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10 Fun Finishing Touches For Your Baby Registry


What goes on the baby registry for the mom who has everything? Well, maybe you don’t have everything, but you certainly have enough. Maybe you’re expecting your second child, or maybe you’ve already stocked up on diapers and bottles. Yet your friends and family insist on getting you something.

Alternatively, maybe your baby registry looks a little dry, and you want to add a few nonessentials so your friends have fun as they’re shopping. Below are 10 cute-but-useful gifts for new moms:

1. A swim ring

Safety is of the utmost importance, especially come bath time. Turn your eyes away for a second, and disaster can strike. A swim ring keeps your baby safe by keeping his head above water. This inflatable device gently wraps around the neck, reducing the risk of drowning.

2. A portable bottle cleaning kit

These kits are perfect for family trips out of town – especially when you have to travel a long distance. The last thing you want to do after reaching your destination is search for clean bottles.

3. A bottle sterilizer

If your tap water isn’t chlorinated or you simply don’t trust the local supply, Consumer Reports advised sterilizing your baby bottles before each use. You can boil them for up to 10 minutes, but a sterilizer is much easier to handle.

Parents feeding a baby.A sterilizer easily destroys germs.

4. A drying rack

Baby bottles and breast pumps are made of tiny, intricate pieces. Having a drying rack makes it easier to clean each part and means your less likely to lose them. There are many options available specifically for baby products rather than normal dishes.

5. A wipe warmer

No one likes a cold feeling on their bum – especially not babies! A warmer heats up baby wipes to a comfortable temperature so you can avoid tears when changing diapers.

6. A humidifier

A humidifier prevents all sorts of minor ailments, including dry skin, chapped lips, sinus problems and even eczema. The moisture in the air helps break up mucus and reduces viruses and bacteria. Not only does it help your baby breathe better, but it also wards against infections.

7. Baby’s nail clippers

Trimming your baby’s nails can be a headache. Not only will your little one squirm during the first few sessions, but all that movement makes it hard to avoid cutting delicate skin.

8. A baby thermometer

When your baby’s forehead feels warm, the last thing you want to do is spend time rushing to the store to get a thermometer. Best to have one on hand already. Go for a rectal, ear or forehead thermometer; infants usually can’t keep an oral one in their mouth for very long.

9. A night light and lamp dimmer

Night lights aren’t just for fending off monsters; they make it much easier to see your little one during nighttime checks. That said, sometimes walking from a dark hallway into your baby’s lit room is just too much.

10. An immersion blender

An immersion blender comes in handy when your baby starts transitioning from milk to actual food. This convenient kitchen tool makes it easy to create healthy, homemade baby food blends. Unlike with a food processor, cleanup is quick and easy.

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