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Due Date Calculator: Free and Easy-To-Use

When Is My Due Date? Use our free calculator to find out!

If you’re wondering “When is my due date?”, check out our easy-to-use free due date calculator. Just enter the first day of your last monthly period to determine your delivery due date.

When Is My Due Date?

If you’ve never been pregnant before, understanding your delivery due date can seem quite confusing. When you enter the date of your last period, our due date calculator will automatically count out 40 weeks so you won’t need to wonder, “When is my due date?”

The calculator assumes that your menstrual cycle is 28 days, however many women have cycles that are slightly longer or shorter than that. If your cycle is shorter or longer than average, adjust this number to receive a more accurate delivery due date.

Due Date Calculator
When did your last period start?
Generally, how long are your cycles?
Calculate your due date
Your baby is likely to be born on or around*
*Only your physician can accurately determine your due date or the date of your conception based on his/her knowledge of your complete medical condition.
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What Pregnancy Week Am I In?

Big changes happen each week during pregnancy. Our due date calculator will also tell you what week of pregnancy you’re in so that you can understand what’s going on each week.

It’s important to remember that a due date calculator is only an estimate of when you’ll give birth. The majority of women do not give birth exactly on their delivery due date, so don’t worry if your due date comes and goes without any sign of labor.

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