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Boys Names Starting with V


Venture into the vibrant village of V, where valiant and vivacious names are waiting to add a dash of vigor to your voyage. This isn’t just a visit; it’s a vibrant vacation into the valley of V, where every name has a voice vibrant with vitality and valor. So, buckle up, because we’re about to take a voyage through the vast and vivid world of V, where each name is a vessel of adventure and vision.

First to volunteer is Vincent, a name that vibrates with valor and a timeless appeal, perfect for a boy who’s set to venture forth with bravery and brilliance. Victor vaults in next, victorious and bold, ideal for a lad who’s all about winning the day with determination and strength.

Vance makes a valiant entrance, sleek and strong, just right for a boy who’s set to make his mark with confidence and cool composure. Vaughn follows, bringing a touch of nobility and an air of mystery, suited for a boy who’s set to stand out with his unique charm and depth.

Don’t overlook Vito, vivid with life and zest, an excellent choice for a boy with a fiery spirit and a heart full of passion. Vance vibes in with a rhythm all its own, ready for a boy whose life will be a masterpiece of creativity and courage.

In this vivid view of V names, from the vibrant Vladimir to the visionary Vernon, each name is a voyage into the unknown, a voice ready to be heard. Here’s to the venturers, the visionaries, and the valiant hearts who will carry these names, each one venturing forth into a future bright with promise. Let’s give a vivacious cheer for the valiant, the vibrant, and the victorious world of V, where every name is a victory in itself.

VítBoyCzechMeaning of Vít5
VáclavBoyCzechMeaning of Václav5
VìnceslavBoyCzechMeaning of Vìnceslav5
VachaspatiBoyIndianMeaning of Vachaspati5
VacheBoySlavicMeaning of Vache5
VachelBoyFrenchMeaning of Vachel5
VaclarBoySlavicMeaning of Vaclar5
VaddonBoyWelshMeaning of Vaddon5
VadimBoyRussianMeaning of Vadim1
VadimasBoyLithuanianMeaning of Vadimas5
VadivelBoyIndianMeaning of Vadivel5
VagindraBoyIndianMeaning of Vagindra5
VahanBoySlavicMeaning of Vahan1
VahinBoyIndianMeaning of Vahin1
VaibhavBoyHindiMeaning of Vaibhav2
VaijayiBoyIndianMeaning of Vaijayi5
VaikhanBoyIndianMeaning of Vaikhan5
VaikunthBoyHindiMeaning of Vaikunth5
VailBoyEnglishMeaning of Vail1
VainaBoyFinnishMeaning of Vaina5
VairajBoyIndianMeaning of Vairaj5
VairajaBoyHindiMeaning of Vairaja5
VairaMuthuBoyIndianMeaning of VairaMuthu5
VaisakaBoyIndianMeaning of Vaisaka5
VaitehBoyArabicMeaning of Vaiteh5
Vaive atoishBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Vaive atoish5
VaiveahtoishBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Vaiveahtoish5
VajrabahuBoyIndianMeaning of Vajrabahu5
VajrakayaBoyIndianMeaning of Vajrakaya5
VajrinBoyIndianMeaning of Vajrin5
VakrabhujBoyIndianMeaning of Vakrabhuj5
ValaiyapathiBoyIndianMeaning of Valaiyapathi5
ValbotgBoySwedishMeaning of Valbotg5
ValdemarBoySwedishMeaning of Valdemar1
ValdemarrBoyGermanMeaning of Valdemarr5
ValdeteBoyAlbanianMeaning of Valdete5
ValdoBoyGermanMeaning of Valdo1
ValdrinBoyAlbanianMeaning of Valdrin5
ValdusBoyGermanMeaning of Valdus5
ValeBoyEnglishMeaning of Vale2
ValenBoyEnglishMeaning of Valen9
ValentínBoySpanishMeaning of Valentín5
ValenteBoyPortugueseMeaning of Valente2
ValentimBoyPortugueseMeaning of Valentim5
ValentinBoyLatinMeaning of Valentin17
ValentinoBoySpanishMeaning of Valentino35
ValentynBoyPolishMeaning of Valentyn5
ValerianBoyRomanMeaning of Valerian1
ValeriiBoyRussianMeaning of Valerii5
ValerikBoyRussianMeaning of Valerik5
ValerioBoySpanishMeaning of Valerio5
ValfredoBoyGermanMeaning of Valfredo5
ValfridBoySwedishMeaning of Valfrid5
ValiBoyNorseMeaning of Vali1
ValiantBoyFrenchMeaning of Valiant1
ValienBoySpanishMeaning of Valien5
ValkoinenBoyFinnishMeaning of Valkoinen5
VallabhBoyIndianMeaning of Vallabh5
VallenBoyEnglishMeaning of Vallen1
VallisBoyFrenchMeaning of Vallis5
ValloisBoyFrenchMeaning of Vallois5
ValmekiBoyIndianMeaning of Valmeki5
ValmikiBoyHindiMeaning of Valmiki5
ValmirBoyAlbanianMeaning of Valmir5
ValorBoySpanishMeaning of Valor6
ValterBoyLithuanianMeaning of Valter5
ValthjofBoyNorseMeaning of Valthjof5
ValtoBoyFinnishMeaning of Valto5
ValtteriBoyFinnishMeaning of Valtteri5
VamanBoyHindiMeaning of Vaman5
Van AkenBoyDutchMeaning of Van Aken5
Van NessBoyDutchMeaning of Van Ness5
Van-RajBoyIndianMeaning of Van-Raj5
VanadourBoySlavicMeaning of Vanadour5
VanaganBoySlavicMeaning of Vanagan5
VanajitBoyIndianMeaning of Vanajit5
VanceBoyEnglishMeaning of Vance25
VandenbergBoyDutchMeaning of Vandenberg5
VandenyBoyLithuanianMeaning of Vandeny5
VanderBoyGreekMeaning of Vander3
VanderbiltBoyDutchMeaning of Vanderbilt5
VanderpoolBoyDutchMeaning of Vanderpool5
VandradBoyNorseMeaning of Vandrad5
VaneBoyEnglishMeaning of Vane5
VanechkaBoyRussianMeaning of Vanechka5
VanigBoySlavicMeaning of Vanig5
VanijBoyIndianMeaning of Vanij5
VaninadhBoyHindiMeaning of Vaninadh5
VanirBoyNorseMeaning of Vanir5
VankoBoyRussianMeaning of Vanko5
VannesBoyEnglishMeaning of Vannes5
VanniBoyItalianMeaning of Vanni5
VanshBoyIndianMeaning of Vansh3
VanyaBoyRussianMeaning of Vanya4
VaparBoySanskritMeaning of Vapar5
VarBoyIndianMeaning of Var5
VaradrajBoyIndianMeaning of Varadraj5
VarapradaBoyIndianMeaning of Varaprada5
VardanBoyFrenchMeaning of Vardan5
VardenBoyCelticMeaning of Varden5
VardonBoyCelticMeaning of Vardon5
VareckBoyEnglishMeaning of Vareck5
VarekBoyEnglishMeaning of Varek5
VareshBoyIndianMeaning of Varesh5
VargBoyNorseMeaning of Varg5
VargovieBoyCzechMeaning of Vargovie5
VarianBoySpanishMeaning of Varian1
VaridhvaranBoyIndianMeaning of Varidhvaran5
VarikBoyEnglishMeaning of Varik1
VarindraBoyIndianMeaning of Varindra5
VariyasBoyIndianMeaning of Variyas5
VarneyBoyCelticMeaning of Varney5
VarocherBoyFrenchMeaning of Varocher5
VaroujanBoySlavicMeaning of Varoujan5
VartanBoySlavicMeaning of Vartan5
VartavarBoySlavicMeaning of Vartavar5
VarteresBoySlavicMeaning of Varteres5
VarunBoySanskritMeaning of Varun3
VarunaBoySanskritMeaning of Varuna5
VasBoyRussianMeaning of Vas5
VasagBoySlavicMeaning of Vasag5
VasavaBoyIndianMeaning of Vasava5
VasekBoySlavicMeaning of Vasek5
VasiliBoyRussianMeaning of Vasili1
VasiliiBoyRussianMeaning of Vasilii5
VasilijeBoySerbianMeaning of Vasilije1
VasiliosBoyItalianMeaning of Vasilios1
VasilisBoyGreekMeaning of Vasilis1
VassiBoyRussianMeaning of Vassi5
VassilyBoyRussianMeaning of Vassily5
VasudevBoySanskritMeaning of Vasudev5
VasudevaBoySanskritMeaning of Vasudeva5
VasudhaBoyIndianMeaning of Vasudha5
VasukiBoyIndianMeaning of Vasuki5
VasumanBoyHindiMeaning of Vasuman5
VasumitrBoyIndianMeaning of Vasumitr5
VasuroopBoyIndianMeaning of Vasuroop5
VasyItsoBoyGreekMeaning of VasyItso5
VasykloBoyRussianMeaning of Vasyklo5
VasylBoyGreekMeaning of Vasyl5
VatsaBoyIndianMeaning of Vatsa5
VatsarBoyIndianMeaning of Vatsar5
VaughanBoyWelshMeaning of Vaughan1
VaughnBoyWelshMeaning of Vaughn22
VavrinBoyCzechMeaning of Vavrin5
VavrinecBoyCzechMeaning of Vavrinec5
VaydeeshBoyIndianMeaning of Vaydeesh5
VaykBoyHungarianMeaning of Vayk5
VayunBoyHindiMeaning of Vayun1
VeBoyNorseMeaning of Ve5
VedBoySanskritMeaning of Ved11
VedangaBoyIndianMeaning of Vedanga5
VedatmaneBoyIndianMeaning of Vedatmane5
VedavrataBoySanskritMeaning of Vedavrata5
VedmohanBoyIndianMeaning of Vedmohan5
VeerBoySanskritMeaning of Veer10
VeerbhadraBoyIndianMeaning of Veerbhadra5
VegardBoyNorseMeaning of Vegard5
VegeirBoyNorseMeaning of Vegeir5
VelanBoyIndianMeaning of Velan5
VelimirBoySerbianMeaning of Velimir5
VemadosBoyGermanMeaning of Vemados5
VenBoyDutchMeaning of Ven5
VencelBoyHungarianMeaning of Vencel5
VendanBoyIndianMeaning of Vendan5
VenediktBoyRussianMeaning of Venedikt5
VenimadhavBoyIndianMeaning of Venimadhav5
VenkataramananandanBoyIndianMeaning of Venkataramananandan5
VennBoyEnglishMeaning of Venn5
VenturoBoySpanishMeaning of Venturo5
VenuBoyIndianMeaning of Venu5
VerbniggeBoyDutchMeaning of Verbnigge5
VerddunBoyFrenchMeaning of Verddun5
VerdellBoyFrenchMeaning of Verdell1
VereBoyFrenchMeaning of Vere5
VerelBoyFrenchMeaning of Verel5
VerissimoBoyPortugueseMeaning of Verissimo5
VernBoyFrenchMeaning of Vern1
VernayBoyFrenchMeaning of Vernay5
VerneBoyFrenchMeaning of Verne5
VernellBoyFrenchMeaning of Vernell1
VernerBoyGermanMeaning of Verner5
VernonBoyFrenchMeaning of Vernon6
VerrellBoyFrenchMeaning of Verrell5
VerrillBoyGermanMeaning of Verrill5
VerylBoyFrenchMeaning of Veryl5
VeseoBoySerbianMeaning of Veseo5
VestarBoyNorseMeaning of Vestar5
VesteinBoyNorseMeaning of Vestein5
VetoBoySpanishMeaning of Veto5
ViaanBoySanskritMeaning of Viaan16
ViamrshBoyIndianMeaning of Viamrsh5
VibhuBoyIndianMeaning of Vibhu1
VibhusnuBoyIndianMeaning of Vibhusnu5
VibodhBoyHindiMeaning of Vibodh5
VicBoyFrenchMeaning of Vic2
VicenteBoySpanishMeaning of Vicente35
VicenzoBoyItalianMeaning of Vicenzo1
VickBoyFrenchMeaning of Vick5
VicoBoyItalianMeaning of Vico5
VicqBoyFrenchMeaning of Vicq5
VictorBoyLatinMeaning of Victor196
VictorianoBoySpanishMeaning of Victoriano5
VictorinoBoySpanishMeaning of Victorino2
VictorioBoySpanishMeaning of Victorio5
VictoroBoySpanishMeaning of Victoro5
VidBoyGermanMeaning of Vid5
VidalBoySpanishMeaning of Vidal6
VidanBoySpanishMeaning of Vidan5
VidarBoyNorseMeaning of Vidar5
VidhatruBoyIndianMeaning of Vidhatru5
VidipBoyIndianMeaning of Vidip5
VidorBoyHungarianMeaning of Vidor5
ViduthalaiBoyIndianMeaning of Viduthalai5
VidvanBoyHindiMeaning of Vidvan5
VidyaBoySanskritMeaning of Vidya1
VidyacharanBoyIndianMeaning of Vidyacharan5
VidyavaridhiBoyIndianMeaning of Vidyavaridhi5
VienBoyVietnameseMeaning of Vien5
VienoBoyFinnishMeaning of Vieno5
VietBoyVietnameseMeaning of Viet1
VifilBoyNorseMeaning of Vifil5
VigbertoBoyGermanMeaning of Vigberto5
VighnarajaBoyIndianMeaning of Vighnaraja5
VighneshBoyIndianMeaning of Vighnesh5
VignahartaBoyIndianMeaning of Vignaharta5
VigrahBoyIndianMeaning of Vigrah5
VigridBoyNorseMeaning of Vigrid5
VihaanBoySanskritMeaning of Vihaan33
VihangBoyIndianMeaning of Vihang5
VihoBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Viho5
VijayBoySanskritMeaning of Vijay3
VijayendraBoyIndianMeaning of Vijayendra5
VijendraBoyIndianMeaning of Vijendra5
VijvalBoyIndianMeaning of Vijval5
VikasBoyHindiMeaning of Vikas5
VikatBoyIndianMeaning of Vikat5
VikentiBoyRussianMeaning of Vikenti5
VikingBoyNorseMeaning of Viking5
VikramBoyHindiMeaning of Vikram1
VikramajitBoyIndianMeaning of Vikramajit5
VikraminBoyIndianMeaning of Vikramin5
VikrantBoyHindiMeaning of Vikrant1
ViksarBoyIndianMeaning of Viksar5
ViktorBoyRussianMeaning of Viktor10
ViktorasBoyLithuanianMeaning of Viktoras5
VilasBoyHindiMeaning of Vilas5
VilemBoyCzechMeaning of Vilem5
VilhelmasBoyLithuanianMeaning of Vilhelmas5
VilhelmiBoyFinnishMeaning of Vilhelmi5
VilhoBoyFinnishMeaning of Vilho5
ViliBoyNorseMeaning of Vili5
ViljamiBoyFinnishMeaning of Viljami5
ViljoBoyFinnishMeaning of Viljo5
VilochanBoyIndianMeaning of Vilochan5
VimkaBoySlavicMeaning of Vimka5
VimridhBoyIndianMeaning of Vimridh5
VinBoyLatinMeaning of Vin1
ViníciusBoyPortugueseMeaning of Vinícius5
VinayBoyHindiMeaning of Vinay1
VincaBoyCzechMeaning of Vinca5
VinceBoyHungarianMeaning of Vince13
VincencBoyCzechMeaning of Vincenc5
VincenckBoyCzechMeaning of Vincenck5
VincentBoyLatinMeaning of Vincent326
VincentasBoyLithuanianMeaning of Vincentas5
VincenteBoySpanishMeaning of Vincente1
VincenzioBoyItalianMeaning of Vincenzio1
VincenzoBoyLatinMeaning of Vincenzo39
VinckBoyCzechMeaning of Vinck5
VinczeBoyHungarianMeaning of Vincze5
VingonBoyEnglishMeaning of Vingon5
VinhBoyVietnameseMeaning of Vinh1
VinkoBoySerbianMeaning of Vinko5
VinnBoyEnglishMeaning of Vinn1
VinochanBoyIndianMeaning of Vinochan5
VinsonBoyEnglishMeaning of Vinson2
VinsoneBoyEnglishMeaning of Vinsone5
VinzaBoyAfricanMeaning of Vinza5
VipanBoyIndianMeaning of Vipan5
VipinBoyIndianMeaning of Vipin5
ViplavBoyIndianMeaning of Viplav5
VipponahBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Vipponah5
VirBoyHindiMeaning of Vir1
ViraajBoyHindiMeaning of Viraaj4
VirajBoyHindiMeaning of Viraj6
ViralBoyHindiMeaning of Viral5
ViranathBoyIndianMeaning of Viranath5
VirangBoyIndianMeaning of Virang5
ViratBoyHindiMeaning of Virat6
VirbhanuBoyIndianMeaning of Virbhanu5
VireshBoyIndianMeaning of Viresh5
VirgilBoyLatinMeaning of Virgil6
VirgilijusBoyLithuanianMeaning of Virgilijus5
VirgilioBoySpanishMeaning of Virgilio2
VirinchiBoyIndianMeaning of Virinchi5
VirurchBoyIndianMeaning of Virurch5
VishaalaakshBoyIndianMeaning of Vishaalaaksh5
VishalBoyHindiMeaning of Vishal1
VishalakshBoyIndianMeaning of Vishalaksh5
VishatanBoyIndianMeaning of Vishatan5
VisheshBoyHindiMeaning of Vishesh5
VishnayBoyIndianMeaning of Vishnay5
VishnuBoySanskritMeaning of Vishnu6
VishnuramanBoyIndianMeaning of Vishnuraman5
VishramBoyIndianMeaning of Vishram5
VishvBoyIndianMeaning of Vishv5
VishvahetuBoyIndianMeaning of Vishvahetu5
VishvaketuBoyIndianMeaning of Vishvaketu5
VishvanaathBoyIndianMeaning of Vishvanaath5
VishvanathBoySanskritMeaning of Vishvanath5
VishvatmaBoyIndianMeaning of Vishvatma5
VishwaamitraBoyIndianMeaning of Vishwaamitra5
VishwajeetBoyIndianMeaning of Vishwajeet5
VishwakarmaBoyIndianMeaning of Vishwakarma5
VishwamukhaBoyIndianMeaning of Vishwamukha5
VishwarajaBoyIndianMeaning of Vishwaraja5
VishwatmaBoyIndianMeaning of Vishwatma5
VisvajitBoyIndianMeaning of Visvajit5
VisvakarmanBoyHindiMeaning of Visvakarman5
VisvayuBoyHindiMeaning of Visvayu5
ViswanathanBoyIndianMeaning of Viswanathan5
VitaharyaBoyIndianMeaning of Vitaharya5
VitaleBoyItalianMeaning of Vitale5
VitenkaBoyRussianMeaning of Vitenka5
VitoBoyLatinMeaning of Vito6
VitolaBoyIndianMeaning of Vitola5
VitthalBoyIndianMeaning of Vitthal5
VittoreBoyItalianMeaning of Vittore5
VivaanBoyHindiMeaning of Vivaan14
VivashBoyIndianMeaning of Vivash5
VivatmaBoyHindiMeaning of Vivatma5
VivekBoyHindiMeaning of Vivek1
VivianoBoySpanishMeaning of Viviano1
VjekoBoySerbianMeaning of Vjeko5
VjekoslavBoySerbianMeaning of Vjekoslav5
VjollcaBoyAlbanianMeaning of Vjollca5
VjosaBoyAlbanianMeaning of Vjosa1
VladBoyRussianMeaning of Vlad3
VladikBoyRussianMeaning of Vladik5
VladilenBoyRussianMeaning of Vladilen5
VladimírBoyCzechMeaning of Vladimír5
VladimerBoySlavicMeaning of Vladimer5
VladimirBoyRussianMeaning of Vladimir11
VladimiroBoySpanishMeaning of Vladimiro5
VladimiruBoySlavicMeaning of Vladimiru5
VladislavBoyRussianMeaning of Vladislav1
VladislavaBoyLithuanianMeaning of Vladislava5
VladmirBoyRussianMeaning of Vladmir5
VladmiriBoyRussianMeaning of Vladmiri5
VladyaBoyRussianMeaning of Vladya5
VlahoBoySerbianMeaning of Vlaho5
VlastimilBoyCzechMeaning of Vlastimil5
VlastislavBoyCzechMeaning of Vlastislav5
VogelBoyGermanMeaning of Vogel5
VohkinneBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Vohkinne5
VoistitoevitzBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Voistitoevitz5
VoisttitoevetzBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Voisttitoevetz5
VojtìchBoyCzechMeaning of Vojtìch5
VokivocummastBoyNative AmericanMeaning of Vokivocummast5
VolkerBoyGermanMeaning of Volker5
VollnyBoyGermanMeaning of Vollny5
VolneyBoyGermanMeaning of Volney5
VolodyBoyRussianMeaning of Volody5
VolodyaBoySlavicMeaning of Volodya5
VolodymyrBoyRussianMeaning of Volodymyr1
VolsungBoyNorseMeaning of Volsung5
VonBoyWelshMeaning of Von3
VonnBoyWelshMeaning of Vonn1
VontellBoyWelshMeaning of Vontell5
VorathBoyWelshMeaning of Vorath5
VosdanigBoySlavicMeaning of Vosdanig5
VoteporixBoyLatinMeaning of Voteporix5
VovaBoySlavicMeaning of Vova5
VrajalalBoyHindiMeaning of Vrajalal5
VrajeshBoyHindiMeaning of Vrajesh5
VrbaBoyCzechMeaning of Vrba5
VrejBoySlavicMeaning of Vrej5
VrisanganBoyIndianMeaning of Vrisangan5
VrishabBoySanskritMeaning of Vrishab5
VrishabhBoyIndianMeaning of Vrishabh5
VrishabhanuBoyIndianMeaning of Vrishabhanu5
VrisiniBoyIndianMeaning of Vrisini5
VrommeBoyDutchMeaning of Vromme5
VruykBoyEnglishMeaning of Vruyk5
VsevolodBoyRussianMeaning of Vsevolod5
Vsn EychBoyDutchMeaning of Vsn Eych5
VsnderveerBoyDutchMeaning of Vsnderveer5
VsndykeBoyDutchMeaning of Vsndyke5
VuaiBoyAfricanMeaning of Vuai5
VukBoySerbianMeaning of Vuk1
VunoBoySpanishMeaning of Vuno5
VyacheslavBoyRussianMeaning of Vyacheslav1
VyasaBoySanskritMeaning of Vyasa5
VychanBoyWelshMeaning of Vychan5
VyomBoyIndianMeaning of Vyom4
VyomangBoyIndianMeaning of Vyomang5
VyshnavBoyIndianMeaning of Vyshnav5

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