a mother holding her two kids while admiring a mountain view on vacation

11 Things That Happen on Vacation With a Baby

Babies make every moment a memory. It’s never truer then when we vacation with them. On a recent trip, I complied a list of what I’ve learned on that and many others.

Maybe it can help you when making those decisions before boarding a plane/ traveling my car/ venturing to grandma’s house/ etc. Here are 11 things that are likely to happen when vacationing with your baby.

  1.  Your sanitizing skills will parallel those working with hazmat suits in clean rooms.
  2. Those 6 things that you just had to bring will be deemed unnecessary and you’ll wish you had more room.
  3. Someone will call your baby adorable. If this doesn’t happen, you might want to rethink that camo orange hunting onesie and matching mosquito-repelling hat.
  4. Something disgusting will exit your child’s body during the most inappropriate time. A tarp to lay down around your baby’s seating could avoid additional financial burdens.
  5. You will lose one or more of the following: a sock, a bottle nipple, his or her favorite toy, sleep, your playful youth.
  6. You will forget the following: extra diapers, extra formula, extra blankets, extra clothes, your sense of humor.
  7. Despite the heat, the air conditioning may not be your friend. Keep temperatures adjusted every 1/2 hour on the 1/2 hour. And while you’re at it, hop on one foot whistling Bieber’s “Baby, Baby” while eating marshmallows.
  8. That ________ will cause a mess. The “blank” is different for everyone. You won’t find out what it is until it’s too late. You’ve been warned.
  9. Your baby’s crying is just nature’s way of calling out to other parents in similar situations in order to make new friends.
  10. You’ll run out of batteries taking photos. Rechargeable batteries? You’ll drop your camera/phone into something that will do damage. Got waterproof electronics? The hotel will lose your reservation.
  11. You’ll never forget this trip.

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