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How to Buy Baby Bottles and Nipples


Babies eat a lot. They need specific nutrients to grow into healthy toddlers. It doesn’t matter if you’re breast feeding or using formula, you’re going to need lots of baby bottles for your infant. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Although this may sound simple, shopping isn’t always easy.  Not all babies are the same. Finding a piece of equipment that’s compatible for your little one doesn’t always work the first time. Here’s how to buy the best baby bottles and nipples for your family:

The different kinds of nipples

“Flat-topped nipples are particularly helpful from transitioning from breast feeding to a bottle.”

Nipples and bottles are sold as a set, however, they can be swapped out whenever. Tops are typically made out of latex or silicone. Latex is traditionally more soft and flexible. However, some babies are allergic to this material.Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipple If you notice any symptoms of allergies, like hives, swelling or itching of the skin or redness, be sure to immediately stop using these nipples and consult your child’s physician. Most tops come in the dome or bell shape, however they may lose their form over time. There are also orthodontic nipples, designed to fit your baby’s palate and gums, and flat-topped ones that mimic the shape of a mother’s breast. Some parents find flat-topped nipples particularly helpful when transitioning from breast-feeding to a bottle.

There is a variety in the speed and flow in which nipples release liquids. These items are marked with the suggested age range, however, don’t fret if your little one doesn’t adhere to his or her age bracket. All babies feed differently. You just have to try as many as you have to until you find something your child likes.

All about baby bottles

Baby bottles are less specific to your little one and based more on your preference. However, there are plenty of different options to choose from, like angle-necked bottles, ones with disposable liners, wide bottles, natural-flow bottles, and ones made with glass. The most popular are plastic bottles because they won’t break no matter how many times they get dropped on the floor. However, these items do deteriorate so be sure to replace them every four months and don’t accept any hand-me-downs.

Be sure to keep an eye on how your baby responds to each bottle and nipple. Then, you can stock up on all the kinds he or she likes, and you’ll have fewer problems come feeding time.

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