Pregnancy Smoothies To Help Keep You Nourished

a variety of pregnancy smoothies

Pregnancy Smoothies

Tasty, Filling and Nourishing

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We’re just going to go out and say it: Smoothies might just be the perfect pregnancy food. Endlessly versatile and packed with nutrition, smoothies can be whipped up in a handful of minutes and are as easy to take with you as they are to sit and sip. And when your belly is saying no to just about everything, the whirled coldness of a smoothie can be the soothing it desperately needs. That’s why we love these pregnancy smoothies.

When you’re growing another human, it’s especially important to choose your foods carefully: you want a variety of fruits and veggies, plenty of calcium and protein sources, and vitamins like crazy, particularly those like folate, iron, and vitamin C. But morning sickness and food aversions can sometimes make this easier said than done, right? Blending ingredients can make challenging foods a little more palatable. 

These tasty pregnancy smoothies have the nutrition your body needs most right now. And with no more than five ingredients each, they’re quick and easy.