Month: October 2017

Great Ideas for Baby’s First Finger Foods

Discover these easy tasty recipes for baby’s first finger foods. Cheesy Polenta Shapes Thanks to its affordability and versatility, polenta (boiled cornmeal) is a great family staple. Directions Cook polenta according to package instructions, stir in a handful of grated cheese and pour into a 1/2-inch layer on a rimmed cookie sheet to cool. Once

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You’ll Adore These Simple Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

October is seriously the best month ever. Between tractor rides, corn mazes and pumpkin picking, the options for outdoor family fun are endless. But when it’s pouring rain and you find yourself stuck inside with a toddler who’s bursting at the seams with energy, it’s wise to have some seasonal craft ideas and materials ready

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How To Make Your Infant’s Halloween The Best Ever

Ask any child what their favorite holiday is, and there’s a good chance they’ll say Halloween. Sure, Christmas comes with presents, but Halloween lets you dress up and get candy. Few things are better than that. If, however, you’re the mother of an infant, you may feel excluded from the fun for a few years.

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How to Easily Make Your Own Baby Food

After six months or so on a liquid diet, most babies (and their parents!) are thrilled to start solids. But the introduction to real food can be as confusing as it is messy and fun. How to begin? What to begin with? Which foods will my baby like best and which are most healthful? No doubt about

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a bowl of sweet potato baby puree food

Caramelized Sweet Potatoes Baby Food Recipe

Baby’s got no chewing power? You can still give your little one a taste treat with this seasonal recipe by “Iron Chef” and mom Cat Cora. Cat adapted this recipe from one she had created for grown-ups. “I make it every year – it ‘s a favorite of the whole family,” she says. “I make

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Creepy Things Kids Say That Will Make You LOL

Whether they’re predicting your death or alerting you to otherworldly roommates, children do and say things that may leave you scratching your head, giggling nervously, locking yourself in a safe room, or some combination of the three. 

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