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Review: Snoo Smart Sleeper & Bassinet

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The SNOO Smart Sleeper offers parents safety assurance and peace of mind as it monitors and responds to children’s sleeping behaviors.

The perks: Claiming to be the “safest baby bed ever made” the SNOO Sleeper was co-created by pediatrician Harvey Karp, designer Yves Behar and MIT trained engineers. The electronic bed reacts to sleeping babies’ actions to soothe them.  With three microphones, the device can differentiate between a loud environment and a noisy child.

If the baby is fussy, the bed plays white noise and rocks the child back to sleep. The sleeper increases the intensity of its white noise and jiggle motion depending on the baby’s level of fussiness. The SNOO Smart Sleeper also has an easy-to-use swaddle that remains snapped into place in the device itself. With assistance from this monitor, both parents and children can gain the appropriate amount of rest they need – at both bed and nap time.

The headaches: The SNOO bed costs a cool $1,360. That’s quite expensive for many families, although the offered features are incredibly safe for children and helpful for moms and dads.


Snoo Smart Sleeper

Yet, the sleeper has received some criticism online, as some people believe using the robotic bed is a lazy alternative for parents who would usually pick up a child to rock him or her back to sleep. Reducing the risk for sleep exhaustion or deprivation, however, could be worth the hefty price tag to some parents.

Snoo Sleeper App

Final verdict: The offer to reduce children’s crying and improve the amount of time they’re asleep is enticing to parents, yet the cost of the SNOO Smart Sleeper will play a large role in the decision-making process. If people can afford the bed’s expense, they will likely experience positive results from the sleeper. The ability to monitor and react to baby behaviors makes this instrument a welcome addition to a child’s room and parents’ sleep schedules.

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