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10 Ways to Ease Baby’s Constipation


Roll out the red carpet, folks, because we’re on a mission – Operation No More Baby Constipation! If your little one’s diaper is starting to look like a rabbit’s snack tray, or they’re working up a sweat pushing, your baby might be saying, “Hey, I’m a bit backed up!” Now, if your munchkin’s experiencing constant constipation or you spot the scary sight of blood in their stool, sound the alarm and call the doc pronto. This could point to a serious condition.

Here’s the fun part though, we’ve got a fab gallery lined up, stuffed with 10 golden nuggets of wisdom. These are tried-and-tested momma tips for sending constipation packing and getting those baby bowels to perform a smooth ballet! But remember, this is just for your info-tainment. If there’s a medical mystery afoot, dial up your friendly neighborhood pediatrician. They’ve got the real answers you need. Enjoy our tips, and here’s to happy, healthy baby tummies!

1. Increase Your Baby’s Water Consumption

a glass of water

Whether you’re a champion breastfeeder or a bottle-feeding boss, you might think your little one is soaking up enough H2O from their milky meals. But sometimes, even with a diet that’s liquid-gold, your tiny tot may need an extra splash of water.

Is your bundle of joy showing signs of a tricky tummy? A bit bunged up, maybe? Not to worry! A tiny trick can save the day. Just serve up a mini cocktail of 2-4 ounces (that’s a cute 1/4 to 1/2 cup) of pure water after each feeding. This magical potion could help your baby’s bowels do their groove and flow smoothly. Think of it as a refreshing dessert for your little one. Fun, simple, and a sure way to help keep things moving in the right direction!

2. Introduce Fruit Juice

a baby's bottle filled with apple juice

Ever thought about the superpowers of your little one’s juice box? Beyond its delightful sweetness that gets baby giggles going, it’s also a tiny constipation conqueror! Prune juice plays the starring role with its natural laxative prowess. But, don’t worry, apple and pear juices aren’t far behind, they’re pretty great at smoothing things out too!

Got a pint-sized juice lover? Just remember to roll out the full-strength juices only during tummy-trouble times. We don’t want them getting too hooked on the sweet stuff, do we?

And here’s a top-tip! For a happy, gas-free little tummy, start with less than 2 ounces post-feedings. Small steps make big differences! So, next time your bundle of joy is having a hard time, remember, the fruit juice heroes are here to save the day! Happy sipping and happy tummies!

3. High-Fiber Foods

Apricots with leaves

Picture this: Bananas, rice cereal, carrots, and cheese; quite a banquet, right? But wait, these munchkin favorites are secret agents of the Stool-Stay-Put Society! They love to keep things… um, tightly bound, if you catch my drift.

To keep the ‘diaper digest’ flowing freely, we need to invite some other delicious friends to the party. Enter stage right: Apricots, pears, prunes, peaches, and plums! These fruity superheroes are not just tasty but are also excellent ‘Constipation Crusaders’. They’ll gently keep things moving along, and your bundle of joy will be, well, more joyful!

4. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs”

Remember, a moving baby is a pooping baby. Now imagine turning your little one into a tiny Tour de France champ right in your living room! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Just gently lay your cutie pie on their back and bring the cycling race to life. Just like you’re their personal bicycle coach, lift those little legs and start guiding them in a delightful, circular pedaling motion. This mini cycling adventure not only brings loads of giggles but it’s the ultimate pressure release button for their tummy, setting their bowels on a joy ride. It’s a win-win: your baby has fun, and you champion their digestion. So, who’s ready for the Baby Cycling league? Let’s get things rolling… or should we say pedaling?

5. Switch to a Different Brand of Formula

baby formula

Got a formula-fed kiddo grappling with constipation? Don’t stress, a simple swap might just do the trick! Every bubba is unique and might take to different formulas in their own way. So, if your little one’s having tummy troubles, why not try changing up their formula? Sampling a few brands could lead you to the one that suits their digestive system the best.

And here’s a hot tip: look out for the low-lactose options. Loads of brands offer these, and they might be easier on your baby’s belly. So go ahead, shake things up a little and your bundle of joy could be back to their happy, gurgling self in no time. Remember, your baby’s comfort is key, and sometimes a little experimentation can lead to a big relief!

6. Check Your Baby’s Temperature

a baby thermometer

Here’s a helpful trick you might not know about: a rectal thermometer can work wonders. But hold up, before you freak out, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Just dab a little Vaseline on the tip – it’ll make things smoother. Then, ever so gently, pop it into your little one’s tush. Make sure you only move the very tip a bit – no deep sea exploration needed. And voila, you might just have a dirty diaper coming your way soon. This little trick works by nudging your baby’s bowels to move. Give it a shot – it might just be the magic touch you’ve been searching for!

7. Massage Baby’s Tummy

a mom massaging her baby's tummy

Here’s another nifty trick – the tummy massage. Picture your cutie pie laying on their back, all ready for some tummy time. Start right at their belly button, your hand gently resting there. Now, imagine you’re drawing circles on their tummy, going clockwise. Yep, that’s the one! Start small, then let those circles grow gradually, like ripples in a pond. And remember, your baby’s comfort is key. They’ll let you know if you’re going a bit too strong with their unique language of fusses and cries. If you notice any discomfort, ease up on the pressure. Here’s to keeping those baby bellies happy and healthy!”

10 Ways to Ease Baby's Constipation Infographic
10 Ways to Ease Baby’s Constipation Infographic

8. Give Baby a Warm Bath

If your little bundle of joy is struggling with constipation, a warm bath might just do the trick. Picture this – your baby’s chilling in a cozy, warm tub. This helps them relax, loosening up their tiny body, which may coax out what they’ve been stubbornly holding onto. Plus, post-bath drying time is an excellent opportunity to try a gentle tummy massage. This can really help your little one’s tummy troubles. So, not only do you have a clean, happy baby, but you might just solve that constipation issue too. Cool, right?

9. Use a Glycerin Suppository

a person holding a Glycerin Suppository

Now, here’s the lowdown on an option that could help: glycerin suppositories. But hey, don’t go it alone. Your pediatrician is your partner in this. They’ll give you the scoop on the right dose for your kiddo, considering factors like age, size, and how many days they’ve been having a tough time with the toilet.

The dosage could be anywhere between a quarter and a whole children’s suppository. Once you get the green light and use one, expect some action in the diaper department within 15 to 30 minutes. It’s pretty swift! Remember, we’re all in this parenting gig together and sometimes, it gets a bit… poop-y. Here’s to happier tummies and diapers!

10. What Not to Do

a stop sign on a highway
If all your tried-and-tested baby-tummy-soothing tricks don’t seem to help, don’t wait too long to get professional help. Get your baby to a doc pronto. They’ll help you figure out if there’s something more serious hiding behind that little furrowed brow. We know it can be worrisome, but remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Talk to your medical professional

Each little baby is one-of-a-kind and they all respond differently to constipation fixes. Ever tried grandma’s old tricks like prune juice or sugar-free popsicles? They might do the trick! But don’t fret if they don’t – it’s time to ring up the doc. See, long-term constipation isn’t just a bummer for adults, it can be super risky for kiddos too. Get on the horn with a healthcare pro who can sort things out pronto. No more guesswork, no more wasted time! Your baby could be back to pooping like a champ sooner than you think. It’s a win-win, folks!

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