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Keeping Stir-Crazy Kids Busy This Winter


When winter weather is blanketing your neighborhood with snow and filling the air with chilly winds, it can seem impossible to find a way to keep your young children entertained. And we all know what happens when kids don’t have a way to let their energy out: mass chaos. However, giving your children fun ways to stay active and engaged during winter is actually a little simpler than you might think. Here are a few exciting winter activities for boys and girls of all ages:

Get outside

Sure, it’s cold and snowy outside – but cold-weather outerwear was invented for a reason! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you and your kiddos can’t still play around outdoors. In fact, playing in the snow may be the most fun you’ll have with each other during the season. So, bundle up in coats, hats, gloves and winter boots, then get outside and have a good time. Head to a park, pile up some snow at the bottom of a slide and have your kids drop right into it. Or, grab a sled and find the perfect hill. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the fun!

Mom and daughter sledding in snow.
Get outdoors and have fun with the winter weather!

Take a trip together

No, you don’t have to vacation to a warmer climate – just brainstorm a few day trips you and your kids can take over winter break or on weekends to keep them occupied. Head to a children’s museum, where your kids can learn and have fun with hands-on exhibits and activities. Even a trip to the library can be a lot of fun when your son or daughter is beginning to read. You can also find indoor play areas – often in malls or restaurants – where your kids can run around and let some energy out without having to bundle up first.

Have fun in the kitchen

Kids love cooking with mom or dad, and they can start helping out in the kitchen, even at an early age. If you’re trying to come up with an indoor activity for an afternoon, consider a baking or cooking project you and your children can tackle together. Have everyone make dough and roll it out to make their own pizzas, or bake and decorate cookies together.

Don’t limit yourself to food projects, though – there are tons of crafty things you can make in the kitchen. With just water, flour, cooking oil, salt and food coloring, you can whip up homemade play dough, according to PBS. Simply combine a cup of water and some food coloring in a large mixing bowl, add 4 cups of flour and 1 1/2 cups of salt, then finish with a few tablespoons of oil. Mix everything together, then knead until the dough is ready to use, adding more oil if necessary.

Not only will your kids like making the dough, but they’ll be able to play with it afterward, too!

Remember that all it takes to keep your kids from going stir-crazy is to just get a little creative – have fun planning activities with each other, and it’ll be springtime before you know it.

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