Yath-amir-bayyinBoyArabicMeaning of Yath-amir-bayyin
YathaBoyArabicMeaning of Yatha
Yatha-amir-watrBoyArabicMeaning of Yatha-amir-watr
YathribBoyArabicMeaning of Yathrib
YaukBoyArabicMeaning of Yauk
YautahBoyArabicMeaning of Yautah
YawarBoyArabicMeaning of Yawar
YawerBoyArabicMeaning of Yawer
YawoBoyAfricanMeaning of Yawo
YawqeerBoyArabicMeaning of Yawqeer
YayatiBoyIndianMeaning of Yayati
YazanBoyArabicMeaning of Yazan
YechezkelBoyHebrewMeaning of Yechezkel
YechielBoyHebrewMeaning of Yechiel
YehielBoyHebrewMeaning of Yehiel
YehorBoyGreekMeaning of Yehor
YehosefBoyHebrewMeaning of Yehosef
YeleBoyYorubaMeaning of Yele
YemelyanBoyRussianMeaning of Yemelyan
YeomanBoyEnglishMeaning of Yeoman
YervantBoySlavicMeaning of Yervant
YeshBoyHindiMeaning of Yesh
YeshonathBoyHindiMeaning of Yeshonath
YeshuaBoyHebrewMeaning of Yeshua
YevgeniBoyRussianMeaning of Yevgeni
YevhenBoyRussianMeaning of Yevhen
YevheniyBoyRussianMeaning of Yevheniy
YiskaBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Yiska
YjoBoyMeaning of Yjo
YlijumalaBoyFinnishMeaning of Ylijumala
YmirBoyNorseMeaning of Ymir
YngvarBoyNorseMeaning of Yngvar
YngveBoySwedishMeaning of Yngve
YoauBoyBasqueMeaning of Yoau
YobachiBoyAfricanMeaning of Yobachi
YoelBoyHebrewMeaning of Yoel
YoganandBoyIndianMeaning of Yoganand
YogirajBoyIndianMeaning of Yogiraj
YohanBoyHebrewMeaning of Yohan
YohannasBoyAfricanMeaning of Yohannas
YokowBoyAfricanMeaning of Yokow
YomanBoyEnglishMeaning of Yoman
YonatanBoyHebrewMeaning of Yonatan
YoofiBoyAfricanMeaning of Yoofi
YookuBoyAfricanMeaning of Yooku
YoonusBoyArabicMeaning of Yoonus
YoramBoyHebrewMeaning of Yoram
YorathBoyWelshMeaning of Yorath
YorkooBoyAfricanMeaning of Yorkoo
YosefBoyHebrewMeaning of Yosef
YoshifumiBoyJapaneseMeaning of Yoshifumi
YosypBoyRussianMeaning of Yosyp
YounisBoyArabicMeaning of Younis
YouriBoyRussianMeaning of Youri
YousefBoyHebrewMeaning of Yousef
YousifBoyHebrewMeaning of Yousif
YoussefBoyHebrewMeaning of Youssef
YovBoyRussianMeaning of Yov
YozefBoyPolishMeaning of Yozef
YrjoBoyFinnishMeaning of Yrjo
YsberinBoyWelshMeaning of Ysberin
YsgawynBoyWelshMeaning of Ysgawyn
YspaddadenBoyCelticMeaning of Yspaddaden
YudellBoyEnglishMeaning of Yudell
YudhistirBoyIndianMeaning of Yudhistir
YuleBoyEnglishMeaning of Yule
YuliyBoyRussianMeaning of Yuliy
YumaBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Yuma
YuraBoyRussianMeaning of Yura
YureBoyRussianMeaning of Yure
YurikBoyRussianMeaning of Yurik
YurochkaBoyRussianMeaning of Yurochka
YusrBoyArabicMeaning of Yusr
YusriBoyArabicMeaning of Yusri
YustynBoyRussianMeaning of Yustyn
YusufBoyHebrewMeaning of Yusuf
YuvaanBoyHindiMeaning of Yuvaan
YuvanBoyHindiMeaning of Yuvan
YuvrajBoyArabicMeaning of Yuvraj
YuyutsuBoyIndianMeaning of Yuyutsu
YvetBoyFrenchMeaning of Yvet
YwaiteBoyArabicMeaning of Ywaite

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