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20 Names for Babies Born in April

April showers bring May flowers, and for you maybe April is bringing a brand new bundle of joy, too. If you are expecting a baby soon, but are still looking for the perfect name, consider these very springy names. We’ve got 20 great names handpicked for April babies, check them out!

  1. April: This one is a little obvious for a baby arriving this month, but it’s a beautiful and classic name. April is Latin in origin and means “opening or fourth month.”
  2. Avril: If you like the idea of the name April, but aren’t completely sold on it, Avril might be a great option. Avril is French for April.
  3. Abril: Yet another option for the name April, Abril is the Spanish version.
  4. Daisy: Daisies are the official “birth flower” of April and their appearance after the chilly days of winter is a lovely beacon of warmer, sunnier days ahead. Daisy seems like the perfect name for a new little bundle of joy then!
  5. Iris: Not just the name of an iconic spring flower, Iris is also a Greek name that means “rainbow goddess.” In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris would bring messages between the gods and mankind over a rainbow bridge.
  6. Tulip: Cheerful, brightly colored tulips are an unmistakable sign of spring, so why not choose the flower’s name for your baby girl arriving in April? Turkish in origin, tulip means “turban,” a reference to the shape of the flower.
  7. Bud: One of the best parts of April is when you start to see the buds on the trees instead of the empty branches of winter. A very casual name for a boy, Bud is a short version of “buddy” which means friend.
  8. Blossom: The flowers are fresh and lush in April, making Blossom an apt choice for a little born in this month. It means “a cluster of flowers” or “to thrive or flourish.”
  9. Jarek: This Polish name says it all: it simply means “spring.”
  10. Pascal: Easter falls in April this year, making Pascal a great choice for your April baby: it means “relating to Easter.”
  11. Bunny: It’s a reference to the beloved Easter bunny, but Bunny could also make a fun name for your little girl.
  12. Bay: We celebrate Earth Day every year on April 22. If the environment is important to you, you might want to choose a name for your April baby that reflects that, something like Bay.  A bay in nature is an inlet where the land curves inward, often creating a beautiful place in the process.
  13. Canyon: Canyon is another name that pays tribute to Earth Day, and another one that reminds us of the most breathtaking views on Earth, Canyon is a boys name with Spanish origins and means “footpath.”
  14. Adam: A more subtle option for an Earth Day name, Adam means “son of the red earth” and is Hebrew in origin.
  15. Nelson: Gaylord Nelson was the man who started Earth Day back in the 70s. Naming your son after him would be a powerful statement about your eco-stance.
  16. Rana: April showers bring May flowers, so we like April rain — and we also like this cute girl name taken from Arabic. Rana means “eye-catching.”
  17. Amaya: Also a rainy reference, Amaya comes from Japanese and means night rain.”
  18. Diamond: The colorless stone is April’s birthstone, and could be good for a treasured new baby. Diamond means “of high value or brilliant.”
  19. Leonardo: The famous and brilliant Leonardo da Vinci, who painted the famous religiously-significant scene “The Last Supper,” was born in April.  Leonardo is an Italian name which means “brave lion.”
  20. Caldwell: In many parts of the country, April is just beginning to warm up and shake off the chillier days of winter. For this reason, Caldwell would make a great boy’s name. The English name means “from the cold spring.”

What do you think of these choices for April babies? If none of these hit the spot, check out the list of the most popular baby names trending today.

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