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3 Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy This Christmas


Pregnancy announcements are great fun on Facebook, Instragram and social media, as well as when they’re received in the mail. There’s no limit to the creativity you can display when revealing the existence of a baby bump to friends, family and the world at large.

When a pregnancy announcement comes during the holidays, there’s some built-in inspiration that helps you get in the spirit of the season as you share the big news. There are nearly as many options as there are newly pregnant moms ready to make the big reveal, so let’s look at a few fun and festive starting points for a unique, personal announcement that taps into the power of the holidays.

1. Pregnancy announcements wrapped up in holiday traditions

Holiday cards, candy canes, dreidels, kinaras and many other items can be tastefully incorporated into pregnancy reveals around the holidays. One of the easiest yet most effective approaches is to use the classic holiday card format and, instead of simply including warm wishes for the season and the coming year, announce the upcoming arrival of a new family member as well.

This can be a lot of fun for expectant moms, especially if they use an understated approach – avoiding an obvious image of an ultrasound or illustration of a newborn – and get to watch friends and family read the card and understand what it means in person. Many people will begin reading the announcement as if it’s a regular holiday card, meaning the surprise will be sudden and genuine. Although it’s more difficult to see reactions via social media, this approach is just as effective in creating an exciting and festive reveal in those places.

Stockings hanging on a mantle.An extra stocking over the mantle can help you announce your pregnancy.

2. A very special kind of gift

Wrapped up in festive paper and full of surprises, a gift leads to all kinds of excitement and anticipation. When it comes to revealing your pregnancy, think about letting your closest friends and family members know with a specially crafted gift box that contains the announcement. PopSugar shared one example of this approach on its list of great holiday pregnancy reveals, with an egg painted just like Santa in a small box filled with festive confetti and a message noting that the big gift – your soon-to-arrive child – will be delayed until the due date.

There are plenty of other ways to create a similar surprise, from offering grandparents a gift certificate for a new grandbaby (with a note that it’s only redeemable after your due date) to including a small, framed ultrasound underneath the wrapping paper. The gift wrap and box help keep those close to you from learning the secret too early, and the festive spirit fits in perfectly with the season. To make a broader announcement, you can share a picture of the gift held by the family member who received it, or make a special version for you and your immediate family to pose with.

3. A pair of booties in the holiday spirit

A pair of baby booties, whether in a photo or left in a conspicuous place before everyone arrives for a holiday celebration, mixes fun and straightforwardness: No one will second-guess the meaning of this item in the right context. If you want to go the baby-bootie route, consider incorporating them into a wreath hung from the front door – perfect for photo opportunities and a gradual reveal as people arrive to your holiday party – or a family photo with baby’s spot filled with just the booties.

One of the best parts of holiday pregnancy announcements is your ability to take a great concept and make it your own. Don’t be afraid to make this pregnancy reveal truly unique with some special touches and planning.

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