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Boys Names Starting with H


Hop into the happy hub of H, where hearty and heroic names hang out, ready to handpick a history of their own. This is no humdrum list; it’s a hopscotch through the high-spirited and the honorable. So, let’s huddle up and head into the heartwarming haven of H, where each name holds a hint of the heroic and the heartfelt.

Henry hails from the ranks with a hefty dose of heritage and honor, perfect for a boy who’s set to lead with heart and humility. Right on its heels, Harry hustles in, brimming with charm and cheer, ideal for a lad who’s always up for an adventure and a laugh.

Hudson then hovers into view, echoing the vastness and adventure of exploration, suited for a boy with a spirit as wide as the rivers it’s named after. Hayden follows, blending harmony and a touch of the unique, a fine choice for a boy who’s all about striking his own chord.

Don’t forget about Hugo, heavy with literary lore and a dash of daring, ready for a boy with a storybook heart and a boundless imagination. Hunter strides in with a sturdy step, signaling strength and the thrill of the chase, a top pick for a boy with a zest for life and the outdoors.

In the happy-go-lucky hall of H names, from the hopeful Holden to the hearty Harvey, each name is a handshake to a future filled with hope and high spirits. Here’s to the heroes, the historians, and the happy-hearted that will don these names, making each one their own heroic tale. Let’s hear it for the hearty, the wholesome, and the heralded world of H, where every name is a hello to a horizon of possibilities.

HaadeeBoyArabicMeaning of Haadee
HaamidBoyArabicMeaning of Haamid
HaaniBoyArabicMeaning of Haani
HaarithBoyArabicMeaning of Haarith
HaatimBoyArabicMeaning of Haatim
HabakkukBoyHebrewMeaning of Habakkuk
HabanamruBoyArabicMeaning of Habanamru
HabbabBoyArabicMeaning of Habbab
Habee bullahBoyArabicMeaning of Habee bullah
HabeebBoyArabicMeaning of Habeeb
HabimanaBoyAfricanMeaning of Habimana
HabisBoyArabicMeaning of Habis
HabitzuBoyArabicMeaning of Habitzu
HackeemBoyAfricanMeaning of Hackeem
HacketBoyGermanMeaning of Hacket
HackettBoyGermanMeaning of Hackett
HadadBoyArabicMeaning of Hadad
HaddadBoyArabicMeaning of Haddad
HadeeBoyArabicMeaning of Hadee
HadenBoyEnglishMeaning of Haden
HadeonBoyRussianMeaning of Hadeon
HadiBoyArabicMeaning of Hadi
HadisBoyArabicMeaning of Hadis
HadriánBoyLatinMeaning of Hadrián
HadwinBoyEnglishMeaning of Hadwin
HadwynBoyEnglishMeaning of Hadwyn
HadynBoyGermanMeaning of Hadyn
HaefenBoyEnglishMeaning of Haefen
HaeleBoyEnglishMeaning of Haele
HaeranBoyAfricanMeaning of Haeran
HaestingasBoyEnglishMeaning of Haestingas
HaethowineBoyEnglishMeaning of Haethowine
HafidBoyArabicMeaning of Hafid
HafsBoyArabicMeaning of Hafs
HagaleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Hagaleah
HagaleanBoyEnglishMeaning of Hagalean
HagawardBoyEnglishMeaning of Hagaward
HagenBoyGermanMeaning of Hagen
HaggaiBoyHebrewMeaning of Haggai
HagleyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hagley
HaglyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hagly
HagosBoyAfricanMeaning of Hagos
HahnBoyGermanMeaning of Hahn
HaidenBoyEnglishMeaning of Haiden
HaihayaBoyIndianMeaning of Haihaya
HaileyBoyCelticMeaning of Hailey
HajiBoyArabicMeaning of Haji
HajibBoyArabicMeaning of Hajib
HajjajBoyArabicMeaning of Hajjaj
HakeemBoyArabicMeaning of Hakeem
HakiemBoyAfricanMeaning of Hakiem
HakymBoyAfricanMeaning of Hakym
HalakamirBoyArabicMeaning of Halakamir
HalbartBoyEnglishMeaning of Halbart
HalburtBoyEnglishMeaning of Halburt
HaldaneBoyEnglishMeaning of Haldane
HalebeorhtBoyEnglishMeaning of Halebeorht
HaleefBoyArabicMeaning of Haleef
HalfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Halford
HalifaxBoyEnglishMeaning of Halifax
HaligwiellaBoyEnglishMeaning of Haligwiella
HalirrhothiusBoyGreekMeaning of Halirrhothius
HalithersisBoyGreekMeaning of Halithersis
HallajBoyArabicMeaning of Hallaj
HalliwellBoyEnglishMeaning of Halliwell
HallwardBoyEnglishMeaning of Hallward
HallwellBoyEnglishMeaning of Hallwell
HalsigBoyEnglishMeaning of Halsig
HalsteadBoyEnglishMeaning of Halstead
HalwaniBoyArabicMeaning of Halwani
HamalBoyArabicMeaning of Hamal
HamalahBoyArabicMeaning of Hamalah
HamdhyBoyArabicMeaning of Hamdhy
HameedBoyArabicMeaning of Hameed
HameemBoyArabicMeaning of Hameem
HameletBoyFrenchMeaning of Hamelet
HamelstunBoyEnglishMeaning of Hamelstun
HamiBoyArabicMeaning of Hami
HamiltonBoyScottishMeaning of Hamilton
HamlettBoyGermanMeaning of Hamlett
HamlinBoyGermanMeaning of Hamlin
HamlynBoyGermanMeaning of Hamlyn
HammetBoyEnglishMeaning of Hammet
HammondBoyEnglishMeaning of Hammond
HamnetBoyGermanMeaning of Hamnet
HamoBoyGermanMeaning of Hamo
HamoeletBoyGermanMeaning of Hamoelet
HamonBoyGermanMeaning of Hamon
HamoodBoyArabicMeaning of Hamood
HamptonBoyEnglishMeaning of Hampton
HamshadBoyArabicMeaning of Hamshad
HamzaBoyArabicMeaning of Hamza
HamzahBoyArabicMeaning of Hamzah
HanaiBoyArabicMeaning of Hanai
HanananBoyArabicMeaning of Hananan
HanashBoyArabicMeaning of Hanash
HanbalBoyArabicMeaning of Hanbal
HandBoyEnglishMeaning of Hand
HanfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Hanford
HankBoyAmericanMeaning of Hank
HanlyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hanly
HansBoyGermanMeaning of Hans
HansarajBoyIndianMeaning of Hansaraj
HanselBoyHebrewMeaning of Hansel
HansinBoyIndianMeaning of Hansin
HanumanBoyHindiMeaning of Hanuman
HanumantBoyIndianMeaning of Hanumant
HanunBoyArabicMeaning of Hanun
HaqqBoyArabicMeaning of Haqq
HarBoyIndianMeaning of Har
HaracBoyEnglishMeaning of Harac
HarafordBoyEnglishMeaning of Haraford
HarúnBoyArabicMeaning of Harún
HarbBoyArabicMeaning of Harb
HarbinderBoySanskritMeaning of Harbinder
HardikBoyHindiMeaning of Hardik
HardouinBoyFrenchMeaning of Hardouin
HardtmanBoyGermanMeaning of Hardtman
HardwinBoyEnglishMeaning of Hardwin
HardwynBoyEnglishMeaning of Hardwyn
HareBoyEnglishMeaning of Hare
HareendraBoyIndianMeaning of Hareendra
HarelacheBoyEnglishMeaning of Harelache
HareleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Hareleah
HarfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Harford
HargreaveBoyEnglishMeaning of Hargreave
HargroveBoyAmericanMeaning of Hargrove
HariaksaBoyIndianMeaning of Hariaksa
HaridasBoyHindiMeaning of Haridas
HariduttBoyIndianMeaning of Haridutt
HariharBoyIndianMeaning of Harihar
HariharaatmajaBoyIndianMeaning of Hariharaatmaja
HarijBoyHindiMeaning of Harij
HarikeshBoyHindiMeaning of Harikesh
HarikrishnaBoyIndianMeaning of Harikrishna
HarimanBoyGermanMeaning of Hariman
HarimannBoyGermanMeaning of Harimann
HarinarayanBoyIndianMeaning of Harinarayan
HariomBoyIndianMeaning of Hariom
HaripreetBoyHindiMeaning of Haripreet
HariramBoyIndianMeaning of Hariram
HarisahBoyArabicMeaning of Harisah
HaritBoyIndianMeaning of Harit
HarivilasBoyIndianMeaning of Harivilas
HarjeetBoyIndianMeaning of Harjeet
HarlakBoyEnglishMeaning of Harlak
HarlakeBoyEnglishMeaning of Harlake
HarlanBoyGermanMeaning of Harlan
HarlemBoyEnglishMeaning of Harlem
HarlenBoyEnglishMeaning of Harlen
HarleyBoyEnglishMeaning of Harley
HarloweBoyEnglishMeaning of Harlowe
HarmenBoyFrenchMeaning of Harmen
HarmendraBoyIndianMeaning of Harmendra
HarrimanBoyEnglishMeaning of Harriman
HarrisBoyMeaning of Harris
HarrisonBoyMeaning of Harrison
HarryBoyMeaning of Harry
HarshitBoyIndianMeaning of Harshit
HarteBoyEnglishMeaning of Harte
HartfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Hartford
HartiBoyGermanMeaning of Harti
HartmannBoyGermanMeaning of Hartmann
HartunBoyEnglishMeaning of Hartun
HartwellBoyEnglishMeaning of Hartwell
HartwigBoyGermanMeaning of Hartwig
HartwoodBoyAmericanMeaning of Hartwood
HarveyBoyCelticMeaning of Harvey
HasadBoyTurkishMeaning of Hasad
HasanBoyMeaning of Hasan
HashidBoyArabicMeaning of Hashid
HashimBoyMeaning of Hashim
HashmatBoyArabicMeaning of Hashmat
HasletBoyEnglishMeaning of Haslet
HaslettBoyEnglishMeaning of Haslett
HasmukhBoySanskritMeaning of Hasmukh
HassanBoyMeaning of Hassan
HassibBoyArabicMeaning of Hassib
HastingsBoyGermanMeaning of Hastings
HatibBoyArabicMeaning of Hatib
HaubasBoyArabicMeaning of Haubas
HawlyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hawly
HawshabBoyArabicMeaning of Hawshab
HaydenBoyMeaning of Hayden
HayesBoyMeaning of Hayes
HayyamBoyArabicMeaning of Hayyam
HayyimBoyHebrewMeaning of Hayyim
HazailBoyArabicMeaning of Hazail
HazirBoyArabicMeaning of Hazir
HazratBoyArabicMeaning of Hazrat
HeahweardBoyEnglishMeaning of Heahweard
HealhtunBoyEnglishMeaning of Healhtun
HeallBoyEnglishMeaning of Heall
HealleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Healleah
HeallstedeBoyEnglishMeaning of Heallstede
HealumBoyEnglishMeaning of Healum
HeanfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Heanford
HeanleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Heanleah
HeardindBoyEnglishMeaning of Heardind
HeardwineBoyEnglishMeaning of Heardwine
HearneBoyEnglishMeaning of Hearne
HearpereBoyEnglishMeaning of Hearpere
HeathBoyMeaning of Heath
HeathclyfBoyEnglishMeaning of Heathclyf
HeathcoteBoyEnglishMeaning of Heathcote
HeathdeneBoyEnglishMeaning of Heathdene
HeathleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Heathleah
HeathleyBoyEnglishMeaning of Heathley
HebelBoyHebrewMeaning of Hebel
HectorBoyMeaning of Hector
HedBoyHebrewMeaning of Hed
HedeonBoyRussianMeaning of Hedeon
HefeyddBoyCelticMeaning of Hefeydd
HeilgarBoyGermanMeaning of Heilgar
HeitorBoyPortugueseMeaning of Heitor
HelarioBoySpanishMeaning of Helario
HelenusBoyGreekMeaning of Helenus
HelgeBoyRussianMeaning of Helge
HelmuthBoyGermanMeaning of Helmuth
HelmuttBoyGermanMeaning of Helmutt
HemangaBoyIndianMeaning of Hemanga
HemantBoyHindiMeaning of Hemant
HemarajBoyIndianMeaning of Hemaraj
HemchandraBoyIndianMeaning of Hemchandra
HemdevBoyHindiMeaning of Hemdev
HemenBoyHindiMeaning of Hemen
HemenduBoyIndianMeaning of Hemendu
HemraajBoyIndianMeaning of Hemraaj
HenBoyGermanMeaning of Hen
Hen BeddestyrBoyWelshMeaning of Hen Beddestyr
Hen WasBoyWelshMeaning of Hen Was
Hen WynebBoyWelshMeaning of Hen Wyneb
HenbeddestrBoyCelticMeaning of Henbeddestr
HendrixBoyMeaning of Hendrix
HenleyBoyMeaning of Henley
HenriBoyMeaning of Henri
HenrikBoyMeaning of Henrik
HenriquesBoyPortugueseMeaning of Henriques
HenryBoyGermanMeaning of Henry
HenwasBoyCelticMeaning of Henwas
HeorhiyBoyRussianMeaning of Heorhiy
HeortBoyEnglishMeaning of Heort
HeortwiellaBoyEnglishMeaning of Heortwiella
HeortwodeBoyEnglishMeaning of Heortwode
HephaestusBoyGreekMeaning of Hephaestus
HeraklesrBoyGreekMeaning of Heraklesr
HeraldoBoyEnglishMeaning of Heraldo
HerambwaBoyIndianMeaning of Herambwa
HerculanoBoySpanishMeaning of Herculano
HerewardBoyEnglishMeaning of Hereward
HerewealdBoyEnglishMeaning of Hereweald
HeribertBoyGermanMeaning of Heribert
HeribertoBoyMeaning of Heriberto
HerlbertBoyEnglishMeaning of Herlbert
HerlebeorhtBoyEnglishMeaning of Herlebeorht
HermínioBoyPortugueseMeaning of Hermínio
HermenegildoBoyPortugueseMeaning of Hermenegildo
HermiloBoySpanishMeaning of Hermilo
HernBoyEnglishMeaning of Hern
HernándezBoySpanishMeaning of Hernández
HernanBoyMeaning of Hernan
HerodotoBoySpanishMeaning of Herodoto
HeroldBoyDutchMeaning of Herold
HerveBoyFrenchMeaning of Herve
HerveyBoyFrenchMeaning of Hervey
HesamBoyArabicMeaning of Hesam
HesperosBoyGreekMeaning of Hesperos
HetheclifBoyEnglishMeaning of Hetheclif
HewettBoyGermanMeaning of Hewett
HewlettBoyGermanMeaning of Hewlett
HewlittBoyGermanMeaning of Hewlitt
HeydarBoyPersianMeaning of Heydar
HeywoodBoyEnglishMeaning of Heywood
HezekiahBoyMeaning of Hezekiah
HibbaanBoyArabicMeaning of Hibbaan
HidBoyEnglishMeaning of Hid
HidayatBoyArabicMeaning of Hidayat
HieronimoBoySpanishMeaning of Hieronimo
HieronomoBoyItalianMeaning of Hieronomo
HieronymusBoyGreekMeaning of Hieronymus
Hilal / HilelBoyArabicMeaning of Hilal / Hilel
HilbertBoyGermanMeaning of Hilbert
HildbrandBoyGermanMeaning of Hildbrand
HildehrandBoyGermanMeaning of Hildehrand
HildericBoyGermanMeaning of Hilderic
HilelBoyArabicMeaning of Hilel
HilliardBoyGermanMeaning of Hilliard
HillockBoyEnglishMeaning of Hillock
HillockeBoyEnglishMeaning of Hillocke
HimaanshuBoyIndianMeaning of Himaanshu
HimadriBoyIndianMeaning of Himadri
HimaghanaBoyIndianMeaning of Himaghana
HimayatBoyArabicMeaning of Himayat
HimeshBoyIndianMeaning of Himesh
HimmetBoyTurkishMeaning of Himmet
HimyarBoyArabicMeaning of Himyar
HipolitBoyGreekMeaning of Hipolit
HippocampusBoyGreekMeaning of Hippocampus
HippogriffBoyGreekMeaning of Hippogriff
HippolytusBoyGreekMeaning of Hippolytus
HippolytusrBoyGreekMeaning of Hippolytusr
HippomenesBoyGreekMeaning of Hippomenes
HiranyaBoyHindiMeaning of Hiranya
HirendraBoyIndianMeaning of Hirendra
HireshBoyHindiMeaning of Hiresh
HiryanganaBoyAfricanMeaning of Hiryangana
HirzBoyArabicMeaning of Hirz
HiseinBoyArabicMeaning of Hisein
HitendraBoyHindiMeaning of Hitendra
HlatshwayoBoyAfricanMeaning of Hlatshwayo
HlelileBoyAfricanMeaning of Hlelile
HlengiweBoyAfricanMeaning of Hlengiwe
HlineBoyEnglishMeaning of Hline
HlinkBoyEnglishMeaning of Hlink
HlithtunBoyEnglishMeaning of Hlithtun
HobBoyGermanMeaning of Hob
HobalBoyArabicMeaning of Hobal
HobardBoyGermanMeaning of Hobard
HobbardBoyGermanMeaning of Hobbard
HobsonBoyAmericanMeaning of Hobson
HodsoneBoyEnglishMeaning of Hodsone
HohBoyGermanMeaning of Hoh
HohberhtBoyGermanMeaning of Hohberht
HolbrookBoyEnglishMeaning of Holbrook
HoldenBoyEnglishMeaning of Holden
HoldinBoyEnglishMeaning of Holdin
HollisBoyEnglishMeaning of Hollis
HolwellBoyEnglishMeaning of Holwell
HomerosBoyGreekMeaning of Homeros
HonoratoBoySpanishMeaning of Honorato
HoomanBoyArabicMeaning of Hooman
HoradoBoySpanishMeaning of Horado
HormazdBoyPersianMeaning of Hormazd
HormisdasBoyPersianMeaning of Hormisdas
HormizdBoyPersianMeaning of Hormizd
HormuzdBoyPersianMeaning of Hormuzd
HorstBoyGermanMeaning of Horst
HorusBoyAfricanMeaning of Horus
HosaamBoyArabicMeaning of Hosaam
HosniBoyArabicMeaning of Hosni
HospicioBoySpanishMeaning of Hospicio
HouervBoyEnglishMeaning of Houerv
HoughtonBoyEnglishMeaning of Houghton
HoustonBoyCelticMeaning of Houston
HowardBoyEnglishMeaning of Howard
HowelBoyWelshMeaning of Howel
HowlandBoyEnglishMeaning of Howland
HoytBoyCelticMeaning of Hoyt
HraefnscagaBoyEnglishMeaning of Hraefnscaga
HrapenlyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrapenly
HridayanandBoyIndianMeaning of Hridayanand
HridaynathBoyIndianMeaning of Hridaynath
HridikaBoyIndianMeaning of Hridika
HringBoyEnglishMeaning of Hring
HrishabBoyIndianMeaning of Hrishab
HrishitaaBoyIndianMeaning of Hrishitaa
HristunBoyEnglishMeaning of Hristun
HrocBoyEnglishMeaning of Hroc
HrocbyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrocby
HrocesburhBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrocesburh
HrodaBoyGermanMeaning of Hroda
HrodlandBoyGermanMeaning of Hrodland
HrodrickBoyGermanMeaning of Hrodrick
HrycgBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrycg
HrychleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrychleah
HryhoriyBoyRussianMeaning of Hryhoriy
HrypanleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrypanleah
HrytherfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Hrytherford
HsenBoyArabicMeaning of Hsen
HsmiltonBoyEnglishMeaning of Hsmilton
HuabwyBoyWelshMeaning of Huabwy
HuarwarBoyWelshMeaning of Huarwar
HubaabBoyArabicMeaning of Hubaab
HubbardBoyGermanMeaning of Hubbard
HubertoBoySpanishMeaning of Huberto
HudhafahBoyArabicMeaning of Hudhafah
HudhaifahBoyArabicMeaning of Hudhaifah
Hudhayfah HujayyahBoyArabicMeaning of Hudhayfah Hujayyah
HudsonBoyEnglishMeaning of Hudson
HueilBoyWelshMeaning of Hueil
HughBoyGermanMeaning of Hugh
HugoBoyGermanMeaning of Hugo
HujayyahBoyArabicMeaning of Hujayyah
HujjatBoyArabicMeaning of Hujjat
HulbardBoyGermanMeaning of Hulbard
HulbartBoyGermanMeaning of Hulbart
HulbertBoyGermanMeaning of Hulbert
HuldiberahtBoyGermanMeaning of Huldiberaht
HumaidBoyArabicMeaning of Humaid
HumairBoyArabicMeaning of Humair
HumamBoyArabicMeaning of Humam
HumbertBoyGermanMeaning of Humbert
HumbertoBoyGermanMeaning of Humberto
HumdBoyArabicMeaning of Humd
HumilityBoyEnglishMeaning of Humility
HumphBoyEnglishMeaning of Humph
HunaidBoyArabicMeaning of Hunaid
HunfridBoyGermanMeaning of Hunfrid
HunfriedBoyGermanMeaning of Hunfried
HunterBoyEnglishMeaning of Hunter
HuntingdenBoyEnglishMeaning of Huntingden
HuntingdonBoyEnglishMeaning of Huntingdon
HuntingtonBoyEnglishMeaning of Huntington
HuntingtunBoyEnglishMeaning of Huntingtun
HuntlyBoyEnglishMeaning of Huntly
HuppertBoyGermanMeaning of Huppert
HuraythBoyArabicMeaning of Hurayth
HurdityaBoyIndianMeaning of Hurditya
HurlbartBoyEnglishMeaning of Hurlbart
HurlbertBoyEnglishMeaning of Hurlbert
HurleeBoyGaelicMeaning of Hurlee
HurlyBoyGaelicMeaning of Hurly
HurmatBoyArabicMeaning of Hurmat
HurrahBoyArabicMeaning of Hurrah
HurstBoyEnglishMeaning of Hurst
HursteBoyEnglishMeaning of Hurste
Husam al DinBoyArabicMeaning of Husam al Din
HusamettinBoyTurkishMeaning of Husamettin
HussainBoyArabicMeaning of Hussain
HussaynBoyArabicMeaning of Hussayn
HusseinBoyArabicMeaning of Hussein
HuthayfaBoyArabicMeaning of Huthayfa
HuxefordBoyEnglishMeaning of Huxeford
HuxleyBoyEnglishMeaning of Huxley
HuxlyBoyEnglishMeaning of Huxly
HwaeteleahBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwaeteleah
HweolereBoyEnglishMeaning of Hweolere
HwertunBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwertun
HwistlereBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwistlere
HwitbyBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwitby
HwitcombBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwitcomb
HwitcumbBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwitcumb
HwitfordBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwitford
HwithloewBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwithloew
HwitlocBoyEnglishMeaning of Hwitloc
HyacinthusrBoyGreekMeaning of Hyacinthusr
HyamBoyHebrewMeaning of Hyam
HyancintheBoyGreekMeaning of Hyancinthe
HyddBoyWelshMeaning of Hydd
HyderBoyArabicMeaning of Hyder
HylasBoyGreekMeaning of Hylas
HymanBoyEnglishMeaning of Hyman
HymenBoyGreekMeaning of Hymen
HyperionBoyGreekMeaning of Hyperion
HypnosBoyGreekMeaning of Hypnos

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