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Our Top 10 Traditional Boy Baby Names


When naming a newborn baby, parents think of a lot of different ideas. From contemporary options with alternative spellings to biblical names from millennia ago, there are so many options. Check out the top 10 traditional boy names for some inspiration in your search:

1. Adam

This biblical name originates in the Hebrew language where it means “man.” Adam is most familiar for his role in Genesis as half of the duo Adam and Eve. The longer version of the name is “Adamnan,” which means “little Adam.” Celebrities with this name range from musicians Adam Lambert and Adam Levine to actors Adam Sandler and Adam Scott.

2. Andrew 

Andrew is a Greek name for boys that means “manly.” There is even a city in Scotland named St. Andrews after an apostle who went on to become the country’s patron saint. Popular people with this name include philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, president Andrew Johnson and songwriter Andrew Lloyd Webber.

3. Aston

This elegant name might bring to mind a certain high-end car brand. Aston is an English name that may be short for Astanus on some occasions and means “east town; ash tree settlement.” Aston can be a boy’s or girl’s name but is more frequently used for boys. Aston Merrygold, British lead vocalist in boy band JLS, is just one famous person who bears this name.

4. Barrett

You may come across this name with one or two “t’s.” English in origin, Barrett means bear power and is also a surname for individuals with British ancestors that grew in popularity when William I conquered Great Britain in 1066.

5. Beau

Pronounced “bow” as in “bow and arrow,” this beautiful baby name is French and means “handsome.” There are several spellings, including “Beaux” for an added flair. Comedian and musician Bo Burnham, athlete Bo Jackson and attorney Beau Biden are all well-known men who share this name.

6. Blake

This gender-neutral name can mean “dark” and “fair.” It has gained popularity in the 2000s as parents began naming their little boys and girls Blake. This famous name is found in country singer Blake Shelton and screenwriter and director Blake Edwards.

7. Brice

Some parent spell this name “Bryce” while others opt for “Brice.” It’s Scottish in origin and means “speckled,” “son of a nobleman” and “from Brieuxton,” which is a place in France. Today various forms of the name can be found as both boy and girl names, but it is more commonly seen in male babies. Professional baseball players Bryce Harper and Bryce Brentz are just two examples of individuals who share this name.

8. Burton

This Old English name means “fort town” and is both a first and last name.

9. Cedric

Harry Potter fans rejoice! The name of beloved hero Cedric Diggory is in the top 10 traditional boys names. This English name may come from the Welsh name “Cerdic.” Cedric means kind and loved – two adjectives that are sure to describe your little man! Basketball players Cedric Bryan Maxwell and Cedric Glenn Ball both have this name, along with Cedric the Entertainer.

10. Charles

This strong name comes from Germany, where it originally meant man, army and warrior. Charles the Great, aka Charlemagne, was a European ruler who furthered the popularity of the shortened name Charles.

Parents who enjoy traditional names but want to give their newborn boys’ names a little unique twist should consider an alternative spelling for their little ones. Adding or taking away a letter will make your new baby stand out for his entire life.

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